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Why Your "Why" Matters For Lasting Fitness Success

Heather Williams is well-known when it comes to empowering women in midlife to prioritize their well-being and thrive. She is the founder of Journey24EverFit, an online fitness platform offering Fitness and Goal Coaching, Personal Training, and virtual fitness classes.

Executive Contributor Heather Williams

I wasn't sure if I should hug her or simply listen with a sympathetic ear. I chose the latter as this discussion started via text, the simultaneous pros and cons of having an online coaching business. In our last conversation, she was upbeat and happy about her process and progress. She had reconnected with her 'fitter' self, doing regular structured workouts, walking, and getting plenty of daily movement. She was varying her workouts with fitness classes, watching what she eats but not stressing over calories, the enemy of all foodies. She was in a good place until she wasn't.

2 ladies doing outside yoga.

The universal struggle

As one of my younger clients, her experience is a powerful reminder that the struggle to maintain clarity and alignment with our goals can affect us at any age. While the majority of the women I work with in my live group exercise classes and coaching sessions are typically 45 and older, the challenge of losing sight of one's 'why' is universal. Whether you're a college student juggling multiple responsibilities, a busy professional, or someone navigating midlife transitions, it's easy to get caught up in the daily grind and find yourself feeling stuck or disconnected from your core intentions. This is precisely why regularly taking the time to reassess, reconnect with, and realign our actions with our 'why' is so essential, no matter our age or stage of life.

Digging deeper

When we started working together, her goal was straightforward: to incorporate regular exercise into her life. She was achieving this on the surface, but as our discussion progressed during a recent session, it became clear that we needed to dig deeper.

I asked her if she was ready to move beyond her initial goal and explore the underlying motivations behind her desire for change. Together, we began to uncover her authentic 'why' – the core reasons that fueled her pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

By clarifying her 'why,' she gained a renewed sense of purpose and a clearer direction for her wellness journey. This introspection helped her create a more meaningful and sustainable approach to her fitness goals, aligning her actions with her core values and aspirations.

The importance of clarifying your why

Clarifying your why and being honest about what you want is crucial. Whether you're just starting, starting over, or trying to stay on track, aligning with your goals is everything. It's easy to get distracted by the progress of others and become frustrated when applying their results to your journey, especially if you have yet to be honest with yourself about what you want to achieve.

Connecting with your why

1. Be specific about your goal and why it matters

 Why it's essential: A clear, specific goal gives you direction and purpose. Understanding why your goal matters to you deeply and personally becomes a powerful motivator. It helps you stay committed and push through challenges because you're connected to the underlying reason behind your efforts. Whether it's to feel more confident, keep up with your kids, or improve your health, knowing your "why" fuels your determination to reach your goal.

2. Break down big goals into smaller, manageable steps

 Why it's essential: Big goals can feel overwhelming, leading to procrastination or giving up entirely. Breaking them down into smaller, achievable steps makes progress more manageable and less daunting. For example, if your goal is to run a marathon, break it down into smaller milestones like running a 5K, 10K, and half-marathon first. Each milestone celebrates progress and keeps you motivated along the way.

3. Regularly assess your progress and adjust your plan as needed

Why it's essential: Regularly evaluating your progress helps you stay accountable and ensures you're on track to achieve your goal. It allows you to identify what's working and what may need to be adjusted. By being flexible and open to modifying your approach, you can adapt to life changes or obstacles. This ensures you stay aligned with your "why" and keeps you moving forward, even if the path looks slightly different than initially planned.

4. Celebrate your victories, no matter how small they may seem

Why it's essential: Acknowledging and celebrating your achievements, regardless of size, reinforces the connection between your efforts and progress. It boosts your confidence and motivation, reminding you that you can make positive changes. When you take the time to celebrate your victories, you strengthen your commitment to your "why" and develop a more positive mindset. In turn, it makes it easier to stay focused and resilient in the face of future challenges.

5. Seek support from a coach, friend, or community who understands your journey

Why it's essential: A support system is crucial when working towards a goal, whether it's a coach, friend, or community who understands your "why." They can provide encouragement, accountability, and guidance, helping you navigate obstacles, offer fresh perspectives, and celebrate your successes.

The evolution of progress

Remember, your goals may change and evolve, and that's okay. The key is continually assessing your plan and expectations rather than abandoning your goals entirely. If a goal feels too overwhelming, break it down into smaller parts. If you find yourself chasing a goal based on someone else's achievements, take a step back and reconsider if it aligns with what truly matters to you.

As we concluded our session, my client had renewed clarity and purpose. She understood that her journey was unique and that comparing herself to others would only lead to frustration. By focusing on her progress and staying true to her personal goals, she was back on track to becoming her best self.

You don't have to struggle

At the risk of speaking in cliches or hashtags, "the struggle is real," but it doesn't have to be. You do not have to struggle in your process or with your progress. You will be challenged, but you do not have to struggle. It takes courage to be honest and pursue what truly matters to you. Learn to connect with what matters to you. With the right mindset, support, and a willingness to embrace the journey, you can achieve more than you ever thought possible.

If you feel like you're struggling, let's connect in a complimentary session. Book your session here.

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Heather Williams, Certified Fitness Professional

Heather Williams is a certified fitness professional with 37 years of experience empowering women over 45, particularly executives and business owners, to prioritize their well-being and reclaim their vitality through her holistic approach to fitness. As the founder of Journey24EverFit, an online fitness platform, Heather offers personalized Fitness and Goal Coaching, as well as virtual fitness classes. Her unique methodology uses fitness as a foundation for daily self-care, combining physical fitness with mindset strategies to help women rediscover joy, boost their energy levels, and thrive in both their personal and professional lives. Heather's clients praise her for her flexibility, sincere dedication to her profession, and her positive energy and influence. With her expertise and passion, Heather is committed to ensuring that no woman is left behind on her journey to optimal wellness.



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