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From Capitalist To Mystic – A Journey Of Self-Illumination – Exclusive Interview with Shreesha Khare

A luminous light is invited by the Divine in this coming mutative energy to be a light for the millennial generation. She is a poet, an author, a mystic writer, and the founder of Soulful Spirit, where the focus is on your soul consciousness first, then human consciousness. She believes that we are spirits born as humans to live out our human dharma and evolve ourselves with each layer of reality in front of us.

She also believes that we have a temporary time available on this earth; this human vessel is all about fulfilling our dharma, which is higher than us. As human beings, we go through different periods of maturation in our career, relationships, and living situations—a beginning, middle, and end—and everything is an experience that needs to be lived fully; otherwise, we have to repeat the cycle in a different character with the same lesson.

Shreesha’s journey is all about self-illumination, where her deepest and darkest wounds, failures that were nothing but a lesson of growth, and her biggest heartache avalanche showed the light to walk her on her human dharma.

She is here as a spirit in a human vessel to fulfil her quantum dharma of making a difference in people’s lives through the theme of personal transformation.

Shreesha Khare, Author, Mystic Writer, Self-Iluminating Being

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.

Love to! Namaste! An old soul with a curious mind always sees the bigger picture and is always on the wheel of learning as a student of life. I believe righteous information is important on the path of knowledge, and if that knowledge is not guiding you towards growth, then it is not always in power mode. I spend a lot of time in deep thoughts about life.

Born in the land of diversity, which is deeply connected to its traditions and dharma, India's dharma means purpose when I mention it; it is about what is the righteous thing to do while you are alive on this planet. I have a book coach named Gita; it has really guided me since childhood, when I didn't know the meaning of it. It used to fascinate and attract me. For me, life is all about experiences. I used to believe that I had made many mistakes, but that was an illusion I was living in. Every mistake I made was a rolling base for me to fry crisply in a pan called life.

I was in 9th grade when I felt there was something beyond what this body and this planet seemed to be, and being a curious child, I allowed myself to explore subjects like quantum physics and spirituality when I gained more consciousness in 2017. I have experienced that I am a spirit in this human body. I explore myself in a balance between spirituality and the physical plane. Everything is connected. I am on a journey of self-illumination where my deepest purpose lies in accepting the gift of acceptance, and to realise it, I must accept the gift of constriction.

It was spring of 2018, and I was sitting in my luxury capitalism environment when I saw the world around me start crumbling. It started as a warning one afternoon when it knocked the whole day on my inner wall with a question: Are you happy with the work you are doing right now? I ignored the question; it threw another question an hour ago: are you really living with this everyday office coming and what is happening at home? A little voice whispered, "No, but I could not increase the tone of the voice inside of me. However, I ignored all the warning signs from the universe and carried on with my work and life until it favoured me with a chance to see a different side of me.

As curiosity runs deeply in my blood, I gave myself a chance to see what else I could do apart from this capitalist world. In the summer of 2018, I started writing a book. I used to journal but never thought of writing a book. It happened naturally when I was googling something on the internet on my break from work. That’s when I saw an advertisement that said, ‘Design your own book." In January 2019, I published my first book about self-love and relationships, a feeling I picked up from my journal.

Though I was still meddling in the capitalist sea, I took the risk of entering the ocean without realising how powerful it is. My right side of the brain really loved it and enjoyed the process, but I was too afraid to pursue it full-time. I again ignored what the universe wanted for me, only to face rock bottom from all four corners.

The cracks from spring 2018 were completely visible now in 2020, when I got laid off, received a deep-cut backstab from friends, went against the grain of my family’s expectations, and was tagged as a "black sheep'. With tower moments lurking all around me, I thought I didn’t have anything to fall back on, but I did. I had my writings, which I failed to acknowledge.

It was through journaling that I came to know how much I love writing and the deep-down feelings I carry about whatever I have been through. One major lesson I have learned in life is that when you don’t act for yourself, the universe acts, and that action really hurts us as it shows the truth.

After 3 years of trials and turbulence, along with push and pull, in 2023 I am rising again and fully stepping into my dharma and mysticism. It is all about listening to our heartbeat and knowing where it is asking us to go.

I have spent thousands of dollars, a deep, dark night of the soul, and hours, along with my mentor, working to reach where I am today. I was mentored by Bob Proctor’s life-changing programme, Thinking into Results, and certified as a spiritual life coach by Evercoach (Mindvalley). I love the space where I make a difference in people’s lives. I am currently mentoring for the Africa Matters Initiative under their She Empowered Mentor programme. We can be our own alchemists if we allow our hearts to show us the way to step into our dharma.

Who inspires you to be the best that you can be?

This might sound a bit arrogant to people, but my values inspire me every single time to move towards a deeper and deeper level of consciousness. I really adore a value called "curiosity," which is like mercury liquid in a thermometer. Sometimes it is up, sometimes it is down, and sometimes it is just stagnant. Aligning myself with what is truth for me means following my innermost knowing, even if there is fear or discomfort. Furthermore, this happens when we follow our curiosity, which comes from the heart, but that’s why we need to know how to balance it. I am a big-time philosopher and seeker; it takes me so much learning to follow my curiosity, but the interesting part is that value within value tests our authenticity. I know the universe is a broader, more varied place, and within that, I can peel myself layer by layer rather than always jumping to the next. Aligning with my evolutionary values is what inspires me to be better. "Better" sounds good to me.

What made you start Soulful Spirit? And I read it is called mystic, love to know more.

Wisdom and creativity from the chaos around me were transforming my world and transitioning me to the world inside, which I never felt. This was happening when the initiation of the heartache avalanche took me to the darker side of me, where I never checked in. If I must step back a bit, when I first started my coaching and mentoring journey, I created S&S Co-Space for humanity.

However, I realised that this is not aligned with who I truly am. As I was diving deeper into my spiritual practise, by which I mean connecting with nature, journal writing, candle meditation to listen to my soul, awakening, the hell of crying, shedding my skin, and being torn between old and new, I found myself diving deep into the realm of mystery and adventure unfolding before my eyes. That’s when I came up with "soulful spirit," and mystic is because I am too inclined towards the moon. The moon is a mystical and reflective energy, and with every moon cycle, we get to see something new about ourselves.

My soul and spirit, which deeply mean life and peace, were in writing; I was weathering myself away from them. I was running away from my truth to step into the truth, which the world around me was asking me. Things around us ask us to hustle, run, and achieve more; they never ask us to slow down, create, and peel ourselves layer by layer.

Soulful Spirit is a mystical journey of soul consciousness that precedes human consciousness. Our human body is temporary flesh; our real essence lies in spirit. Our human dharma is a tool to unravel the spirit consciousness gifts and talents, make a difference in the human world, taste its dishes like anger, happiness, ego, pain, and hate, and come back to home, which is love.

Soulful Spirit is an invitation for reflection, an invitation to grow from your own experience and learn by doing. Through the medium of creative writing and personal development, you write yourself, unravel your mystical nature, and evolve with each cyclic process of life. Through the medium of writing, we see that we are our own inspiration, and you hold the power to create your own path.

I believe writing is the soul's way of speaking to us and guiding us in this human journey to fulfil our human dharma and navigate our own path. That exactly guided me to align my soulful spirit more as an authentic part of me. I never knew I could be a poet. I unravelled the mysterious gift within me of being a poet and songwriter, which gave me more awareness and a conscious awakening within me. It is my dharma to be a wayshower for people to explore their hidden potential, as they hold the power to create their own rhythmic heartbeat.

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today?

There are two that completely changed the direction of my life. One, the March winter of 2020 made me surround myself with towering moments from my job, career, relationships (family), and life. I had no clue what I should do; one by one, illusions were breaking. Days and nights went by, and I cried like hell. I felt what I did to deserve this bad from all corners of my life.

I was really on the verge of deeply self-sabotaging myself; I felt suicidal not just once but many times. I knew I had my writing in front of me; I already wrote a book in 2019. I went to a therapist and a fortune teller to search for answers and solutions in my life. Therapy sessions helped a bit, but again, I came back to my emotional roller coaster ride. I started focusing on myself; for the first time, I enrolled myself in gym sessions and invested heavily in a mentorship programme from the best person in the personal development industry. I started seeing the light again about what I love doing and what I want to do.

It wasn't until 2022 that an earthquake finished everything for me; it even crushed whatever I built myself up. That earthquake was a heartache avalanche that made me question everything, from my identity to my existence.

That is when I realised I never did the deep work; I repeated my cycle in a different way to address all my shadows and feelings I had suppressed for the last 30 years. I saw that I was lying to myself that I have healed and am growing, but that was again a deep programming. By this time, I have understood that nothing is outside; all the answers are within. Whatever I learned from my mentors, I repeated everything again and deeply started working on myself. By this time, I also understood that I could not spiritually bypass the work and stand firmly on my human dharma on the material plane. I must face each layer of darkness to enter the light.

I kept on digging inside of me until I understood the root cause of everything, and outside of me, I made a promise to myself that I would turn every anger, pain, and hatred into authority. Again, my writing came to my rescue when they turned me into a poet, translating every feeling in my body into words of wisdom.

When I wrote my first poetry book, Our Last Autumn, I used my suffering to reveal unconscious conditions and how deeply I tied my sense of self to those things.

In that moment of life, with deep shadow work and confronting every action and behaviour with root analysis, I fully stepped into my dharma of writing and showing the path for people to turn every adversity into an opportunity, and the north node compass lies within.

In spring 2023, I rewilded myself in a complete, authentic, multidimensional consciousness. This initiation in my life brought me to where I am now.

What are the top three benefits of working with you?

In one sentence I can express it, would be this:

To empower others to do things their way and break out of the egalitarianism that currently infects human behaviour. My genius lies in transforming the shadow of narrowness into a gift of acceptance and shaping their lives in tune with their own heartbeat through the medium of writing, which goes hand in hand with personal development.


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