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Defying Perception – How To Get Anything You Want Now 

Written by: Benjamin Gonzalez, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Benjamin Gonzalez

Have you ever seen the movie Arrival? Well if you haven’t, I’m going to plant an idea in your mind that will make you want to watch it right now. 

Galaxies, planets illustration with clock numbers.

Time is so much more than what we think It is. We currently guide our lives based on artificial models of time perception (the clock and the calendar) when time can be much more than just a superficial count of days or minutes. 

According to scientists, philosophers, and spiritual teachers, the past and the future are not real, they are just an idea to define who we think to be. There is only one present moment full of possibility, in the now is where everything exists, the “past” the “future” they all happen now, when they are done, there is no more to it than what is now. 

This is something we forget when we immerse ourselves in the ego, the idea and the stories of who we think to be, although this defines our personality, it also defines our personal reality, the idea of who we think to be (the ego) builds what we think to be now, WHEN we are immersed in thought. 

With this idea in mind, let me introduce you to a perspective that will change your life forever.

Supporting all the ideas of all these thinkers and builders of new systems of perception, there is José Argüelles, an anthropologist and doctor that discovered “The law of time”. The law of time states that time is the frequency of synchronization with higher galactic systems, the natural rhythm of the universe. 

Amongst his studies on the ancient Maya “masters of time” he found a tool called the harmonic module, a tool used by the Maya to measure the energy of each day, using a lunar tone, and a solar seal. 

The lunar tone - number that encompasses a frequency based on steps of evolution. 

The solar seal - A symbol or archetype which we use to build reality. 

Archetypes are the base of all the things that happen within the mind, all come from deep into the unconscious mind and express themselves in the conscious world as what we call reality, reality is just a weave of symbols that we interpret based on our belief systems and what we think to be true about the world. 

The harmonic module, encompassing these qualities, is used as a tool to identify the energy of each day, to see its symbolic meaning in our day to day so we can interpret now based on the energy of higher intelligence systems like the earth we live in. 

This is what we call synchronicity, an alignment of what is meaningful for us, what we think, and what we see expressed in the day to day world. 

The galactic signature

Knowing the energy footprint of the day we are born, we can interpret the energy of each day, based on what is meaningful for us and our natural steps of evolution based on the archetypes encompassed in the energy we carry. Using the harmonic module each day to interpret reality, we can reach states of being that defy our current perception of reality, shifting our condition into a primal state of being by feeling into what each moment, the art of life, has to offer us. 

This means that, when we arrive into higher states of being, leaving our sense of self behind, we can tune into the magic of each moment to move into any reality we want. 

Spiritual leaders like Ram Dass, and Carlos Castañeda describe in their books and teachings that this states of being, can go deep into being aware in the subconscious mind and beyond, cultivating what Castañeda calls Dreaming attention, up to a level that we can defy what we think to be “normal” rules of logic and rationality.

Time is a mystery, time is a moment full of possibility, time is whatever we, by being present can interpret and mold to our liking to be able to dream-awake. 

By using these system we are shifting not only personally, but collectively into high levels of perception that create freedom, peace, harmony and evolution as a species. 

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Benjamin Gonzalez Brainz Magazine

Benjamin Gonzalez, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Benjamin Gonzalez is a self-mastery coach and Mayan Natal chart reader, he helps dreamers understand themselves so they can live their purpose. Benja started his coaching journey in 2022 when he became a certified life coach by Mindvalley as well as a certified breath-work coach to expand his love for helping people. Benja connected to the ancient knowledge of the Mayan natal chart with the objective to expand it to the world, the Mayan Natal chart is a tool for self-discovery to achieve self-mastery and align to the rhythms of the universe. Benja is now working on a masters on metaphysical counselling with a thesis titled the art of life interpretation and sharing his knowledge of the Mayan Natal chart on his website LifeBud.



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