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The Most Important Step to Success in Life, Business and Health

Written by: Linda Terjesen, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise


Over fourteen years ago, I lost my only brother, Frank, at age 45, to a sudden heart attack. Frank and I were good friends. We were close, although we hadn’t lived close by for many years. When I think of Frank, I think kindness. He had a kind heart, and he was generous with his time and efforts.

Linda Terjesen
Linda Terjesen

Unfortunately, heart disease runs in my family, as it does in many families, and Frank had suffered from heart disease for many years. He went to the doctor on a regular basis, used medications, and took the doctor’s advice seriously. However, Frank didn’t always eat the healthiest or exercise consistently.

On May 28, 2006 I got the worst call ever, a return call from the Police in Orange County, New York, where Frank lived, telling me that they had gone to my brother’s house, per my request, and found my brother dead in his bed. Then I had to look my mother in the eye and tell her that her only son, her firstborn, had passed away. My exact words were, “He’s gone.”

I remember it all as if it had just happened, and I miss my brother every day in every way. Frank passed away from a sudden heart attack. From Frank’s autopsy, we found out that it was his second heart attack, and he never even knew he had a first one.

You may wonder why I’m sharing this story...

I’m sharing this story because my brother is my WHY.

Frank is my WHY. Why I want to help others improve their health. Why I got my Certificate of Nutrition. Why I started my business. Why I continue to push myself personally, mentally, emotionally, and physically, even when I don’t feel like it. Why I educate others on nutrition. Why I provide exercise strategies to my clients, my elderly Mom, my boyfriend, and myself. Why I coach my clients. Why I keep working hard even when I’m tired. Why I never let failures keep me down. Why I want to help the world become a healthier place. Why I tell my clients that “it’s all in the head” and that they have to keep after it. Why it’s important to stay consistent and to put in the effort.

Why you should keep fighting no matter what because you are important, and there’s only one you. Identify and embrace your why. Your why is what’ll keep you going through the tough times, when you don’t feel like exercising, when you don’t feel like working, when you don’t feel like eating healthy, and when you feel like giving up. Your why gives you strength.

The stronger your WHY the further you’ll get in life, business, and health.

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Linda Terjesen, Executive Contributor BRAINZ Magazine.

Linda Terjesen is an International sought-after Certified Nutritionist, Health & Fitness Expert, dedicated to helping middle-aged women worldwide build consistency, lose belly fat and boost metabolism to feel and look confident for life with a sustainable, real food approach.

After Linda lost her only brother at age 45 to a sudden heart attack, Linda decided to follow her passion for health and fitness and help others live their healthiest life. As a relatable Coach who truly cares about her clients and their success, Linda has served over 100 Clients worldwide, providing a wealth of accountability, support, and education.



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