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4 Ways To Overcome The Sunday Scaries

Written by: Amy Lynn Durham, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Picture this it’s a Sunday afternoon, you’ve had a great weekend and then you remember you’re back at work tomorrow. Are you filled with anxiety and dread by the thought? The Sunday Scaries can be a serious issue that a lot of people experience before going back to work on Monday. They are that heavy sense of anxiety and dread that sets in on Sunday afternoon or evening as you're starting to think about the work week ahead. Below are four magical ways you can overcome the Sunday Scaries. If you are feeling a sense of anxiety that builds up over the course of Sunday afternoon before you go back to work on Monday, hopefully, this will help you shift out of experiencing that dread and anxiety. They are fun, uplifting, and magical tips that put you in a space to start off your week energized.

1. Reclaim Passion

Now is an excellent time to bring back passion! It’s time for creative thought, new ideas, innovation, artistic inspiration, and finding ways to bring more excitement into your life, all of which help you move away from the Sunday Scaries. What can you do to recognize and cultivate passion in your life? How can you put yourself in a space where you feel a great power within and you feel inspired about the coming week? Take a moment when you feel really tapped in and make a list of what you're passionate about. Think about your career, your job, your future dream job, and your life as a whole. What do you want your life to look like in 10 years?

Finish this sentence: “In 10 years, my achievements will include” If you can't think of something that you're passionate about, that's okay. How about something that energizes you? What can you do in your life; where do you feel energized? Journal what comes up for you. Doing this will put you in a creative, inventive space. Then take some action.

2. Make Friends with Time

What if all you had was what you have today? Can that be enough for you? And, then, can you live within the paradox that time is infinite and there is no finish line? What are some ways you can make time expand for you? Think about your relationship with time. Think about the limits of our human perception and couple that with your relationship with time. Have you ever experienced moments in your life where time sped up? Have you ever experienced moments in your life where you felt time slowed down? That is evidence you have a relationship with time which you can influence. You can make time expand for you, especially, if you feel as if you have a really heavy workload for the week. Set an intention: “I let time expand for me today.”

A coaching tip from a spiritual intelligence perspective is setting the intention that time can expand for you, and, also living within the polarity that our work is never done. If you're feeling that dread and overwhelmed from your workload and the Sunday Scaries are creeping in, just take a breath and remind yourself the list never goes away. It helps to prioritize what's most important in your life. These are deep topics. But they're critical things for you to think about. How can you prioritize what's most important to you? I want to challenge you to have a conversation with time and ask time what it's like to be in a relationship with you. Are you always screaming at it to hurry up? Are you always yelling at it to slow down and demanding things from it? Or are you easing into the feeling that time is infinite and there is no finish line?

3. Reward Yourself

Prioritize time to reward yourself and celebrate what you've already accomplished. I cannot tell you how many leaders, people, and clients I speak with who are extremely goal-oriented. They're focusing on the next thing, the next step they want to take in their business, the goals they want to achieve financially and personally, yet they haven't taken a vacation or celebrated how far they’ve come. They're waiting for a nonexistent perfect moment. Perfection is procrastination’s best friend. There will never be a perfect time. Go out on a Sunday afternoon and have a beautiful picnic, or schedule something which feels really rewarding to you such as a massage, or a lunch date with a friend. Engage in music, painting, or anything that lights you up and feels gratifying to you. Look at your Passion List and see if you can incorporate something that energizes you as a reward. Break up routine. Go on a mini vacation for the afternoon or the weekend. Congratulate yourself on a job well done! What does rewarding yourself look like for you?

4. Be Mindful of Your Finances

When you are taking time to reward yourself for a job well done, you can begin by envisioning what the future could look like, with one, two or three goals that can bring in financial success for you. This will help you tap into the energy of financial freedom, rather than stressing about your workload and bills. Being a caretaker to your money is important for success in life and business. Think about your finances and make decisions with sound judgment so you continue to attract good fortune. As a leader, you should be leading by example in this area. Often, I see posts on social media where people are joking about how they blew their whole paycheck over the weekend because they went out and overspent or went binge drinking. Then, they feel horrible on Sunday and have this overwhelming anxiety about going to work on Monday.

My hope for you is that you don't fall into that space, and if you do, you forgive yourself and do a little better next time. Prior to Sunday, be thoughtful about how you're spending your money. When you do go out to celebrate and reward yourself, you don't have to pay for everybody's tab. You don't have to buy everybody's drink. Stand in the energy of someone who attracts good fortune, is good in business, and brings in financial success. What does incarnating that energy feels like to you?

Bonus Approach: Ask For Support

If you feel like you need more support in your life or business, make sure you reach out and claim it. A Spiritual Intelligence Coach can help transform your life and work in magical ways.

If you want to step away from the overwhelm and stress, and feel uplifted and reassured click here.

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Amy Lynn Durham, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Amy Lynn Durham is the Founder of Create Magic At Work, where she uses her knowledge as an Executive Coach and a certified Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) Coach to uniquely blend spirituality & business to help leaders, increase courage, confidence, and productivity, & decrease stress.



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