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Fertile Foundation – Empowering Your Fertility Story

Ashley Holmes is the CEO and founder of Holistic Fertility Coach Inc., a Registered Yoga Teacher; a meditation guide; an Ayurvedic health and wellness educator; a Reiki practitioner second degree; and an international best-selling author.

Executive Contributor Ashley Holmes

In the bustling garden of life, the seeds of our deepest desires often take root in the fertile soil of hope. As we embark on the journey of fertility, this hope becomes the cornerstone of our story, a narrative of resilience, patience, and unwavering belief in the power of our bodies and spirits.

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As a Holistic Fertility Coach, I empower women to create a fertile foundation within by focusing on the aspects of their fertility journey that are within their control. These pillars of a holistic approach include; resolving stress, healing, and nourishment.

1. Resolving stress

Our stress hormones can endlessly release cortisol and adrenaline while trying to conceive so it is imperative to resolve stress as it arises versus having compounded stress impacting your health and well-being the longer you are striving for a baby. Meditation, mindfulness of where you are carrying stress and tension, as well as emotional freedom techniques are all ways in which we can allow the stress to dissipate from within us. Awareness is key in allowing us to pause instead of carrying on unconsciously and living a stressed-out lifestyle. The meditation I highly recommend to begin a meditation practice is Yoga Nidra because 20 minutes is equivalent to four hours of sleep, and you cannot do this meditation wrong. Try a free session on the health and wellness platform Vibly with me here.


2. Healing

We cannot heal what we have not permitted ourselves to feel. We may have a lot of unprocessed disappointment, anger, and grief residing in our body that is affecting our ability to conceive. Healing the fertility journey so far allows you to create a fertile foundation because you are not bypassing your lived experiences.


Practices like yin yoga and restorative yoga allow for introspection and full awareness of sensations within the body. Time and space are given within each pose for the nervous system to come out of fight or flight mode into rest and digest mode. Chakra balancing is another modality that helps to balance and align your energy body so that you return to your optimal state of being for conception to happen naturally. Reiki is another valuable healing modality that purifies and cleanses your life force energy so that you have the energy and enthusiasm to continue on your fertility journey without feeling continually disappointed and remaining in that vibration and frequency. It is crucial to process and move through the guilt and shame that coincides with infertility because otherwise we are holding onto it energetically in our body and it can prevent us from conceiving. Book a 1:1 Reiki session with me here to heal and clear your energy body to be open to receive your bundle of joy here.


3. Fertility nourishment

Understanding and listening to your body’s own unique needs is paramount in nourishing yourself optimally. We all have an inborn constitution in Ayurveda, and a tailored approach to nutrition and lifestyle is key to your reproductive tissues receiving the nutrients they require for conception to occur. By knowing your dosha, whether you are primarily vata, pitta, or kapha, and adapting your lifestyle to be in rhythm with the elements and what suits your dosha best, you will positively impact your health and well-being to conceive with greater ease. Listen to my bestselling chapter entitled Fertile in Mind, Body, and Spirit from the multiauthor book Nourished: Wisdom From Leaders Living in Flow and Fulfillment here.


By integrating these pillars into your fertility journey, you are not just enhancing your chances of conception; you are also nurturing your overall well-being. Embrace this holistic approach, honoring your body's wisdom and creating a foundation of health and vitality for the journey ahead. You are not alone and if you are ready to take this next step, I would love to support you and connect with you further here.


Ashley Holmes, Holistic Fertility Coach

Ashley Holmes is the CEO and founder of Holistic Fertility Coach Inc., a Registered Yoga Teacher; a meditation guide; an Ayurvedic health and wellness educator; a Reiki practitioner second degree; and an international best-selling author. Her passion for customizing yoga, meditation, chakras, ayurveda, and Reiki empowers women to come back into balance and alignment to heal themselves and conceive with ease. She uses this energy medicine to support women struggling with infertility to help them conceive naturally by healing their womb. She has been blessed with twins and a miracle baby and is fulfilling her passion and purpose by offering what the traditional medical world does not – mind, body and spirit.



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