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Stay active and healthy during your whole lifetime! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, our contributors provide tips and routines to help you reach your fitness goals. Learn about different types of workouts, the benefits of physical activity, and how to stay motivated. Discover ways to incorporate fitness into your daily routine and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

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Why Your "Why" Matters For Lasting Fitness Success

I wasn't sure if I should hug her or simply listen with a sympathetic ear. I chose the latter as this discussion started via text...

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Building Muscle After 50 – Overcoming Menopause Challenges For Better Health

Building and maintaining muscle through strength training becomes increasingly important as we age. Hormonal changes that occur during...

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Ballet Fitness And The Benefits You Need To Know About

With its rapidly growing popularity, Ballet Fitness is leaping into the health and fitness world with it's steely combination of tried...

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10 Essential Needs For Crafting The Perfect Home Gym

In the pursuit of training hard for goals set and a commitment to physical fitness, the concept of a home gym has soared in popularity.

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4 Steps To Find Time To Exercise In A Busy Life

My health and wellness coaching clients' biggest question about their workout programs isn’t what to do; it’s how to find time to exercise.

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8 Training Modules To Enhance Workouts

Heading to the gym can be an exciting endeavour when we remain consistent and most certainly beneficial when we experience the results...

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4 Ways To Measure Your Fitness Progress

People have different perceptions, beliefs, and understandings when measuring how much progress they make when doing a fitness routine

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5 Reasons To Exercise During Retirement

When I read in 2019 that Luke Perry (who played Dylan McKay on Beverly Hills 90210) had passed away

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7 Reasons Yoga Is So Good For Midlife Women

You may have heard about the benefits of yoga when it comes to reducing stress.

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