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Pets & Animals

We can learn a lot by observing our pets, from how to handle change, to improved self-care routines. Our expert contributors provide insights into pet behavior, training tips and recommendations for health and wellness.

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5 Benefits Of Bringing Your Dog To Work – Promote Productivity With Four Paws

At my tech startup PadsPass our work is all about helping humans travel with their dogs, so naturally dogs are almost always included...

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Lessons From My Cat – Five Ways Animals Can Highlight Our Need To Change

Ever notice how many things animals have to teach us? I happened to catch my cat sitting, waiting, and hoping the food bowl programmed...

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The Economic Case For Why Dogs Should Travel

For ten years, I traveled with my dog, pictured here on one of our 75 flights to any of the nine countries around the world we visited

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The Wisdom Of Animals – Four Ways That Animals Provide Insights

How often do you see an animal, a reptile, or another wonder of nature, and consider that it may have some wisdom to offer?

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8 Life-Changing Lessons From Your Dog For A Happier Life

First, I would like to say that I was never a huge fan of dogs as a child. My family always kept dogs outside the house, but I must admit...

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The Pros And Cons Of Registering An Emotional Support Animal

Have you ever seen someone with an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)? Chances are you have.

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How Well Can You Detect And Decode Dog Body Language?

Do you have a pet dog at home? If so, your dog is not just a pet; most likely, it is a beloved family member.

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Is Your Dog Suffering Needlessly With Irritable Bowel Disease?

Is your dog suffering with Irritable Bowel Disease? If so, then Enzymes Therapy is one part of the solution. This is a subject that is...

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Psychology Has Gone To The Dogs – Beyond Sit And Stay

Written by: Alexandra Malone, Executive Contributor Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute...

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8 Lessons In Resilience That I Learned From Cats

Written by: Heather Bryant Ph.D., LPC, Executive Contributor Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to...

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