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 Brainz  500 global

We've listed 500 of the best companies and influential leaders in business today, who deserve to be recognized for their entrepreneurial success, achievements, and dedication to helping others. We dedicate this prestigious award to brands and individuals who have worked extremely hard to establish themselves as an expert within their field and share their innovative ideas with the world.

Brainz  500 global

Highlights from the 2023 list

Danny Morel

Life Coach & Spiritual Leader

Kristen Russell

Transformation & Emotional Fitness Coach

Dennaé Dumas

Sex Therapist & Relationship Coach

Oliver Niño

Entrepreneur, Energy Healer & Spiritual Activation Expert

Steve Wood

Television Director, Producer & Executive Producer

Ken Pierce

Board-certified Clinical Psychologist & CEO

Karalynne Call

Podcast Host & Certified Nutritionist

Ana-Maria Ciubota

Entrepreneur, Author, Beauty & Life Coach

Nami Jagtiani

Coach & Speaker

Nadine Keller

Founder & CEO of Precision Sales Coaching

Katarzyna Dorosz

Lecturer, researcher, journalist, political scientist & writer

Jillian Turecki

Relationship coach, teacher, author & podcast host

David Lutes

Executive Career Coach

Inesa Ponomariovaite

CEO of Nesa's Hemp

Fabiola Lopez

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Trauma Coach

Stephen Krempl

International trainer & corporate communications coach

Nawal Mustafa

Cognitive Neuroscientist & CEO of Equilibrium

Sabrina Zohar

Founder of SoftWear & the podcast “Do The Work”

Paget Kagy

Healer, Coach & Creator

Sami Wunder

Relationship Coach

Sherille Marquez

Founder & Transformational Coach for divorced women

Joshua B. Lee

Founder of Standout Authority

Magdalena Hanah

Business Productivity Coach

Tony Martignetti

Advisor, Coach, Author, Podcast Host, and Speaker

Prakash Rao

Learning Skills Guru

Official 2023 list

A'sha Love

Founder & Chief Visionary

Abdu Alhadithi

eCommerce Business Specialist

Adnan Alisic


Afsaneh Khetrapal

Abstract Ink Artist

Akanksshaa (Akanksha Kulkarni)

Well-being, Executive & Business Coach, Chopra Health & Meditation Teacher

Alecia Wellen

Founder + CEO

Ali Williams


Alice Sullivan


Amber Howard

Executive Coach/Management Consultant

Ana Aurea Santiago

Intuitive Coach

Ana-Maria Ciubota

Multi Award-Winning Entrepreneur, High Performance Coach,
Business Success Strategist, Author

Anders Hansen

Illusionist, Speaker, & Mentor

Andre Shojaie

Senior Executive, Business strategist, Coach

Andree Funnell


Angela Boring

Consultant & Somatic Psychotherapist Supervisor

Angela Mischkulnig

Co-Founder 'The Wonderful Little Suitcase Company'

Angie Giltner

Master Business Coach

Anila Kaba - Bashllari

Executive & Business Coach

Annika Sörensen

MD, Stress Strategist & Calm Creator

Ansa Lange

Mindshift with ansa Lange

Anthony Maddalena

Transformational Trainer and Business Coach

Anthony Moss-Zobel, PCC (ICF)

Neuro-led Coach & Trainer, Entrepreneur

April Federico

Type 2 Diabetes Nutritionist

Ashley Dahl, CALC

Certified ADHD Coach

Barbara Powell Love


Bas den Blaauwen

ADHD Masters

Ben "Doc" Askins

Anti-Hero's Journey

Benjamin Gonzalez

Counselor In Self-mastery through metaphysics

Betty Murray

Nutrition & Menopause Expert, Researcher

Brenda Johnston

Mindset Coach

Britney Williams

Graphic Designer

Britt-Mari Sykes

Career Counsellor

Brooke Kekos

Life Coaching Goddess

Carol A Cumberbatch

Creative Life Solutions Consultant

Carola Gödeke

Intuitive Coach, Healer, Trainer, Visionary

Carolin Hapke

Holistic Health & Fitness Coach

Catherine Cabrera

Resident in Counseling/Therapist

Catherine Finger

Executive Coaching & Consulting

Celeste Fernandez

High-Impact Transformational Coach

Charlie McClain

Author, Speaker, Co-Founder, Private Coach

Chelsea Haines

Gut Health Coach

Cheri L McDonald PhD LMFT

A Place To Turn Inc

Cheryl Meyer

Health Coach

Chifuyu Casaclang

Therapeutic Counsellor/ RTT Practitioner

Chris Chappel

Evergreen Doctors

Chris Lake

Early Childhood Development Analyst

Christian Roach


Christina Marlett

Courageous Self-Care

Christine Luken

Financial Dignity® Coach

Christoffel Sneijders

Executive Coach, Leadership Professor. Supervisor

Christopher H. McKinney Sr

Entrepreneur | Author | Leader

Claudia Padula

Founder & Creative Director

Cleanne Johnson

Author, Dietitian, Podcaster, Singer

Cody Dakota Wooten

Founder of The Leadership Guide

Corrussal Gee

Seven7th Conquest LLC

Craig Fearn

Global Sustainable Wellbeing Expert

Cátia Pinto

Pediatric Sleep Coach

Danielle DeSimone

Shine Total Wellness

Danielle Levy

Business Coach & Strategist

Danielle Raine

Holistic Creativity Coach

Dante DiBattista

DiBattista & Co.

David Cogley

Physique Coaching

David G Fisher

Construction Owners Exit & Succession Consultant

David Lutes

Executive Career Coach ‒ Leadership Consultant

Deeana Tate

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker & Health Coach

Denise Blanc

River Logic Partners

Deniz Mustard

Change Coach

Dennaé Dumas

Sex and Couples Coach

Diane Akkad

Integrative Mental Health & Wellness Coach

Dionne Greaves

Business Empowerment Coach

Dr Allen Lycka

Author, Speaker & Mentor

Dr Rachel Knightley

Author, Writing and Confidence Coach

Dr. Don Wood, PhD

CEO & Founder

Dr. Erin R. Wheeler

Leadership & Productivity Coach

Dr. John L. Terry, III

The Black Belt Leader

Dr. Karen E Wells

Hypnotherapist & Business Coach

Dr. Ken Keis

Expert Leadership, Wellness, Personality, Purpose

Dr. Nicole Nasr

Psychologist, Founder & CEO of Journey

Dr. Shaun Kornfeld and Dr. Derek Barton

Lead Clinicians

Dr. Troy Hall

Talent Retention Expert

Dragana Favre

Psychiatrist and Jungian Psychotherapist

Dylan Coburn


Elle Taylor

Be the Change Coaching

Ellyn N. Schinke

Burnout & Stress Management Coach/Speaker

Emi Olausson Fourounjieva

Transformational Coach & Digital Transformation Leader

Emilie Given

Founder and CEO

Emily Crawford-Thompson, Ph.D.

Founder/Owner and Clinical Psychologist

Eon Ranger

Business Coach

Erik Dmitriy Palatnik

Psychotherapeutic Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Faith M. Davis

Integrative Healing Practitioner

Gary McFarlane


GiGi Diaz

Business & Media Coach

Gilles Varette

Business Coach

Halldór Bergmann Halldórsson

Transformation Coach

Hedi Schaefer

Work-Life Innovation Coach

Heidi Kyle

Hypnotherapist & Counsellor

Ida Fanelli

Aesthetician, Reflexologist, IPL Technician

Ilia Kiselevich

Founder and CEO of SolveIt, Entrepreneur

Irina Naithani

Founder of Werise – The Collective Growth Agency

Isabelle LaCroix Vienneau

Chief Reinvention Officer ILV Consulting

Iulia Racovita

Certified Life Coach

Jade Padlan

Registered Nurse & Family Health Educator

Jamie Dooley

Master Coach & Expansion Expert

Janet M. Harvey

CEO and MCC Coach

Jeff Altman

The Big Game Hunter

Jeffrey Watts

Business Growth Advisor, Executive Coach

Jennifer McClendon


Jennifer Sharp

Publisher and Book Coach/Mentor

Jenny Alberti

Co-founder, Women Writing Intentionally Collective

Jeremy Van Wert MFT MBA

Transformational Coach

Jessica Betancourt

Hypnotherapist | Addiction Coach

Jessica Hastings Lesperance

Realtor®, Director of Operations, Co-Owner

Jessica Karl Rice

Business and Leadership Coach

Jessica Spendlove

Performance Dietitian, Coach and Speaker

Jillian Babcock

Professional Makeup Artist

Joanne Chua

Mental Wellness/ Leadership Coach

Jodie Solberg CHt

Certified Master Hypnotherapist

Joerg Weishaupt

Visionary Architect of Digital Innovation

Jolinda Johnson

Resilience Coach

Jon Kessler

Cancer Coach

Joshua B. Lee

Dopamine Dealer of LinkedIn

Juan Carlos Gouveia

Change I

Julia Felton

Business Horse Power

Julie Lokun, JD

CEO of The Mediacasters

Julie Miller Davis


Julie Turvey


Justin D. Loyd


Justin Tilghman, PhD

Life and Leadership Coach

Jérôme Rey

Trauma Therapist, Shamanic Healer, Hypnotherapist

Kamil Shah


Karalynne Call

CEO and Founder

Karen Bashford

Soul Growth Therapist

Karla Bosnar

Exercise Physiologist

Katarzyna Dorosz

Business Coach, Lecturer, Researcher Longevity and Brain Memory

Kelly Hater

Mom Coach

Ken Pierce

Psychologist, Human Behaviour Expert

Khemara Sical

Holistic Empowerment Coach

Kimberley Shamtally

Entrepreneur, Author and Physical Therapist

Kristen DeGroot

CEO of The Campfire Circle

Kristina Saelee

Empowered Parenting

Laura Flanagan


Laura Mazzucato

Laura Mazzucato - Reflexology

Leon Chau

Trouble Solver

Leslie Gaudet

Self-Care Coach

Lidia Kuleshnyk

High Performance Wellness Coach

Liliane Roux

Life Coach & Business Mentor

Linda Terlikar-Legras

Personal Trainer, Health & Wellness Coach

Lisa Nicks Balthasar

Author and Keynote/Inspirational Speaker

Lisette Lucas

High End Success Medium

Luna Kalm

Luna Kalm Coaching

Lynda Sunshine West

Book Publisher

Magdalena Hanah

Productivity Coach & Business Consultant

Mandy Megan Conyers-Smith

CEO & Registered Dietitian

Mari Vasan

Women's Midlife Transformation Expert

Maria Rosa De Zilva

Mindset Coach, Mentor and Motivational Speaker

Maria-Stella Contera

Holistic Wellness Coach

Marie Scott

Widowhood and Wellness Coach

Marieke Rutten

Youth Care Trainer, Family Therapist, Mediator

Marisa Murray

CEO of Leaderley, Chief Executive Coach

Marja West

Author – Trauma-Based Mind Control DeActivator

Mark Wilkes

Psychotherapist and Consultant

Marsha Parcou

Integrative Health & Life Coach

Mary Berglund

Selection Committee

Mary Pitman

High Performance Coordinator

Mechelle Webb

Globally Certified Resilience Coach

Megs Malloy

Joyologist – Your Potential Doula

Melissa Willis

Business Coach and Consultant

Mia Khalil

Neuro-linguistic Programming Coach

Michelle M Sherbun

Executive Leadership Coach

Mike Van Pelt

Men's Life Coach

Millie Martinez

Business Strategist and Energetics Healer

Mindy Schrager

Transformational Coach and Systemic Facilitator

Mira Taylor

Integrative Therapist & Wellness Advisor

Misti Dawn White

Fitness and Life Coach, Entrepreneur

Moira Hutchison

Mindset Mentor

Monika Schaffner

Integrative Geographer, Nature & Body Therapist

Morice Mabry

Core Energy Leadership Coach

Nadija Bajrami

Strategic Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach, Medium, Reiki Master, Grief Educator End Of Life Doula

Nancy Michieli


Navneet Singh

Founder and Principal of Country Therapy Practice

Neela Pirwitz

Performance and Well-Being Coach

Nici Burns

Nibu Naturals LTD

Nicole Dupuis

Productivity & Leadership Coach

Nicole Herrle

Founder of Tapping Oasis & Cert. EFT Practitioner

Nicole Liammari

Founder + CEO

Nida Batool Syed

Luminous Transformational Coaching

Nigel Southway

Take Back Manufacturing Author

Olena Mytruk

Life Design Coach

Olga Zapisek

Founding CEO & Principal Coachsultant at Novedia Creative

Patricia Love

Energy Revival Coach

Paul Weeden

Paul Weeden Ltd

Penelope Claire

Coach & Healer

Phoenix A. Muhammad, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Pia L. King

"SoulPrenuer" Coach

Poly Panou

HR BP/Manager-HR Lover & Solution Focus Coach

Prakash Rao

Learning Skills Guru

Rachael Davies

Health, Wellbeing & Mindset Expert

Ranya AlHusaini

Mindset Transformation Guru

Reah R. Hagues

Relationship/Holistic Coach

Reena Terreping

Walkwithme Wellness

Reg Lenney

Lifestyle Architect Mastermind of Transformation

Richard Nicholas

Get Fit For Business Ltd

Robin Who

Mentor, Educator, Speaker and the CEO of Our Connected World

Romanna Dadral

Executive & Freedom Mastery Coach

Rose Davidson

Online Event Manager | Podcast Trainer

Rose Harari

Certified Health and Wellness Life Coach

Rose Mitchell

Director / Mindset Coach

Ross Kernez

Growth Marketer

Sabrina Ragan

Child Psychologist

Samantha Pope

Luxury Interior Designer

Samantha Woods


Sanchia Veale

Health and Lifestyle Coach

Sandra Ehlers

Self-integration and Awakening Guide

Sarah Merron

NLP Trainer & Self-Leadership Coach

Sebastian Busz

Holistic Transformational Coaching

Seema Kohli

Transformation Coach

Seema Patel

Medical Director

Shamika Livingston

Business and Career Coach

Shantel Perschon


Shanyce Jones

Behaviour Consultant and Interventionist

Sharyn Atkinson

Metaphysical Transformation Coach

Shemya Vaughn, PhD


Sherille Marquez

Transformational Coach for Divorced Women

Sierra Melcher

Founder, Red Thread Publishing

Silke Harvey

Author and CEO of the Inner Hippie Club and Inner Hippie Books

Simona Lazar

PCC Coach for Career Transition and Leadership

Simone Giangiordano

BalanceUP Business and Lifestyle Coach

Simone Niles

Sound Healer & Transformational Coach

Skye Louise Baxter

Heal Grow Thrive

Sofiya Stasiv

Holistic Lifestyle & Adventure Coach

Sophia Casey, MCC

Executive Coach

Srebrenica Benjamin

Strategic Brand Marketer

Stephanie C. Hodges

Health & Wellness Coach

Stephanie L. Padgett-Jackson

Certified Business Consultant and Insurance Agent

Stephanie Train Puente

Transformational Coach, Speaker, Author

Stephen Krempl

Corporate Communications Coach

Steve Schleupner

Divorce Prosperity Coach

Steven N. Adjei

Author. Consultant. Pharmacist.

Sue Palmer-Conn

Divorce Coach

Susan Hayden

Rapid Transformational Therapist

Susan Litwiller

Executive NeuroCoach

Susanna Kenyon-Muir

Life & Career Coach

Susy Natal

Strategic Mindset and Lifestyle Coach

Tamzin Hall

The Neurodiversity Academy & Tamzin Hall Coaching

Tasneem Abrahams

Occupational Therapist

Tatiane Garcia

Personal Development Coach

Tatjana Gaspar

Coach, Consultant & Author

Taylor Brandstetter

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Terés Salmi


Tessa Grazzini

Mental Health Expert and CEO of Free Young Minds

Thanh Nguyen


Theresa Alexander Inman

Parent Coach

Thibaut Ottomer

Mindset Coach

Thomas Goenczi

Clinical Counsellor

Thomas Janak

Spiritual Healer and Astrology Enthusiast

Thomas Strider

Business Coach & Writer

Tim Rylatt

UK Growth Coach – Business Coach

Tony Martignetti

Chief Inspiration Officer

Tracey A. Chapman

Resilience & Certified High-Performance Coach

Tracey Pinder

Life Skills Coach

Tricia Brouk

Founder of The Big Talk Academy

Trina Kavanagh-Thomas

Trina Kavanagh - Intuitive Mind and Body Coach

Tristen Giles

Business Consultant

Vanessa Giannos

CEO, Executive Coach

Vanessa Werner

Personal Coach

Vasundhra Gupta

Life Coach & Spiritual Writer

Victoria Marshall

Online Visibility Strategist

Victoria Norton

Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Mindset Coach

Vijay Muni

Occupational Therapist

Vince Morales

Performance Mindset Coach & Leadership Consultant

Vivienne Wang

PCOS & Fertility Dietitian

Wayne Elsey

Founder and CEO

Wendy McKenzie, MA, MHT

Spiritual Guidance Mentor

Will Soprano

All Things Web & Product

William Ballard

CEO, Business Coach

Yana Carstens

Holistic Wellness Coach

Yasmin Walter


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