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7 Steps To Get Out Of Stagnancy And Find Purpose

Written by: Benjamin Gonzalez, Executive Contributor

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There are moments in life when we feel that everything starts to slow down after a period of apparent success, these moments create a feeling of being stuck, and lost, creating anxiety and a big feeling of uncertainty. I like to picture this as a stream flowing and suddenly, getting stuck, creating a puddle, that puddle will be still until another force propels its movement.

Young businessman trapped inside uncomfortable small box.

The same thing happens to us, we keep waiting for external factors, and new situations to occur so we can feel that we are moving forward in our projects when in reality we also have the option to get out of this stagnant period and align to our goals, dreams and desires by choosing to see success and progress in our day by day life becoming the creators of our reality, no matter the situation.

Here are the steps to shift your reality and live your purpose.

Having an intention is a key for everything we do in life, when we do things unintentionally we can get lost in egoistic ideas or thought loops that lead us to stagnancy, doing things with intention does the opposite, it opens us to the possibility of finding whatever we are looking for if you intend to get out of this stagnant period and find the thoughts that will bring you new possibilities and ideas, then be certain that they will come, intention drives your attention towards your desired outcome.

If you’ve read my other articles you know how big I think this point is, observing our mind is a key to finding the things that are blocking us, as well as the things that are pushing us forward. That inner voice is not your enemy, it is nothing but a tool to construct reality and we develop and reprogram it throughout our lifetime.

When we develop this tool by observing without judging or labelling, we can use these thoughts, either change them or shift them to something that will help us build that bridge toward fulfillment.

TIP: Observe your thoughts and write them down for 10 minutes each day, at least 3 times a week to have a broader idea of what is in your mind and why you feel stuck, then you can change your reality.

Now that you have a better idea of what is inside your mind you can start to pin the thoughts that bring motivation. When we find the motivation we align with the things that inspire us, inspiration means to be inspired to take action, these thoughts are usually an image or idea of the outcome, identify how the outcome will make you feel when accomplished and ask yourself:

  • Why are you not feeling these emotions now?

  • What can you do to start feeling them?

By recognizing the thoughts that bring you a broader view of the future we start to shift to that reality by letting go of old ideas or limitations.

Dare to dream big! Beyond time and money, the only limit here is to believe that there is a limit.

Prioritize the ideas that motivate you

Motivational ideas can be broad or just a sense of the expected outcome, when you start to feel this clarity of what is a possibility, you are shifting your mind, generating new thoughts and ideas, think about your mind as if it was your phone storage, when you have much clutter you are not able to save new things or install new apps, you are limiting the device to what it already knows when you recognize the ideas that motivate you, you can start prioritizing them, select a couple of things that you want to work on, this is your milestones, your guides.

Taking action: don’t force, attract

Prioritizing our milestones brings inevitable growth and expansion, by having clarity of what these milestones are you are shifting your energy and creating movement, this movement can be seen as new ideas for the outcomes to come to reality and thoughts that go beyond limitations.

When we start to act on those milestones and we act based on the desired feeling we want to get, our energy starts to attract situations with the same type of energy, this means that the outcome will be drawn to you instead of you having to chase it.

Allow yourself to receive and release expectations

Creating expectations means limiting the possibilities, when we shift our energy we become a channel of attraction and limitless possibilities are available for our outcome to come true, don't be tricked by what you can see with your eyes, have the certainty and faith that the reality you want is already there for you and if you don't get something, it’s either for protection or promotion, something better is on the way or you’re being divinely protected.

Allow yourself to receive any possibility and flow towards your desired outcome with faith.

Enjoy the ride!

Joy transcends any negative emotion and can be found anywhere, when we overthink we start to feel overwhelmed and worried, we create outcomes that haven't happened yet and we tend to see the worst ones, when we notice that we are overthinking we can shift our attention into the present moment and can choose to see the joy in what is in front of us, maybe we can find joy in just the fact of being or feeling this human emotion, allow yourself to see all the beauty that is in front of you and tune back into that faith and inner knowing that what you want, what you have seen is coming to life in miracles.

When we start to shift our energy into movement and align our feelings to the ones that will bring us growth stagnancy becomes just another period of incubating ideas and observation, we have the choice to see a limited path, getting stuck and lost or observing our mind to find our deepest dreams and desires, when we identify these we can transcend and shift into a reality where we are conscious creators of our outcomes, dare to dream big and follow this steps for an unlimited ride of joy!

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Benjamin Gonzalez, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Benjamin Gonzalez is a self-mastery coach and Mayan Natal chart reader, he helps dreamers understand themselves so they can live their purpose. Benja started his coaching journey in 2022 when he became a certified life coach by Mindvalley as well as a certified breath-work coach to expand his love for helping people. Benja connected to the ancient knowledge of the Mayan natal chart with the objective to expand it to the world, the Mayan Natal chart is a tool for self-discovery to achieve self-mastery and align to the rhythms of the universe. Benja is now working on a masters on metaphysical counselling with a thesis titled the art of life interpretation and sharing his knowledge of the Mayan Natal chart on his website LifeBud.



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