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Why Health Coaching? Transforms Lives And Businesses – Let’s Create a Ripple Effect With Health Coaching: A Secret Weapon For Finding Your Life Purpose

Nicky brings her drive and force to the fore in Functional wellness coach programmes. Specializing in recovery support for specific conditions of ME (CFS), Fibromyalgia & long covid. Her supporting work covers bereaved clients trying to find freedom to move on.

Executive Contributor Nicky Abell-Francis

One change in the health wheel has a ripple effect around the whole circle. Avoiding a section can prolong our problems to no end. Life purpose is one such thing. Are we working in the right job? In the correct environment for us? Are we believing we have to suffer to earn money? What a belief that one is. Let’s explore this area first and see why health coaching can really change your life.

Woman in pink bikini having fun at the lake

"Pains are Messages, listen to them"

If you’re in a mindless job feeling like you unable to climb out of the pit. Being possibly an A type person, we tend to stay longer than we should. The old perfectionism sets in. Think we too important to leave. Cannot let others down. But ultimately, we are letting ourselves down staying. Fear stops us changing when we hit crisis. We have to become so uncomfortable to tip over into changing. This can take a long time and much discomfort. It is sometimes easier to stay where we are. Getting an outside perspective with health coaching is important.

"Tension is who you think you should be, relaxation is who you are"

What is holistic health coaching?

Looking at how some of us are emotionally. Sensitive people are very prone to feeling uncomfortable situations. Could be work, relationships, culture of the company, ethics, or conflicting their own values. They will deny the problem is there or think the effort of changing, searching and applying for a new position too exhausting to contemplate. Particularly if already worn down.

Our little egos arise. These sub-personalities come and get in the way. Creating a plethora of problems for the change to take place. Financial is the most glaring reason to procrastinate. Got to learn new things, I am not experienced enough, what if my next job is no different. We tend to go for a similar position. Doing the same thing won't change anything. We are not understanding our individual life purpose. What makes us tick, enjoy and find effortless to do? When time passes and we are in the right zone, fulfilment arises. We are not just going through the motions we are driving in the fast lane of our career.

  • Pusher: keeps us busy so we not distracted. I have limited time, so many things to do, can't be changing career now.

  • Inner critic: who do you think you are wanting to start a new business, enterprise. Go for that position? CEO your crazy.

  • Perfectionist: not the right time yet, when I have this certificate, had children, children left home, got married.

  • Vulnerable child: lack of confidence, values of our family, beliefs we have created over the years.

  • Pleaser: wants to be liked, respected, avoid any difficult situations.

If any of our mini minds dominate it can run the show and works strongly in persuading us not to change or make decisions that are right for our wellbeing. This is why health coaching can delve deep reframe the negatives, shift the mindset and create bespoke strategies to cope with change.

Life's purpose lets us dream

We all say I want to retire and live on a tropical island. Fab, great concept but most people, probably 99% after a while get a tad bored at this idyllic scenario. Restlessness will stir. A feeling of missing out creeps in. We all need a purpose day to day. A pina colada and sunbathe becomes monotonous eventually. Our ambitions will arise once again. So, make that dream life purposeful.

Roll with those ideas. What do we excel in without thinking. A hobby we love. A documentary we always go to. If we visit a bookstore, where do we gravitate too instantly. Cooking, crime, adventure, travel. General reading well hey maybe a novelist, publishing, Journalism. The title is the key. We can create a job that suits us. What is so boring to conform to what's already out there. Let’s be bold and list our talents, what we like to do day to day if we really could.

First step What really makes us tick?

"Trust your happiness barometer, how you feel & how your gut feels the most"

Health coaching and human performance

Notice what time of day, or task irritates you. Is it presenting? End of the month deadlines? Endless Meetings? Are you in a great job in the city but a country person at heart. Being so many hours in a built-up area won't make your soul sing. We need both psychological and physiological benefits in our day-to-day hours. If we are happy and content endorphins are released and we feel and know we on the right path. Our performance in personal and business will flow. What creates that energy in us?

Start by finding the solution in a place you would never think to look. What makes you feel your best? Some are late risers. An early commute with back-to-back meetings all morning will blow some people’s minds. They won't be functioning at their best. A later start with a more relaxed office culture will work better. We try hard to win the company over so we suit them. Check the position suits you too.

When we were young, we yearned to do something but often guided to do what was thought of as traditional, financially safe or productive, what others have in our family excelled at, we are expected to follow. Think if squeamish and choosing to become a doctor. We would have laughed at this option. Many still are pushed into a career that is not suitable for their constitution. We are all different and nothing is wrong with this.

Building healthy habits

As with a past article, our bodies are intelligent things and if we are not on the right path for doing what we should be. Then it will create some havoc to bring us to our senses. A slow daily headache that rises, stiff joints by evening from sitting all day. A lethargy come Sunday night as the start of the week approaches.

You've enjoyed every moment of that weekend, chilled, exercised, socialised the body is not tired just balking at the idea of where it has to go for the next five days. Read the signs and do something constructive to change to the life purpose you need. Maybe it is actually to sit on a beach all day and work via your laptop. Plenty do since covid. But there is always a solution from the dead-end job you feel you are in.

A habit takes time a ritual is also a fab way to look at something differently. Holistic health coaching looks at all aspects from the right changes you need managing stress issues, powerful energy biased eating for your constitution, toxic environments what is draining your body and thinking. Looking at the whole Holistic health wheel change can be easy and work and personal life flow.

Investing in Holistic Health coaching is the service our bodies require. Incorporating wellness coaching for your staff or yourself we enhance overall satisfaction and success.

If you want more for your business and its staff or needing a revamp from feeling disillusioned then please contact me. Reach out for a chat. I offer one to one sessions generally. Health once gone is hard to replace. Beyond the workplace wellness and life purpose positively impacts our lives, leading to greater satisfaction and success. Support your business or your body. It will thank you for it.


Nicky Abell-Francis, Functional Wellness Coach & Bodyworker

Nicky brings her drive and force to the fore in Functional wellness coach programmes. Specializing in recovery support for specific conditions of ME (CFS), Fibromyalgia & long covid. Her supporting work covers bereaved clients trying to find freedom to move on. Helping to ignite the spark to progress forward once again. Having lost her own husband suddenly, their daughter within months crashed into developing ME(CFS). Nicky went on to train with the Chrysalis Effect programme. Seeing how burnt out & highly stressed clients can tip into crash phase. Developing chronic fatigue and numerous widespread health problems. Over the past ten years Nicky set up her multi therapy clinic.


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