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Enjoying The Imperfect Christmas

Written by: Natalie Rotin, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


I’m Nat and I'm OBSESSED with Christmas. The sparkling lights and oversized reindeer, wrapping gifts while watching Christmas Vacation, the anticipation of stuffing myself silly with prawns and mum’s famous potato salad.

I love everything about it.

The thing is, up until a few years back, I would find come Boxing Day, I was left feeling exhausted and disappointed.

I'd get so caught up in the stress of creating a dream Christmas, I hadn't stopped to really enjoy the whole holiday for what it was.

I let my people pleasing and obsession with perfection run the show.

  • I said yes to everyone

  • I filled my days up with events and shopping, trying to squeeze it all in.

  • I’d spend tons of money on gifts, food and ‘last minute’ stuff.

  • I soaked in other people’s negative crap and bad juju

My expectations of others and myself were unrealistic. I was envisioning Christmas Day to be this big beautiful perfect day which we all know is never the case. It’s no wonder I was left feeling like I’d been ripped off. Here’s what I realised.

Uncle Ned will continue to drink too much. Aunt Floss will always say the most inappropriate things. There’ll be something we forget to buy or presents that have been met with ‘did you keep the receipt?’. The house will look like a bomb has hit it within 5 minutes of people arriving. And our kids will refuse to wear the outfits we buy them because they’d rather look like hobo’s when family come over.

Christmas is one giant exciting messy beautiful adventure. It’s about soaking in all the goodness of the festive season – the food, the people, the joy, the traditions. And of course, if you’re a believer, a lot more than that. The best thing we can do for ourselves over this holiday season is to let it be.

Focus on the stuff that’s within our control. For instance:

  • Keep meditating every morning. Even though December feels like a tornado, it’s important to allow yourself time to stay anchored.

  • Lower your expectations – A LOT. Lower them once, and then lower them again! Let everyone be who they are and instead focus on creating your own joy.

  • Find a way to give to others without expecting anything in return. Volunteer, buy a gift for a stranger, something to help you focus on loving others unconditionally.

It’s hard work trying to ‘let it go’. The Disney movie Frozen has taught us all that the hard way.

Stop creating your own disappointment by expecting your Christmas to be like what you see in the movies. Think less Hallmark and more National Lampoons.

Crazy is fun and where memories are made.

Let it be and enjoy the imperfect Christmas everyone!

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Natalie Rotin, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Natalie is a leading speaker, writer, and goal-setting extraordinaire. Her degree in Health Science and experience as a Behaviour Change Coach led to her current role as mental health and continuous improvement expert in the Emergency Service sector. While by day she supports the wellbeing of frontline workers, by night she is a budding entrepreneur inspiring change and wholehearted living.

After many years of people-pleasing and struggling with her identity as a single parent, Nat established Made for Greatness; a business that fosters community and connection while helping ambitious women to build resilience, set healthy boundaries, and live an adventurous yet simple life.

Nat continues to inspire and empower others through her unique storytelling abilities and the creation of personal development tools and resources. She believes our circumstances don’t define us and that what we tend to see as failures has the potential to drive our success. Her mission: If we dare to be vulnerable, accepting that we are a work in progress, happiness and freedom can be found in the process of living, not just enjoyed as an end goal.


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