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3 Simple Steps To Mastering Your Thoughts And Achieving Positive Results

Written by: Dr. Inderpreet Bagga, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


What consumes your mind, consumes your time and energy. Your brain thinks thousands of thoughts a day and most of them you are not even aware of! Repetitive thoughts are engraved as patterns and programmes of subconscious beliefs in your mind. A spiralling negative thought pattern can cloud your mind and pull down your energy, your concentration, wellness and your mood.

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“Your transformation journey starts with ABC- Awareness Brings Change”‒ Dr Bagga

Understand the Power of Thought & How it Affects and Effects You

  • Thoughts Get Stuck An old CD record stuck at a line, going on and on and on. You can neither move on to the next line or track, nor can you stop it from repeating and rewinding.

  • Thoughts Become Things ‒ These thoughts start to become your reality ‒ a life engineered with a negative mindset, insecurity and fear as the fuel driving your life into a constantly stressed survival mode.

  • Thoughts Mutate Feelings Your brain paints the pictures of the stressful memories and charges them with the drama and trauma that magnetise yet more negative feelings, creating a vicious electromagnetic loop of stuck thoughts and feelings.

Who is Thinking?

Many of these thoughts are not even yours. Many beliefs are not even yours. Many experiences are not even yours!

So, whose thoughts are you thinking? Whose experiences are you living and re-living?

Was it your mother or father, or your grandparent that you heard or witnessed say something? Are you stuck singing their old record?

Was it something dramatic in the news…or something people were talking about…?

What did you think about what they said or thought? What did you interpret and believe in and define as your fate, making it your reality?

Let’s Play The Mind Game

Let’s explore the mystery of a thought and de-mystify with an example.

Take a quiet moment with yourself. Imagine you have become rich and famous!

What could you lose out on? What could go wrong in your life?

(PS ‒ Your initial conscious answer may be “Nothing could go wrong…or It’s not possible… I don’t know..”

Stay in the stillness, and let your imagination and observation take over.

Ask “Then what? What next? What could happen…?”

Notice what comes up for you)

Note what was your insight or belief. What was the fear, threat, or danger that your brain perceived from being in the super-rich and super-famous limelight?

Did you feel you would work too hard, lose time, freedom, or people in your life? Feel lonely amongst all the money and glamour? Did you fear losing it? Did you feel unsafe or trapped? Shy, nervous, stressed, miserable, or unhappy?

Once you are aware, you can transform!

Three-C-Step Thought Transformation

As you become conscious of the key thought belief, you can choose to change it.

  • C1- Check it

  • C2- Confess it

  • C3- Choose it

Centre your focus in your heart, breathe and let’s play Aliveme 3C step transformation:

C1- Check it ‒ Be a Conscious Observer

Notice your thoughts- be an aware open-minded observer.

Just like watching and checking on a cloud passing in the sky.

Continuing with the rich & famous thought example ‒ “Rich and famous are sad and lonely”

C2- Confess it ‒ Feel it… Accept it…Exhale it

What feelings start to show up as you notice or write the thoughts and where do you feel it in your body?

Acknowledge the feeling that comes to the surface and breathe and allow it to pass, just like a cloud moving through the vast open sky…as easy as you breathing in, out and letting it pass…

Breathe in ‒ accept ‒ breathe out ‒ let go

“I accept this sad uneasiness feeling in my heart

I am ready to let it go”

C3- Choose it ‒ Choose to be a Conscious Creator

Pivot with your awareness and the space you have created in your body now, with a new positive counter-thought and a loving counter-feeling.

Ask What would I rather feel instead of this fear and uneasiness?

Begin embracing feelings of comfort, support and love. Connect with a desired vision or an old memory of empowering feeling.

“I feel comfortable. I am loved and supported being rich and famous”

Awaken and Transform

Be aware, explore and master your thoughts and start creating conscious positive thoughts and emotional transformations.

The guidance here is not for medical purposes.

For deeper energetic work on root beliefs, releasing trauma, fear and stress, connect here or email me here or on Aliveme social media platforms.

Dr. Bagga offers online Theta Healing Reiki Tapping and Transformational Coaching

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Dr. Inderpreet Bagga, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

In the mindful words of Dr Bagga “Transformation starts with ABC-Awareness brings change” As a doctor (GP) Dr Bagga is well aware of how stress and anxiety can affect mental and physical wellbeing. Her innate spiritual gifts allowed her to create her own holistic wellness by aligning and empowering her mind-body-soul connection. Dr Bagga's signature ALIVEME guided meditations and transformation bundles offer a unique combination of Energy Medicine & Coaching that help clear the stuck neural programmes and beliefs and raise self-awareness, wellness and abundance.



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