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Workplace Yoga - A Game Changer for Pulse, Pleasure and Profits

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Everyone has a visual in their mind about yoga. Many lean towards prayers, incense, perfect people with perfect bodies in high fashion leggings. Christian Wigardt, founder of YesYoga and Yoga DJ Sessions, erodes that image by presenting a contemporary yoga that is innovative, concrete, fun and sweaty. His goal is to become a game changer in corporate wellness.  - Yoga gives higher spirits, less burnouts, increased productivity - and, in the long run, more revenue. Yoga for employees at least once a week pays off. In a time where businesses compete in headhunting creative minds, offering the benefits of yoga is part of being an attractive employer and an integrated part of brand awareness.

Photo: Gorm Roosmark

Before embarking on the yoga journey, Christian Wigardt was for years working as a journalist and communications consultant with his own company. - We were working with corporate media exactly at the time when Internet had its breakthrough. We ran intranets, published flashy clients magazines - and it was awesome to be a part of that revolution. I made good money and at best I could run the business from a chair in my garden. After consulting, Christian went back to working with moving images for TV and for commercial use. The selling aspect and the role of the project manager took its toll.

"Yoga and meditation give me a steady focus, filter away some of the buzz in the brain and extract ideas or tasks that are truly meaningful."

- I know how creative businesses can consume your self. It's a high, and I love it! But the fervor can suddenly turn to ashes. And unwinding can be a real downer. Yoga and meditation give me a steady focus, filter away some of the buzz in the brain and extract ideas or tasks that are truly meaningful. And the body becomes radiantly alive, strong and flexible. That’s why I wanted to become a yoga teacher, I wanted to spread the word!

For four years straight, Yoga DJ Sessions transformed Stockholm´s largest outdoor club venue The Garden into a rhythmic human flow, complete with techno and smoke machines in the setting sun. Photo: Izabella Englund

Christian, who started practicing yoga at age 14 in connection with meditation, knew that he wanted to present a new, un-orthodox kind of yoga. His take on yoga is a buoyant flow with ingredients from movement, tai chi and dance, far from the static and rigid traditional postures. - We don’t stand still in linear, fixed postures, explains Christian. We move, all the time, but slowly, as if we were in water, with the liquid resistance and softness. We return to a few basic movements, but no class is the same. They are all different, of course also depending on the wants and needs in the class. An added pleasure is the positive hormones, the “natural highs”, released when doing yoga.