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The Law Of Decision Making – 4th Laws Of Branding (Part 4 of 7)

Written by: Richa Chandra, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


This is one of my favorite laws of Branding. For me, everything that can make my decision-making process shorter or easier is a good brand. Everything is moving fast in our society even in the new normal that we are experiencing these days. Many of us have had the time to think about the decisions we make and our priorities. We are appreciating the time with the families more and want to complete our work, shopping, change, and transformations quickly.

This is where this law comes in: The 4th law of the 7th laws of Branding:

  • The law of Contraction

  • The Law of publicity

  • The law of Advertising

  • The law of Decision making

  • The Law of Credentials

  • Law of Consistency and Singularity

  • Law of Meaning and Mortality

In the last article, I covered the 3 rd law. Let’s look closer at my favorite of the 7 laws.

The Law of Decision making

Most of the products or services that are invented and created to make our lives easier. These days there are thousands of choices, and we find ourselves spending more time to make a decision on which one of the identical products is better for us, or the price or the company to buy it from.

The whole point of this law is the make the decision-making process easier for the customer so they can spend more time doing what they like than to wonder if they could have gotten a better deal somewhere else.

The reason people look for options is because they either had a bad experience with the brand, product, or service. Or worst of all, they are confused about your brand, product/ service and cannot understand what kind of amazing experience they can have if they choose your brand.

A few years ago, I had to buy a fridge due to some accident in the house. After a long day with meetings and clients, I had to go shopping. I was dreading it because I don’t fancy shopping. I did not have time to think about what kind of fridge I wanted or what my options were. I came to the store and saw Electrolux fridge and Samsung. I felt so relived because the decision was made before the seller had shown me other brands. Why? Because I have experience with Electrolux and Samsung and have never been disappointed. I knew right away that I don’t have to look for a new fridge for the next 15 years. It is the trust, experience, and the quality I am paying for.

The age of the brand is no guarantee a good experience or loyal customers. Just recently I was contacted by an Indian Company based in UK. They were looking for someone who could update their managers on Branding mindset. When asked how they got to know about me, they said they had joined one of my free webinars and learnt a lot in just 50 mins, more than they had from the previous company they had engaged. I meet their needs and even though my price was much higher they were willing to pay since they really liked the way I taught and was clear on what needed to be done. I had made it easier for them to choose me because they knew exactly what they were getting, and they had already had a good experience.

In conclusion:

You can have a known brand, cheap or luxurious but people will always choose the brand that makes it easy to make decisions; being choosing a service provided online or buying a fridge in a store. By following and applying this law you can make people’s life easier and make sure they can spend time doing what they love and not waste energy on being confused or regret spending their precious time on something less valuable to them.

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Richa Chandra, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

'Fears don’t define us, but how we face them, does that!' This is the mantra of Award winner (Most aspirational businesswomen, Norway 2019) Richa Chandra lives by. She is actually the driving force and face behind the success and visibility of many coaches, entrepreneurs, and workshops. In 2015, Richa faced a hostile takeover of her company and lost everything, but in just a few months, without any hesitation, she started 3 new businesses.

She has written 3 books that have become the main Norwegian textbooks in teaching Indian Dance and Proven benefits of Meditation (2019).



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