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The Value Of Using PR To Ramp Up Your Profile

Written by: Annette Densham, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


There is enormous value in using PR to ramp up your profile, and the main ingredient is you. In 1964 Bob Dylan sang ‘times they are a changing’ and keep changing they do. You no sooner blink, and the latest and greatest marketing strategy from last week is no longer relevant. Keeping up with what works is another job you as the business owner have to master. But a vital job because if you don’t promote your business, then no one else will.

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With Facebook constantly changing the rules of engagement, Google changing their SEO rules, Instagram changing the way brands interact, new marketing strategies being marketed at you…when do you sleep, let alone run a business?

Find Innovative ways to reach prospective clients

The thing with being a savvy business owner is you must find innovative ways to get your wares to prospective customers and clients on a tight budget. The beauty of using public relations to get attention is there are so many tools and platforms you can use for little or no cost.

Think of PR as consistently dropping breadcrumbs leading back to you. Of putting enough of you out there that people cannot help but get to know who you are.

What is great about how the world has changed is there are so many people you can reach out to share your message. There are bloggers, Insta influencers, tweeters, online forums, websites, newspapers — online and offline, radio and podcast programs, newsletters, networking events, conferences…

PR needs to be part of your overall marketing strategy

The real value of public relations lies in being consistent (plan, plan, plan), getting consistent media coverage, tapping into the wide range of free tools on offer, and not giving up. If you are expecting to become an overnight media star, think again. Building a brand takes time.

Here are some ideas to ramp up your PR and your profile

Write more

There are so many ops with digital magazines who are looking for content to share with their readers. Approach the editor with your idea, images to go with the piece and get writing. Write about things you know about — the problems you solve, the solutions, observations and tips and tricks to help the audience out.

Video more

People do business with people. They want to see you and hear from you. Video helps build the important relationship glue of know, like and trust. Your videos do not have to be long — these days we have the attention span of a gnat. To make things easy on you, repurpose the content from the articles you are writing for the online mags.

Join Facebook business groups

Someone has already done the hard work for you — built an audience. But do not be a wham, bam thank you ma’am poster by just selling, add valuable content. Share your thoughts, answer questions, offer help, share your wins, and share your client stories. The idea is to become part of the community. To become known and liked, so people either recommend you or ask for you. It takes time, all good relationships do, but it is worth it.

The only tool that may not work is you… all the above are proven free ways to get attention. But you have to do the work to make it happen.

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Annette Densham, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Multi-award-winning PR specialist Annette Densham is considered the go-to for all things business storytelling, award submission writing, and assisting business leaders in establishing themselves as authorities in their field. She has shared her insights into storytelling, media, and business across Australia, UK, and the US speaking for Professional Speakers Association, Stevie Awards, Queensland Government, and many more. Three times winner of the Grand Stevie Award for Women in Business, gold Stevie International Business Award, and a finalist in Australian Small Business Champion awards, Annette audaciously challenges anyone in small business to cast aside modesty, embrace their genius and share their stories.


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