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Want A Strong Marketing Strategy? Use The Feminine Funnel

Written by: Hanna Hermanson, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Over the last 5 years, the marketing landscape has shifted. Dramatically. This means… if you’re operating with an outdated game plan, you’re not going to get very far. The business will feel slow. And sluggish. And it’ll take you a very long time to get anywhere. It’s like…jumping into a Flintstones car (powered by sheer foot-power) vs. saddling yourself into a sleek, sexy Tesla. I mean, you could choose to ride with Barney Rubble. But why would you?

In 2017, the name of the game was: Facebook ads. Legends were made. And $1500 programs were sold straight off of social.

Pressure-tactics WORKED. And everyone believed that “the price will go up tomorrow!” and “there’s only one spot left!” and “you’ll die a slow and painful death without this one thing!”

This is what I call “bro-marketing.” Not on account of the male species in general… But on account of the VERY prominent marketing gurus that appeared on the scene at the time, hustling hard with these exact strategies.

Masculine energy and masculine marketing strategies tell us to focus on DOING and achieving and is molded by logic and reason.

And we were all told: “you’ve just got to do the hard things.” So we did it.

But something changed.

The coaching industry EXPLODED. And the world became fatigued. Ad fatigued. Because the scarcity vibes were everywhere, and no one knew WHO to believe anymore.

Trust disintegrated. And people just started TUNING OUT.

But wait! Here she comes…off in the distance and over the hill. The feminine goddess warrior.

She appears on the scene with rapturous candor. And she shifts the marketing tide entirely.

Not sure if you’ve noticed…but in society at large there is a divine feminine energy rising. Women everywhere are beginning to own their power with greater and greater assurance. And there is a *new* sense of FLOW in the world.

Flow, not force.

People are craving: transparency, connection, vulnerability, and openness. And there is a NEED for playful/joyful/easy engagement.

EVERYTHING is an energy game. And the world is starting to “get it” – leading with the FEELING is way more important than leading with the DOING.

So if you want to know how to become a magnetic marketer in 2022 (without selling your soul), I kid you not:

Creating a Feminine Funnel is your best bet.

“Wait… wtf is a Feminine Funnel?” (and does it have anything to do with funnel cakes? – because if yes, I’m in).

Let’s dive in.

A Feminine Funnel is a feel-good approach to the classic “sales funnel” strategy. It’s how you take folks from “cold to sold” (but ew, let’s not use that outdated heartless phrase). It’s more like…empowering your audience with confidence, clarity, and connection…one step at a time.

Am I making this up? Nope. This is psychology. In order to build trust, people need to experience a series of “micro-agreements” – i.e., markers of proof that you’re the real deal, and they’re going to be hip-hip-hooray-happy if they invest their time/energy/love into YOU.

The difference between 2017 funnels and 2022 funnels?

In 2022, the sales funnel will be positively drizzled in feminine energy. And it’s a whole vibe.

Lizzo’s new album is the soundtrack. Feel me?

Goodbye sleazy, hello easy.

OK… so how do you do it? How do you start implementing this Feminine Funnel into your marketing plan? – let’s break this down.

  1. Create ongoing content that feels good. Make people laugh. Tell good stories. And provide plenty of opportunities to connect with you as a HUMAN. Showcase your authority…but do so by providing value (rather than flashing a pic of your private jet). Share little “love notes” from your clients. And show up with excitement. Send emails. Show up on social. Become a podcast rockstar.

  2. Regularly invite your audience to take action. Get people into your world!! Provide “freebies” and value-rich downloads that get people onto your e-mail list. DM your contacts with true & honest curiosity. Start conversations with the intention of collab-ing. And invite folks to attend your workshops, events, speaking gigs, and live interviews. Ditch the hard CTA’s: “only 3 spots left ‒ reach out immediately!” ‒ yuck.

  3. Create a (monthly) open house event. This is a demo. A walk-through. An opportunity for your leads to see *exactly* how it all works. Your goal? To answer ALL of your audience’s questions (like…“what does she mean by that?”). This is not a sneaky bro-marketing “webinar” that is secretly a sales pitch. This is a chance for you to show people EXACTLY how you’re impacting the world. Give them a taste of what you do. And let them experience your process.

  4. Get on the “honest enrollment” bus If you’ve been using a “sales script,”? It’s time to put it in the paper shredder. Approach all sales calls with openness and honesty. No “agitating pain points” or “positioning your offer.” Answer all questions with transparency. And sell the way YOU like to be sold to. Lean into building a feel-good conversation. And keep nothing behind the curtain.

What do you think? Do you get how the entire ENERGY behind marketing has shifted? The Feminine Funnel is the new black. And I’d highly suggest you try it on!

Feeling a tad overwhelmed? Want some help bringing this strategy to life in your business? Reach out! – Done For You Marketing is all about the Feminine Funnel.


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Hanna Hermanson, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Hanna Hermanson is the founder and CEO of Done for You Copywriting for Coaches. As a life and business coach for years, Hanna gained deep insights and intuitive knowledge about what motivates people to take action. Hanna and her team of expert copywriters combine these insights with creative copy strategies to scale coaching businesses, and help transformational leaders get back into their zone of genius. Hanna's work can be found in Forbes, Thrive Global, and her book “Dream Life is Real Life” on Amazon.

When she’s not writing or strategizing, she can be found carbo-loading for half marathons, or frolicking the beaches of Mexico with her husband and labradoodle.



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