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Turning Our Thoughts Into Results

Written by: Barbara Powell Love, Executive Contributor

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Years ago, I read a book by James Allen entitled, 'As A Man Thinketh.' What I learned from reading that tiny little book was, as humans, we possess all the mental wealth we will ever need for a life of prosperity.

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I remember encountering obstacles in the past that seemed overwhelming and impossible to navigate through. Looking back, I viewed the problems as Dobermans when they turned out to be Chihuahuas. Guess what? I could have handled them better had I realized that I had the power to overcome them, and I learned to trust that God had given me all I needed to overcome difficulties in life. It is simply a matter of faith.

You, too, may have encountered obstacles that seemed too challenging to face, and everyone may have told you that the obstacle was impossible to overcome. Did you believe them or did you ignore them because you knew you had everything under control? If so, good for you!

Our thoughts produce results consistently because 'Thoughts are Things' (Allen, 1903). Our thoughts can carry us to lofty levels of prosperity or throw us into the pit of despair. We can control the kind of thoughts that are not in our best interests and rid ourselves of those negatives that may have us imprisoned if we are determined to be set free.

Have you ever heard the saying that we attract what we think about? It may sound simple, but it is true. I purchased a car about two years ago. I had been looking for the right color and the right style. I saw many colors and various models, but I finally settled on a black Lexus. It was shiny, sleek, and beautiful. I had not noticed many in this style or color. However, once I purchased it, I now see a black Lexus everywhere I turn. I have parked in grocery store parking lots, went in to shop, and when I returned, I found three black Lexus nearly identical to mine. Once, I tried using my key fob in the wrong car.

You might say, "What about when I wished for something and didn't get it even though I was sure I would? Could it be that because, buried deep inside your subconscious, there are barriers preventing you from achieving what you desire? James Allen says that we are the sum of all our thoughts, and all that we are now is the result of the way we think and how we have thought in the past. We create our own heaven or hell, our own happiness or misery, our own success or failure.

A former co-worker told me that no good men were available, and she just knew she would never find a husband. She also said that men were no good. She was engaged to be married a few years ago, and her fiancé cheated on her. Since then, she says that men are all the same and she will never trust one again. That is too much power to give to one man in my humble opinion. She is attractive, innovative, and can be kind to most people. However, I have observed from a short distance when she interacts with men at work, and on occasion, at social functions. She finds something wrong with them all, whether it's the way they dress, the way they say certain words, or even the way they hold their fork at the dinner table. Seriously. She says she wants to save time getting to know them by critiquing them from the start when it's evident that she will be disappointed. Still, she wonders why she is still alone and single. Her thoughts are destructive, and they produce negative results. She says she hopes to get married someday and have children; however, her mindset prevents her from giving another man even the possibility of finding love and happiness.

Letting go of resistance and keeping our hearts and minds open to receive is essential. We must be willing to accept and believe that we deserve what we long for. We must have faith and believe. The Bible says that ‘if we have faith the size of a mustard seed, we can move mountains. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things we don't see.’ Our thoughts are rooted in faith and is the most essential tool we have in our existence. When we lack faith, it is difficult to see the positive end to our heart's desires. It is good to have hope; however, when we express our thoughts as hope instead of having faith, we get the opposite of what we desire.

It's about having a positive attitude. If you think you can achieve something, you are more likely to achieve, however, if you think you can’t, you most certainly won’t. Statistics show that communication is forty percent verbalizing and sixty percent non-verbalizing. How we walk, the words that come out of our mouths, or how we move can show our confidence. We can walk in faith or defeat.

Years ago, when I had my beauty salon in Indiana, vendors would stop by to offer their wares for sale. One young man would stop by to sell his cookies. He would timidly ask if anyone wanted to buy cookies. We usually said, 'no thanks.' Still, he would stop and ask several times during the week anyway. One day, I spoke to him and told him that he didn’t seem excited about his cookies, so no one else was excited about buying them. I told him I would buy some that day because I wanted to encourage him in his business, but he would have to show more excitement when he came around again. I purchased all the cookies he had left that day and shared them with my clients and staff. They were delicious! The next day when he visited the salon, he had a smile on his face, walked in and spoke with confidence. 'Good afternoon, ladies! Today I have butter cookies, chocolate chunk, and peanut butter cookies. You are going to love them! Which would you like?"

We were all pleasantly surprised at the transformation, and remembering how delicious the cookies were the last time, everyone bought a pack of cookies. From that day forward, he knew he would sell his cookies in my salon each time he came. People would ask where he was when he didn't appear on any given day for whatever reason. He left his defeatist attitude behind, and the rest is history. He activated his positive thoughts and affirmed his faith in himself and belief in his product. Faith, belief, and positive thoughts are really one and the same. The last I checked, he and his mom had opened their own bakery, which is still in business today.

Some may be reluctant to believe that good things can come so easily. My challenge to you is to try it for yourself. Think of something you desire but feel could never happen for you. It may be starting your own business or pursuing a degree. Examine your thoughts about how you feel. Do you think you deserve that thing, or do you doubt it? Examine your daily attitude and points of view. Are they somewhat negative? Do you believe that it can happen to others but not to you? Gradually replace those negative thoughts that fail to serve your best interests. Changing the way we feel about life in general can change our lives. We can do more, accomplish more, and achieve much more than we think is possible. Our first responsibility to ourselves is to mentally advance our thoughts. Cultivate faith in God. He has given us everything that we need to succeed. “It's so important to have confidence in our inherent abilities and natural talents. They are the source of our power and ability to progress in life. When you rely on them to dictate your possibilities, those possibilities become realities.” ( (Love, 2019)

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Barbara Powell Love, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Barbara Powell Love is currently the Office Manager for a small medical practice. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree concentrating in Business Development. Barbara is also the owner of Beebe Love's Beauty, a blogging website to promote beauty, motivate, inform, provide mental stimulation, educate, inspire and encourage other women over 50 to embrace their inner beauty and pursue their dreams. Her blog focuses on personal development, leadership, and lifestyle. She encourages women to become Seasoned Beauties instead of becoming Senior Citizens,



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