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Transform Your Life With A Christian Life Coach – Exclusive Interview With Autumn DiScala

Autumn DiScala, mdiv. is a leader in the field of life coaching, ministry, and theology. Her mission as a life coach is to guide Christian women in discovering their life purpose in all they do, helping them reorient their lives on God first and foremost. This passion comes from her own life experience, as she has navigated transitions and taking risks, as well as overcoming roadblocks that have so often left her feeling stuck and confused. Throughout it all, she has found that God has stayed consistent, patient, and kind, as He has guided her through all of her life experiences. She would love to help you see that same consistency in your own life, too.

Photo of  Autumn DiScala

Autumn DiScala, Health and Life Coach

How did you get started as a health and life coach?

I have supported, encouraged, and coached others my whole life – especially the past five years! I have always had a passion for helping others see the best in themselves and working out solutions for their situations; often by prioritizing listening and guiding them to the best outcome. And more importantly, I am passionate about helping people deepen their relationships with God.

My journey has been a wild one. I grew up in a rocky household; well, really multiple households. I was never in one place long, and often bore the burden of responsibility for my siblings and my parents. I also was mentally, emotionally, and verbally abused and manipulated throughout my childhood. I often felt helpless and alone, internalizing all my hurts and pains.

I found Jesus amid my suffering. I was in a dark place, and the Lord shone His light through it all. I prayed for freedom and salvation, and God saved me; both eternally and temporally.

Since that day, I have been on such an incredible walk with the Lord, learning every day more and more what it looks like to be a disciple and follow Jesus. One of those ways has been through learning more about healing, in my own life and in helping others discover it in theirs. Through this, I have found my niche in guiding others holistically: in nutrition, emotional and spiritual support, coaching, muscle testing, and so much more as they pursue their dreams and careers, and love themselves more!

What kinds of clients do you work with?

As a health and life coach and Christ-centered woman, I am here to help Christian women as they pursue what it means to be a disciple in all they do. My mission is to help Christian women ground their purposes in Christ and align their desires and dreams with that purpose. Often, this occurs during transitions, taking risks, and overcoming feelings of being overwhelmed or stuck.

Once grounded in the Lord, then we can pursue all our dreams rightly; seeing fruit in all we do. This is because we filter our goals through that of Christ. In Him is our fulfillment, and through Him, we achieve the results we want, that ultimately He wants for us, too.

I want to help women overcome challenges and obstacles in their lives; I want to be there to be able to call out what God is doing in my clients’ lives and help them find that in themselves; to see themselves as God sees them, to find their callings, as well as grow deeper in their relationship with God and walk with Christ. I often work with women who feel scattered; like at least one area of their lives is dragging down the rest – like they are stuck emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or physically. I also work with many who may feel scattered in their pursuits of family and relationships, careers, passions and interests, and perception of themselves. As we find balance in our work together, I also believe I am here to help women steward what they already have, and add further growth to their lives as they walk forward on their faith journey; Holistically!

How are you different from other Christian life coaches?

First and foremost, my coaching is about transforming beliefs and mindsets so that my clients can be present with themselves and their lives in a whole new way. I follow that work with step-by-step guidelines around healthy ways to approach life; whether that covers diet and nutrition, new life goals, overcoming roadblocks, or other areas to see growth in is completely up to each client I meet with.

Something else that makes me different from other health coaches is that I ONLY work with Christian women who struggle with elements of their lives that they feel are holding them back, particularly in their careers, family and relationship goals, walks with God, and self-image, but are ready to make a change and pursue a deeper relationship with God. In other words, I am not a “Jill-of-all-trades” health and life coach, and I’m not here to waste time. I am not here to let you remain stagnant, but to help propel you forward into the future you want to live! I am also willing to refer clients who want to simply lose a few pounds or just get healthy to other coaches. These are great goals, but I am passionate about helping you align your whole life, as you pursue better.

What that means for you is that I am very focused on anything and everything that works to help you grow and develop into the person you were made to be.

Because this is my focus and I have personal experience overcoming these challenges, what you get with me is a deep level of expertise on what works to help you grow and pursue the dreams God’s placed on your heart. I’ve become an expert on this topic and that’s why my clients get great results that they are thrilled with – and we have a lot of fun along the way!

What is your education and religious background?

I grew up in and out of the Assemblies of God, and even today I find myself most connected with the AG, even though I classify myself more as generally charismatic and non-denominational. I received my bachelor’s degree in Multidisciplinary Studies from Southeastern University, and my master’s in Divinity from Lipscomb University. I also have certification in Nutrition Coaching and Nutrition Response Testing through Ulan Nutritional Systems, and am a certified Health and Life Coach through Health Coach Institute.

What do you hope to accomplish through your business?

My desire is to use my coaching business to guide as many women as I can deeper into finding their fulfillment in the Lord in all they do, covering career, self-image, family and relationship goals, and spirituality, as well as nutrition. I look forward to one day having a podcast and blog, and building up an incredible team to see that vision come to fruition on a greater scale. And, one day, I would love to be an accomplished author and conference speaker. But, for now, I want to reach and guide as many women as I can with what I have at my disposal to disciple and guide them into who they were made to be.

Every time a client tells me about a victory they receive in their journey, I rejoice with them, and I thank God I get to walk alongside them. And, long-term, I want to be able to do this wherever I go!

My long-term career goals (something I always love to talk about) include missions overseas, life coaching, and holistic health! I want to go wherever God calls me and love whoever He calls me to love. I want to serve and be generous in whatever capacity He calls me to. I am so blessed for the opportunity to share a little of that with you!

What exactly is your program and what does it offer?

My most popular program is the “On the Road to Better” 90-Day Program. In it, I offer a holistic journey that involves mind, body, and soul healing. In this unique program, you will get tailor-made sessions designed to guide you as you pursue greater for your life – in career, family, spirituality, relationships, passions, personal image, and so much more! Our goal will be to overcome the roadblocks in your life that are preventing you from achieving the life you want and the life that God wants for you.

Each program is a little different, but all include structured sessions that are curated and cultivated to fit your needs and desires. Thus, in whatever program or coaching option you choose, I promise to meet you with intentionality, passion, and vision as we focus on the life you want to live and the ways you want to see God move in your life.

In addition to this, you will learn tons of tips, tricks, and strategies to manage your health and your life more easily and to make your health and your life work for YOU (instead of the other way around).

How quickly can I expect results?

Your transformation begins the second you say “YES” and continues every day throughout your 90-day experience and beyond.

Some results will be achieved in less than 90 days, others may take a little longer. Every person is on their own journey, with their own rate of learning and healing. So, I structure my programs to best fit your needs in the time we have together.

How can I guarantee myself that I will overcome roadblocks and pursue my career, life, health, or family goals?

If you have tried things and failed in the past, chances are good that you did not have the right support, the right system, or the right accountability.

In the “On the Road to Better” 90-Day Program, you will get all of these.

As one of my past clients has experienced, "I’ve been able to implement more routine and structure in my day-to-day life. To the point that even dishes, my absolute least favorite chore, isn’t an insane burden like it was. I’ve felt more and more at home here and I’ve been enjoying connecting with my family better because of the internal peace I’ve had. Being able to set goals and follow them through was very empowering and eye-opening for me. Building confidence in my ability, a mantra I’ve started to say daily is 'I can do this' and actually believe it. Which is a huge deal for me. This whole experience was a blessing and I’m so thankful to be able to move forward into this next season with the tools, knowledge, and support I’ve gained over the last 90 days."

It is my joy to walk alongside you as you make significant changes in your life, but, unfortunately, just me showing up for you is not enough to make a change. You also have to show up for yourself and see yourself as important enough. I will support you, and carry your vision for you until you can carry it for yourself, but you have to take the first step!

Part of the reason for the investment in this experience is to ensure that you show up for yourself like never before.

How do I start?

An excellent question! One of the blessings I get to offer is what I lovingly call the “Roadblock Discovery Session,” which will give you firsthand experience of what it would feel like to have a powerful coach and mentor in your corner.

You can contact me at the included contact information to get started! Simply reach out about the “Roadblock Discovery Session,” and I will send you the next steps, which include setting a time for the complimentary call that works for both of our schedules.

I cannot wait to work with you!

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