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Three Steps To Living Your Truths

Michelle Sherbun came to her career first as a vocalist and an actor. And while she no longer performs, the listening and improv skills she honed on stage became the foundation for the leadership coaching she does today.

Executive Contributor Michelle M Sherbun

We humans are complex creatures. We have biases, uncertainties, passions, fears, and wants. Like many others, I’ve often discussed leadership from the perspective of the qualities of leaders, what to do, and how to lead authentically. However, these approaches don’t necessarily speak to the profound truths of the person. 

Young boy in business attire and glasses sits at an office desk with a homemade lie detector machine

Today, I’d like to take a step back to explore the very essence of who we are as leaders. If you’re prepared to do a little soul-searching, I hope this will open a new way of understanding yourself, guiding you and your work, and leading you to radical trust in yourself and others.


Our truths live in our values and even our biases. While our search for naming and understanding our truth can get bumpy and uncomfortable, courage and curiosity will sustain us. Our courage honors our relationship with life and defines the roles we serve as leaders. Our curiosity is our superpower. It is our gateway to understanding differences, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving. Relentless curiosity shifts a fear-based mindset, stimulates learning, and anchors our unique purpose. The results? We intentionally develop truth muscles that keep us honest and turned toward what is right. 


I propose what is right as a leader is bringing out the best in ourselves and others for the common good.


Here are my questions to you. What are your truths? And how do those truths echo in your role as a leader? How do your truths turn you toward what is right?


3 steps to living your truths


1. Clarify your unwavering values


  • Values are our personal, enduring beliefs that drive action. As we see in our world today, some leader values are good, some negative and mean-spirited, some plain-out evil. For this article, we will assume values that work toward the greater good.

  • While our values are our guiding light, we create internal conflict when we ignore or work against them. This internal conflict can often be reflected outwardly, interfering with relationships and feeding confusion and anxiety. A values-informed mindset, however, works from a place of joy and conviction. 

  • How do you act on your values when you’re leading a team? How do you encourage, respect, and develop the values of team members?

  • If you would like a Values Work Sheet to get you started, please email me at for a copy of a tool I use with my clients.


2. Explore and boldly go where you’ve never gone before

  • Nurture your curiosity. What makes you come alive? What inspires you?

  • Identify and understand the origins of your biases. Find new experiences that offer different perspectives and inspire you in new ways.

  • Take moments throughout the day to gauge whether your heart and head are connected. Or are they competing with each other? Is there a rhythm that compels you forward or forces you to rest? It’s your song. Honor it.


3. Commit to honoring who you are

  • Think of yourself as a unique fingerprint. If you have taken a deep dive into your soul, you know who you are. You see the twists and turns of your heart, your distinctive stamp on life. How might you honestly define yourself?

  • A biased suggestion from me: Connect with nature. Make time for walks and take in all that is around you. Empty your mind. Distract yourself. Oh, the peace you will find and the wonders openness may gift you.


“You’ll never know who you are unless you shed who you pretend to be.” ― Vironika Tugaleva, author, poet, and activist


Have an Ah-Ha moment you want to share with others? Words of wisdom you’ve learned on your journey? Send a comment or reach out to me for a conversation here.

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Michelle M Sherbun, Executive Leadership Coach

Michelle Sherbun came to her career first as a vocalist and an actor. And while she no longer performs, the listening and improv skills she honed on stage became the foundation for the leadership coaching she does today. Whether partnering with an individual leader or working with a nonprofit or business team, she taps and nurtures their courage, curiosity, and creativity to create the possible. Her favorite question: WHY?



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