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Top 5 Tips For Female Entrepreneurs From Women Industry Leaders

Written by: Amanda Rose, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Amanda Rose’s Tip: It's a marathon, not a race.

I frequently see new entrepreneurs get into the cycle of getting revved up about a new idea and putting 1000% effort into bringing that idea to life. They drop everything, work insanely long hours, and go full-out in every way possible. The issue is that the fast tempo is unsustainable, and most aspects of business take time to come to fruition.

The significant accomplishments in life take time. If they were easy or fast to achieve, then everyone would go after them and have them already. We live at a time of expectant instant gratification, with technology placing everything at our fingertips. When it comes to your big goals, whether it is building a 6-figure+ business, losing 100LBS, writing a book, crafting a course, product development, or any other big goal, the end goals are not instantaneous.

The key is to pace yourself. If your goal is to write a book, commit to writing for 30-minutes a day every day until it has been done. If your goal is to build a 6-figure business based on your industry, distill the daily income-producing action steps you will need to take into bite-sized activities you can do every day. Instead of treating your goal like a race, treat it like a marathon with no finish line.

The truth is, those milestones you are aiming for, the success of attaining them is fleeting. The moment comes and goes so fast, and then you are onto the next goal already. Take the time to celebrate and savor every win. On top of that, find gratitude for where you are now. When you feel good about your life as it is now, you can relax, pace yourself, and enjoy the journey.

Amanda Rose is the founder & director of The Infinite Power of You Inc., a multi-published multi-genre author, business, wealth, & mindset coach, actor, motivational speaker, co-host of the No B.S. Biz Show, and online course creator. She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who has been in the online space since 2013 and a sales expert for over 10 years.

Her passion is to help her clients build lives of freedom and joy and thriving businesses through mindset mastery. Connect with Amanda at

Nicole Livingston’s Tip: Organize your space.

Take the time at the very end of the day to organize and tidy up your workspace. This will ensure you are set up for the next day’s success. If everything is scattered and laying out in view, it can be quite a mess! This mess can immediately trigger anxiety, frustration, and all sorts of unproductive emotions the following day. I suggest creating an end-of-day task list.

For example, before I leave the office for the day I:

1. Put all the pens in the drawer or cup.

2. Throw away any post-it notes that are no longer needed.

3. Wipe off the desk and the mouse, so they are clean and fresh.

4. Create a priority list for the next day.

I then organize the papers into four categories:

1. File-not needed anymore,

2. Not Urgent - needs to be looked at again or completed by a later date past this week,

3. Not as Urgent - must be done within the week and,

4. Urgent - must be done deadline is tomorrow.

Coming into a clean and organized workspace the following day can be crucial. If there are any overnight developments or emergencies and you need to rearrange your priority list immediately, you will know exactly what can be pushed out and until when.

Nicole Livingston is an Empowerment and Mindset Coach. She is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Instructor and has her degree in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship. She is committed and passionate about helping her clients strip down their limiting beliefs, negative emotions and neutralize their negative influences. She assists her clients in finding their confidence to empower, motivate, and inspire them to recognize their true selves and live purposefully and joyfully.

Brytni Houston Thorpe’s Tip: Gratitude Guides the Way

My top tip for women in business, especially those who are just beginning their journey in entrepreneurship, is to develop and maintain an Attitude of Gratitude. It sounds simple enough, but it is a significant piece of the puzzle for true fulfillment.

When we notice and appreciate what life has already provided for us, it becomes a habit to do so, and this expands our ability to hold more gratitude more often. Seeing the bright side of challenging circumstances and recognizing “failures” as education for the next attempt will feed your Attitude of Gratitude, leaving less room for the complaints, criticisms, and sense of lack that often comes with lofty goals.

Your future self will not enjoy the success you’ve earned without having any practice at being grateful for what you’ve always had. So, give yourself the gift of Gratitude and create the habit now; write a list of what makes you happy first thing every morning, or express thanks out loud every evening before going to bed.

Pausing to notice how incredible something makes you feel or reflecting on a less than ideal situation to find its silver lining will rewire your brain over time to be more aware of the abundance and good fortune in your life. On a quantum level, as the frequency of every cell in your body rises to higher vibrations, you will be more aligned to sync up with other “high vibe” gifts. Being grateful gives us more to be thankful for and affects how we show up for ourselves and others. Attitude makes the difference!

Brytni Houston Thorpe lives with her husband and two daughters in Colorado, where she is an advocate for social justice and sexual liberation through education. In her virtual empowerment programs, she helps women identify the subconscious foundations that inhibit their intimate relationships with themselves and others. To rewrite your Mind Script, fully embody your deepest desires, and make confident worthiness in your natural state of being, visit today.

Alea Marie Quiles’ Tip: Know what your audience needs to hear.

Content creation happens to be one of the 1 things entrepreneurs struggle with. “What do I even write?” is a question that has plagued us all but not anymore!

Come with me as I show you two amazingly simple, accessible, and highly informative websites that can (and will) give you content creation ideas for decades.

1. Answer the Public. This is a website where you can type in ANY topic, and it will filter out ALL the questions people are asking.

2. Quora. Another website that features a forum-style approach to all the questions people have per a specific topic.

Search for topics in your niche, and bam! Questions you can answer for DAYS on social media! This also gives you plenty of opportunities to be of service to your community, build your authority, make connections, and create your brand awareness.

Content creation has never been easier!

Alea Quiles is a speaker, writer, and influencer. She is a certified Spiritual Coach, Life Coach, Therapeutic Art Life Coach, Reiki Healer, Meditation Teacher, and Breath Coach, copywriter, course creator, and host of Alchemy with Alea Podcast. She combines her unconventional upbringing with the knowledge of her training to bring you clarity, magic, and activation. Alea is also a mom to two beautiful and feral boys, married to her soulmate, and lives in The City of Destiny in Washington State.

Nicole Denner’s Tip: Use Mint.

As women entrepreneurs, we often struggle with fatigue and even lead ourselves to burnout if we do not rest and keep a work/life balance. We sometimes get exhausted, and it can take a lot from us to keep rejuvenated, revitalized, and have our minds & bodies stimulated and awake! My best advice to keep our mind, body, and senses energized, stimulated, and rejuvenated is mint! Yes, mint products!

Ways to incorporate peppermint or mint scents are either using the oil in a diffuser and or with a candle scent. The constant smell of mint in the air helps keep you awake and energized with stimulating your brain to keep focused. Drinking mint tea or a tea that contains mint such as green tea (which also has natural and pure caffeine in – healthier than coffee).

Side note: peppermint also helps with headaches and body pains.

Give mint a go, you beautiful, strong & independent women! I use it most days!

Nicole Denner is a Spiritual Life & Wellness Coach, mentor, and High Priestess. She combines both "normal" and "spiritual" Life & Wellness coaching. Nicole has many specialties such as Dream Interpretations, herbology, crystal uses, different types of divination, and magic in general. Learning self-care techniques, strategies, and tools one can use; Relationships; family coach, and Nutrition. Coping with many things and overcoming them include eating disorders, mental illnesses, physical illnesses, substance abuse, stress and anger management, trauma, grief, sexual assault. Everything mentioned above is things she has personally dealt with and overcome.

For more information, visit my website and follow me on Facebook and Instagram!


Amanda Rose, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Amanda Rose is the founder & director of The Infinite Power of You Inc. It is a multi-published multi-genre author, business, wealth, & mindset coach, actor, motivational speaker, and online course creator. She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who has been in the online space since 2013 and a sales expert for over 10 years. It's her passion to help her clients build lives of freedom and joy and thriving businesses with multiple revenue sources through strategies combined with mindset mastery — Amanda's mission to shift human consciousness to create soulful abundance through mindset practices.



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