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Meet Jan & Jillian Yuhas – Twins and International Relationship & Lifestyle Coaches

When their needs with past romantic partners were ignored and clients requested services beyond their contracts at their first company, they knew there had to be a better solution to resolving differences in their relationships. Being empaths came with some hard lessons, which fueled their passion to create a method on how to resolve opposing views and evolve relationships to the next level. With Masters in Psychology, Certificates in Professional Coaching and Mediation, their professional and personal transformation led to them developing their signature coaching programs, Relationship Intelligence Method and Boundary Badass Program. Today, Jan and Jillian are International Relationship & Lifestyle Coaches and Boundary Specialists at Entwined Lifestyle who coach driven men and women on how to cultivate personal and professional relationships.

Our professional journey began when we started volunteering at a crisis hotline for teens who ran away from home. Mediating and resolving relationship discord became our calling, which led to us pursuing our academics and starting our business. Through our own personal experiences and education, we have developed our Relationship Intelligence Method and Boundary Badass Program.

Today, we currently reside in Chicago, IL however, we serve clients globally through our online virtual and audio platforms.

When we are not pursuing our professional endeavors, we enjoy adventurous hiking trips, cooking up new healthy recipes, studying homeopathic and herbal remedies, painting one-of-a-kind abstracts, and maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle.

Who are we?

We are Jan Yuhas and Jillian Yuhas, International Relationship & Lifestyle Coaches and Boundary Specialists. We both hold a Masters in Couples and Family Therapy, Certified Professional Coaches, and Certified Mediators.

What is it that you do for your clients?

Our clients come to us because they are struggling with their relationships, personally and/or professionally. But it doesn’t stop there. Usually, when someone is experiencing relationship challenges, there is more to the story, like self-neglect, unresolved childhood wounds, or a lack of constructive communication skills.

While most individuals can manage to overcome personal setbacks, interpersonal relationship struggles add another layer of complexity to solving problems because it requires two individuals to work together to create better alignment. This is where the WE mindset is the ultimate power move in resolving relationship differences. Bridging the gap between two viewpoints is where the magic happens to achieve relationship success.

We understand acknowledging relationship problems can be quite vulnerable. However, we offer our clients understanding and empathy around their struggles while providing creative solutions that are strategically implemented based on their value system. Having the courage to use one’s inner voice gives our clients the ability to embrace their most authentic self and fully transform their lives. From healing old emotional wounds, building inner confidence, negotiating business deals, balancing work-love life, setting healthy boundaries, and igniting the romantic spark, our clients find fulfillment from holistic lifestyle coaching.

Who should hire/work with you?

Clients hire us because they feel distressed in their personal love life or experience professional discord, therefore impacting their overall well-being and satisfaction in life. Some of the most common issues we help our clients solve:

  • disconnect with their significant other

  • unable to resolve workplace conflict

  • suffer from severe perfectionism in every facet of their lifestyle

  • feel uneasy and anxious about their life path

  • experience a lack of respect and feel undervalued in their relationships

How is it working with your twin sister?

Being identical twins, we have been stuck like glue since the beginning. So, it's like an unspoken language and feeling the two of us share. Every day, we communicate all day long to maintain work productivity, but also share personal sisterly moments. Sometimes, we can get too close, as we have a very honest relationship and need to set boundaries with each other when we need our space. However, we wouldn't want it any other way.

Thankfully, we are on the same page when it comes to the overall growth and vision of our business. We are most grateful for having the personal and professional experience of making our dual relationship work, especially when serving our clients. It has provided the groundwork and foundation for us to thrive as a team, not just survive. And any point we experience pain in the process, we find a way to turn it into productivity and positivity for growth.

Our unique bond has definitely been a bonus in our lives. It has helped us understand many personal and business relationships, naturally attracting some twin clients, too. The two of us greatly understand the complexities of a close-knit relationship and how to work through the challenges that can arise without damaging the connection.

What is your big goal? Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

Our biggest goal is to finish writing our book on how to set healthy boundaries in relationships. We hope to finish by early next year. Also, we recently launched our workplace wellness program to assist organizations in providing relationship intelligence techniques and work-life balance tools to support their employees and executives by cultivating healthier relationships and being happier in their work environment for productivity.

Our ultimate goal is always serving and guiding our clients, as it is what we are most passionate about in our work. We strive to help individuals, couples, and corporations to have relationship success.

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