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How Dr. Denisa Millette Empowers Women To Recover From Trauma - An Exclusive Interview

Dr. Denisa Millette, PhD is a practicing Psychologist and a Professor of Counseling Psychology with over 23 years of clinical experience. Her specialties are trauma, anxiety disorders, and women’s health. She was recently awarded the Distinguished Professional Service Award for leadership in international trauma counseling development. Dr. Millette is a founder of the DM Coaching platform designed to support women across the globe in creating a life worth living in the aftermath of difficult life experiences. Originally, from the Czech Republic, Dr. Millette currently resides and practices in the United States and Canada.

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7 Steps To Embrace Your Vulnerability – The Path To Personal Empowerment

Embracing vulnerability is often seen as a weakness, yet it holds the key to true empowerment, especially in the journey of personal growth.

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Turning Negative Self-Talk Around – A Guide For Managing ADHD

Negative self-talk can be a significant barrier for those living with ADHD. It can hamper your productivity, dent your self-esteem...

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6 Tips On How To Make The Most Of Summer And Build Up Energy For Autumn

Summer vacation is a time we all eagerly look forward to; it´s a chance to break away from our daily routine, unwind, and recharge...

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What Is Matrescence? 5 Things You Need To Know

Matrescence is a term that is gaining recognition in the field of motherhood and women's health. It describes the profound and...

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6 Steps To Find Your Inner Peace Of Mind

What takes your peace? Discover the root cause of your concern and feel more peaceful with the 6-Step Peace Process. A trained and...

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5 Strategies To Boost Lead Generation

In the dynamic landscape of business, generating new leads is the name of the game. Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or new to...

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"Strength isn't measured by the weight you carry; it's defined by the resilience with which you rise, unburdened, from life's heaviest moments."

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How To Manage Depression And Anxiety Naturally

Have you been wondering if there are effective natural solutions for depression and anxiety? If so, you have found your answer: Yes!

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Brainz Expert Panel

Adapting Strategies For The Next Generation Of Business

Expert Panelists are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within the areas of Business, Mindset, Leadership, Lifestyle, and Sustainability. Members of The Brainz Magazine community of experts will share their best tips, advice, ideas, and hacks within different topics. 

1. Develop Emotional Intelligence

The world and the culture of workers is shifting rapidly. The emerging generation of leaders must embrace a holistic approach that encompasses both emotional intelligence and energetic awareness from a spiritual health perspective. Cultivating emotional intelligence enables these leaders to forge authentic connections and nurture a harmonious work environment, fostering a culture of trust and collaboration. Concurrently, attuning to energetic dynamics allows them to align with the deeper rhythms of the universe, tapping into intuition and higher consciousness to guide strategic decision-making. By integrating these spiritual dimensions into their leadership paradigm, the next generation of business visionaries can cultivate resilience, creativity, and a profound sense of purpose, driving not only success but also collective well-being and fulfillment.

Kelly Keefe, Frequency Therapist & Reiki Master Teacher

Brainz podcast

With Joie And Mark Comeiro -How Can People Go Through A Divorce Without Ruining Each Other’s Lives?

At Comeiro Mediation, we're dedicated to empowering you, the client, to take control of your situation. Our mediation services are designed to be a collaborative and empowering process, where you make informed decisions about your future. Our experienced mediators will guide you through a structured and supportive process. We create a safe and respectful environment for you to explore creative solutions. Unlike arbitration or litigation, we don't impose decisions on you and do not provide legal advice - instead, we facilitate communication and collaboration between the both of you to achieve a mutually beneficial resolution.

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