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The Illusion Of Time And The Origin Of Problems – From Artificial To Natural Time Perception

Written by: Benjamin Gonzalez, Executive Contributor

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Have you ever found yourself wondering, "Why is there never enough time?" or "When will it be the right time?" or perhaps you've exclaimed, "I'm running late!" or "I'm way too early!" We frequently question the nature and existence of time and its impact on our lives. Yet, we rarely question what time genuinely is and how it influences the way we perceive our reality.

illustration of time calendar

Let's dive right into this mind-bending discussion by first addressing what may be the root of all problems: our perception of history and our existence within an artificial order of time.

What is an artificial order of time?

Our universal system of marking time is the calendar, which serves as a vessel for what we know as "History." It stores everything society has constructed, anchoring us within a perceived linear timeline and subtly pushing us to relive past events. This calendar, as we know it, goes unquestioned despite being an arbitrary and artificial measure of time.

The Gregorian calendar, our dominant temporal guide, introduces a disruption to the natural order by imposing its structure of 12 inconsistent months and an arbitrary division of the day into 60-minute hours. Interestingly, the word calendar originates from the Latin "calends" or "calendarium," which marked days for settling debts. Throughout history, the calendar has evolved, exhibiting inconsistencies such as September and October, which imply a seventh and eighth month but are in fact the ninth and tenth. Some months are even named after monarchs and diplomatic leaders, contributing to the irregularity. Moreover, the calendar overlooks one of the moon cycles around the sun, creating a mismatch between the actual 13 "months" and the accepted 12.

When observing nature, we notice that everything follows a rhythm, a pattern of evolution – lunar cycles, seasons, even menstrual cycles. Nature thrives within a cyclic order, an order that our calendar disrupts with its irregularities.

In contrast to the artificial and linear perception of time, natural time, also known as "synchronic time," is radial. It can be measured by the 13:20 frequency, representing a harmonious rhythm aligned with the universe's natural rhythms.

This is where the Mayan "calendar," more accurately, the Tzolkin, comes into play. Unlike the calendar we're used to, the Tzolkin doesn't just count days, months, and years. Instead, it operates as a cosmic map of energies, a synchronizer aligning us with the universe's natural rhythms.

Changing Our Calendar to Change History

You might wonder, "What's the big deal? It's just a calendar." But it's so much more than that. The way we measure and understand time profoundly influences our perception and interaction with the world around us. It's about breaking free from the chains of artificial time and stepping into the flowing river of natural time, allowing us to dance harmoniously with the rhythm of life.

By embracing the Mayan Tzolkin, we can start tuning into the universe's natural rhythms, unlocking a deeper understanding of time and our place within it. Let's embark on this journey together, transitioning from the artificial to the natural, and in doing so, transform not just our perception of time but our understanding of history as well.

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Benjamin Gonzalez, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Benjamin Gonzalez is a self-mastery coach and Mayan Natal chart reader, he helps dreamers understand themselves so they can live their purpose. Benja started his coaching journey in 2022 when he became a certified life coach by Mindvalley as well as a certified breath-work coach to expand his love for helping people. Benja connected to the ancient knowledge of the Mayan natal chart with the objective to expand it to the world, the Mayan Natal chart is a tool for self-discovery to achieve self-mastery and align to the rhythms of the universe. Benja is now working on a masters on metaphysical counselling with a thesis titled the art of life interpretation and sharing his knowledge of the Mayan Natal chart on his website LifeBud.



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