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The Chaos Of The Mind

Written by: Anne Ward, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


What do we do when the chaos we feel is in the mind? We look at the outside and feel it is around us but what if it is in us? What happens to our bodies when our lives feel cluttered and messy? What happens to our emotional and mental state of being?

When life is busy, we often forget to take time to stop and breathe and take a moment to just be. We have many reasons why we can’t when in fact we just won’t. We can’t find the time to do it, which is saying we won’t prioritize the event in a way to make the time happen. We find ourselves scrambling for thoughts when thoughts are exactly what is overwhelming us in time. Why do we do this to ourselves?

I feel in today’s day and age to be busy is to feel important. Our purpose in life is valued at how many things we have accomplished even when the most we can do is minimize what our life is. As parents we have our kids in so many activities, scheduling their days full of running around and lessons that we forget to embrace the childlike manner of imagination and play. Then as Adults, we do the same with our own time forgetting to embrace our creativity and genuine childlike play that keeps us young and vibrant. We stress over what is not done instead of recognizing what we accomplished.

I know when I start to focus too much on structure and not allow myself to live in the moment and just be, my vibration lowers and my head spins. I can feel the energy of negativity taking over my entire being. When I attract these senses to my being, I will notice my days become clustered with overwhelming and not many accomplishments. This is when I know I need to verbalize to myself my needs, wants, and expectations. I also need to get out into nature and just breathe.

Our thoughts create the reality of our souls. When we put forth the idea of chaos, we create the reality of chaos. Our bodies are then on constant overdrive not allowing the time to rest and recover from the day, therefore, creating an environment to breed illness. When we wake up feeling rested and refreshed, we start our day off already accomplished. Now we can manage life in a calm and peaceful energetic flow. This flow extends further than our natural body and surrounds those engaging with us creating calm in their energetic field. Our bodies will feel the flow and gentle sway of life that envelops peace in every aspect.

Imagine a tree dancing in the wind, swaying joyfully back and forth as the breeze sings gently through its leaves. The tree will go with the flow of the wind and not try to fight against it. By doing this the tree becomes stronger and healthier maintaining its ground and firmly being present in the moment. Now imagine that same tree in a mudslide, resisting the flow of mud and trying to maintain its ground in a force pushing against the earth. This tree will lose its balance and fall down the hill alongside the mud. Our thoughts can be either the gentle breeze or the mudslide of life. We will either send out thoughts that create health and strength or ones that disrupt our balance. We must choose wisely what we put forth into the universe as the slide does not stop easily, however the breeze can stop in an instant.

When we sing among the flow of life and smile through the tribulations not only are we creating a firm ground for our feet to stand, but we are also creating a firm foundation for generations to come. In teaching our youth to live in each moment without expectation of results we are creating a path for them to grow. They can grow mentally, physically, and spiritually without suppression of thought that inhibits learning. Teach our children to see each day with fresh eyes as if they have never experienced life before. In this, they can see the answers to situations that thought has clustered into a feeling or trigger of the past.

I would like to invite all to sit for a moment and go back into your thoughts, when was the last time you giggled without the little voice of task whispering in your ear? When was the last time you embraced your imagination without fear of ridicule? I would like to now invite you to commit to allowing yourselves this freedom of being. When walking down the sidewalk skip, don’t step on cracks, count your steps in every square on the block. Play a little and bring out the child within, how does he/she feel? Try and let this child come out to play every day, even if just for a moment. See how your life will improve as the joyous feelings of imagination extend to your every breath. Stop, Breath, and envision living.

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Anne Ward, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

​Anne Ward is dedicated to teaching individuals lifelong skills to better themselves. Anne has a proven record of helping her clients to live a more positive and balanced life through the use of specific tools that can be applied to any situation they may face. Anne’s goal is to help people be the best they can be with the resources and power they host within themselves. Anne will offer an intuitive ear and gentle guidance to clients as they work through areas of their life that they want to improve. Anne is a fantastic professional.



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