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Those False Beliefs About Bodies And Aging – Discovering What We Are Actually Capable Of

Written by: Royce Morales, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Royce Morales

For the first few years of my adult life, I believed my fate was predetermined by a random combination of genes donated from my parents, along with those contributed by distant branch members on my family tree. Afterall, I had taken good notes in high school physiology and considered there was no other choice. Learn to live with it, I recited.

Beautiful woman applying moisturizer on her skin.

In the early days of my spiritual journey, I had several spontaneous experiences that altered those unquestioned scientific ‘facts.’ Beyond shaking my somewhat cynical attitude toward anything ‘unproven,’ I couldn’t deny what happened. My chronic stomach issue vanished after a past life memory exposed where it had, in fact, begun. A persistent splitting headache from a concussion disappeared when a healer held her energetic hands over my skeptical head. A sore throat went away just by recognizing and disregarding a false belief that was reciting loudly in my mind.

Those undeniable events forced me – admittedly through some last gasps of kicking and screaming -- to finally accept that thoughts have the power to create and uncreate physical issues. Now, as a seasoned teacher of transformational metaphysics, I get to observe my students having their own undeniable, life-changing occurrences.  

Those extraordinary and unexpected healings convinced me that bodies are not fixed entities with a coded, unalterable destiny. We are energetic, fluctuating forms, changing in relation to what our conscious or subconscious programmed thoughts dictate. And, we are able to change our bodies, even down to a cellular level. 

Accepting this notion is a paradigm shift, empowering yet equally scary to think we have that much agency over our bodies. Much easier to hand over personal power to a doctor, a pill or a surgeon’s scalpel.  

Science catches up with false beliefs

It never ceases to amaze that eventually science catches up with even the most radical spiritual concepts. Lately, research is showing that the human organism is a variable process with genetic determinism going by the wayside. Scientists admit that bodies change in relation to the foods we eat, our stress level, our behavior, the relationships we have, environmental toxins, and finally, yes, even our thoughts.

As one who’s been focusing on and experimenting with the power of thoughts for over four decades, I would add that even more is determined by our subconscious thoughts. It’s those hidden notions we believe to be true that determine so much about us. These suppressed thoughts control our behavior, our stress level and trigger us relentlessly. They are why we perceive ourselves, others and life in the way we do. And, they are why our bodies manifest various issues, big or small. The expression “..thoughts become things” is applicable to our physical condition, what we manifest in our body.

Digging up, discovering and releasing the specific origins of those false programmed beliefs frequently results in seemingly miraculous physical healings. Years ago, I was frantically called in to work with one of my students the day before she was scheduled for an appendectomy. Once she located the source of why she had manifested this physical problem, it vanished, to the absolute shock of her doctor. 

Yes, even aging


Is this also true about aging? Aging packs the biggest wallop in our stored programming of both conscious and subconscious beliefs. Although it can be challenging to disregard what we’ve been taught by those who don’t question so-called scientific truths, it is even possible to revise notions we’ve bought into about aging.

Beliefs about age are instilled the minute we arrive in bodies. Parents, teachers, friends, doctors and the media all have things to say about it. You’ll understand when you’re older; you feel that way because you’re only sixteen; you just wait until you get to this age; aging is not for sissies; that’s what happens when you hit _____ (fill in the blank) age. 

We watched as our grandparents became elderly, our parents following in their footsteps, often manifesting the same issues. Fearfully, we anticipate being the next in line, but never question the pattern or feel we have any control over it. It’s genetic, we sigh, and wait for our turn to fall apart.

The massive amount of ageism going on in society permeates everything. Age is one of the few remaining topics still acceptable for comedians and social media to make shameless ‘over-the-hill’ jokes about. Classically, they are making fun of their deepest personal fears, leaving audiences feeling like helpless victims of the ravages of time. 

We start noticing wrinkles on faces, both our own and others. We express shock at how ‘poorly someone has aged.’ The amount of “age-defying” products advertised could fill a football stadium, all guaranteed to bring back that youthful glow with millions getting sucked in. 

A person’s age is the first thing asked when someone dies, always the lead-in sentence when the news reports a death. We feel awful when they “died young” and less horrible if they “lived a long life.” 

Then there’s Betty White. She was inspiring on many levels, never letting preconceived notions about age limit her. She broke through Hollywood’s glass ceiling and did so without making a fuss or having repetitive facelifts. She wore her age proudly and with dignity.  

But how many of us are able to do that? How many start counting off the years we supposedly have left and begin scanning those life expectancy charts?

Aging, spiritually speaking

A few years ago, when one of my students asked how old I was, her jaw dropped in shock at the number I provided. With a self-deprecating attempt at humor, these words came out on impulse: It must be this higher consciousness life I lead! 

Since then, as more candles were added to my cake, I’ve been on a tireless journey of looking at aging through a spiritual lens. I’ve been applying the same inner work -- digging for subconscious beliefs – to the issue of aging. It’s amazing what I’ve gotten in touch with.

By blindly believing those false beliefs, the more we helplessly “go downhill” with each earthly year. We manifest losing our health, our hair, our senses, our minds. Recognizing and releasing that list of programmed beliefs (from this as well as what we’ve carried with us from previous lives), has the power to determine how gracefully we age.  

A few years ago, I worked with a twenty-nine-year-old man who was entirely convinced that he was fated to not live past the age of thirty. After discovering the source in a past life as to why he believed that, he is now well into his sixties.

Since we are ageless spirits, choosing to be in a physical form to learn lessons, clean things up from the past and remember who we really are, age is basically an imaginary construct. It gives an excuse for a yearly celebration and helps keep track of time in our organized, left-brain world. It would be nearly impossible to imagine not having that idea. However, we don’t need to give it power.

Keep in mind that our spirit has no attachment to the body it has chosen to inhabit, and therefore no fear of getting old or dying. Once we experientially connect to our spirit, live from that truth, we never doubt again.   

Simultaneously, know that we have the power to shift our physical condition by discovering and releasing those false, subconscious beliefs. A good way to start is by waving away some of those conscious ones. The simple act of thinking positively helps as well, but don’t use that to suppress your emotions and fears. 

Challenge: Come up with substitute words for old and elderly. There are none that I was able to locate.  

Then, choose to believe the idiom that age is just a number.

Remember to, that on a spiritual level, we are immortal and able to do anything. However, healing and being ageless might not be what we are “supposed” to do. We chose our parents, genes and all, to be part of accomplishing our personal life mission, what we are here to learn and what we are here to teach. The body we chose, warts and all, is the perfect container to accomplish these goals.  

But then again, it just might be that you are here to achieve getting past that limiting state of mind. And it sure doesn’t hurt to try!

Ready to break through false, fear-based programming so you can fully experience miraculous aliveness? Reach out. I would love to be part of your healing journey. Classes start frequently!

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Royce Morales Brainz Magazine

Royce Morales, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Royce Morales is a renowned trailblazer, creator of an innovative, spiritually based approach to inner transformation. Her program, Perfect Life Awakening, emerged from a lifetime of frustration searching for inner work that worked. She discovered that revealing specific subconscious origins of self-sabotage, removing its persistent influence, life can shift.

She developed a clearing technique that releases programmed, false beliefs from this as well as previous lives. Negative patterns and hidden fears resolve so paralyzing issues lose their impact. This exclusive, time-tested work takes students from triggered to empowered, uncovering their authentic, purpose-driven life.

PLA also provides applicable tools to navigate daily life – ways to rapidly shift from anger to calm, fear to acceptance, judgement to connection. The work emphasizes awareness of, trusting and following one’s innate intuitive wisdom, then taking bold, inspired, real-world action.

The Perfect Life Awakening courses take place remotely and are presented in small groups to provide individual attention. Royce offers private inner discovery sessions to facilitate deeper work, utilizing her proprietary spiritual clearing technique called Spiritual Cognition Integration.

Royce is the author of three books about her teachings: Want – True Love, Past Lives and Other Complications; Know: A Spiritual Wake-up Call and Back: Rebirth After Stroke, all available on Amazon.

Go to Royce’s YouTube channel where she shares enlightening information about her teachings. She posts weekly blogs and writes articles for several other publications.



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