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You Were Created to Soar

Written by: Haseena Shaheed-Jackson, Executive Contributor

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Every person is created to soar. As with an eagle, you have been provided with wings that allow you to soar above the storms in your life. The Bald Eagle is the only bird who eagerly seeks out storms to catch the wind so they can soar above the chaos below. As with the eagle, you are to strive for higher ground seeking to become better and stronger. You cannot allow the obstacles and storms you encounter to hold you back and push you down. You are to soar higher.

Four strategies to aid in your soaring:

Lean in. You must be firmly rooted in your “why,” believing in what you do and your cause. You must be authentic and unshakeable. Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and that which is within you. When barriers are placed in your path, this is not for you to give up but to find another way. The other way will be the better way. Many of our failures in life are because we gave up too soon. We must not be willing to give up but to press forward.

Make action a habit. The word action is alive and vibrant. You cannot travel through life playing it safe. You must be willing to sacrifice and put in the work. You must use what you have been gifted. Otherwise, you are failing yourself. You must strive to receive a return on that which is within you because you have a gift that must be utilized. It is for you to maximize the use of the talent, developing a habit of not accepting mediocrity.

View Growth as an adventure. Make a point that each day you learn something new, adding to your skills and talent. Strive to grow, stretching yourself to another level. Take the time to read, write and reflect on what you have learned. Identify how it is sharpening you and see the application to your life. You must be focused on pursuing your vision and goals.

See with new eyes. View obstacles and setbacks as opportunities to see with new eyes. Reflect on what you can do differently. Identify how the current circumstance adds value to you, helping you grow and expand. Ask yourself, what can you do differently that will result in a different outcome? Many times, you become complacent, resulting in settling into comfortability. This will cause you to miss out on broadening your mind to expanding your picture and thinking outside the box.

This month I challenge you to incorporate these four strategies. Adding these practices to your life will allow you to overcome your obstacles and capitalize on opportunities. Know that with time you will achieve success, being impactful, and make a difference.

I identify more strategies and lessons in my latest book, Created to Soar. Get your copy today!

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Haseena Shaheed-Jackson, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Mrs. Haseena Shaheed-Jackson is a Certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer under the John Maxwell Team. She is the author of Reflections Within and Messages from the Spirit. Her mission is to add value to people to add value to others by intentionally growing, resulting in transformation and changing their world. Growth is a continual process that never ceases. It is a lifetime commitment that must become a habit. Ms. Jackson is the Owner of Faith, Hope, and Spirit, LLC, which offers training, coaching and speaking in growth, development, leadership, and influence. For over 30 years, she has held leadership and management positions for various companies and organizations, where her responsibilities included mentoring, coaching, development, and training. She hosts a monthly networking group, Connecting and Collaborating to Thrive (CC2T). CC2T focuses on developing relationships and establishing a community. She actively seeks to form partnerships with others to make a difference and be impactful.




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