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8 Training Modules To Enhance Workouts

Written by: Helena Smolock, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Helena Smolock

Heading to the gym can be an exciting endeavour when we remain consistent and most certainly beneficial when we experience the results of our hard-earned sessions.

two women exercising at the gym

Unfortunately, we tend to get comfortable with the same program which can lead us to hit a plateau in our workouts, which most often leads to high dropout rates, lack of accomplishing our goals and frustration. Most often resulting in a yo-yo or roller-coaster effect in leading a healthy lifestyle.

There are many ways and strategies to create a workout plan to prevent boredom, hitting a plateau as well as preventing dropout and frustration. Below are 8 training modules to enhance workouts.

1. Periodization Training

Periodization Training is a fantastic way to tweak any workout program as well create a schedule (macrocycle) over a specific period which you break down into smaller segments (mesocycles). For example – You choose to design a six-month program and break down your specific training days and what exercises you will do on those days. The following week (s) you may want to amp up your workload with rest periods in between. This will allow your body to adapt to the various workloads. Periodization training is one of my favourite modules to implement.

2. Interval Training

Interval Training requires you to set ratios. For example, I may skip for 1 min and do biceps curls for 2 mins. Ratio 1:2, you can alternate the ratios as well to add more intensity to your cardio, 2 min Skipping and 1 min Bicep Curls. This is another favourite module. It creates a challenge and adds variety. You can create a Cardiovascular Interval ratio, a Strength Intervalratio as well as a Flexibility Interval ratio.

3. Plyometric Training

Plyometric Training involves using your own body weight to achieve Power and Speed. With Plyometric Training, you may include the use of equipment such as the Step, Speed Chute, Water weights Aqua bags (one that you fill with water), Sandbags. Plyometric Training will also help build your core strength.


Participate in a SPIN class to get your Cardiovascular System and overall Body workout, one that guarantees a good sweat!

5. Skipping

We all have memories of jump rope growing up. It was one of our favourites in school while in recess. Skipping, I consider one of the lost, but easiest modules to use to get fit.

6. Aqua-fit

One of the most under-rated modules! I have been teaching Aqua fit for forty years. It is the safest form of exercise for rehab, post-rehab and even for the most fit. The body becomes buoyant in the water which guarantees less impact and stress on your joints. The water becomes your weight when a structured workout is designed.

7. Flexibility

Especially important module to add to any workout. Flexibility modules should be implemented before your workout after doing a light warm-up. And, at the end of your workout to ensure your muscles stretch and lengthen, thus preventing injuries and release any lactic acid buildup.

8. Walking

You can add a Walking Interval to any workout as well to any Periodization Cycle. On days you do not want to work out, enjoy a walk in nature, use that day as a day of rest and as a day of light movement.

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Helena Smolock Brainz Magazine

Helena Smolock, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Helena Smolock, is an award-winning CPT-RNC, a Master Athlete, and Founder and President of Velocity Athletic Training. She received the Business Excellence Award from the Langley Chamber of Commerce 2003, was voted by clients and business associates across Canada and the USA as Business Person of the Year (2020-2022), seated at 4 in the top ten businesses in the USA, and most recently in 2023 seated at 1 (Blaine, WA). Voted in the top ten Business Person of the Year 2023, seated at 6 in the USA. Her company, Velocity Athletic Training has most recently been voted by LUXLife 2023 as the 1 Personal Training Company in Washington State. She has been a Fitness Columnist for Canadian Healthstyle Magazine, The Langley Times and has been featured on radio and television. Helena is also WBENC ‒ Certified as a Woman Owned Business. The Gold Standard in business Certification.

From athletes and corporate professionals, to those seeking post-rehab, Helena has provided an environment where a trusted bond is developed between client and coach. Together we design your 1:1 Functional Conditioning to boost your Fitness with an Athletic Twist to enhance Performance and Mindset to WIN!!



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