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The 7 Laws of Branding (part 1 of 7)

Written by: Richa Chandra, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


There are 7 laws of branding that you should follow when you are building your personal and business brand. It can take years if not decades to build a brand that people love and are loyal to, because it takes time to build trust. Social media has made it easier, but the trendy brands do not always last longest. I follow all the laws and I teach my clients to follow the 7 laws of branding, for a steady and fast growth;

The law of Contraction

The Law of publicity

The law of Advertising

The law of Decision making

The Law of Credentials

Law of Consistency and Singularity

Law of Meaning and Mortality

1. The Law of Contraction

You might have heard about this law, and it means that “A brand becomes stronger when you narrow its focus.”

The clue is clarity. If you are clear about what principles and values, you stand for and want your brand to express, you will have followers/customers that will understand your brand immediately.

A common mistake people often make is they try to want their brand to express everything. If it is a personal brand, people want their brand to stand for all their values and principles. Humans are complicated and often have contradictory values depending on the situation and circumstances. It is too much to ask to have one Name, Logo, or a tag line to express a complete person.

When building a personal brand, it is important to choose values or principles that are aligned with the industry you wish to be known in. For instant, I am a professional Indian Classical dancer and have created by name in the industry in Norway, but do not mix it with my personal brand as a business coach. I might use the various techniques, music and some movements in my business coaching and I use business coaching to help my dancers/ students to brand themselves. But I am very clear which personal brand “avatar” I am working under. I use the word “Avatar” so it is easier to create a clear image of which part of yourself you want to put forward and brand. In my case, I have 3 “Avatars”; an Indian dancer, a Business Coach and a Meditation coach. When I had a clear understanding of my avatars, it was easy to express myself and my values so people could understand.

You want to be true, authentic, and honest, which people can relate to, and that is why they want to connect with you. When you are clear about which avatar you are expressing, your message becomes focused and clear.

Another common mistake people make when they are working on their business brand is that they front the product or service instead of building a brand that stands for the whole business, and then brand the products/ services separately. Unless you are a big company, your brand should be self-explanatory. The name or tagline should be expressing what the problem is that company solving or what services are they providing. Otherwise, people will not use any energy trying to figure out what it stands for, selling or do. People do not have time and they are always bombarded with noise all day long. They do not have the capacity to think beyond their needs and wants. If your company brand can solve their problem, you have their attention. The more attention they give your brand, the more time they spend getting to know your brand, the more likely it is that they will buy from your company.

In conclusion; be very clear about what your personal or business brand stands for. Choose which values and principles you want your brand to express and get clarity. With clarity, you have a clear message, which in return gets more attention and people get to know the brand. And we all know that expression: What is known best, sells best.

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Richa Chandra, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

‘Fears don’t define us; but how we face them, does that!’ This is the mantra of Award winner ( Most aspirational businesswomen, Norway 2019) Richa Chandra lives by. She is actually the driving force and face behind the success and visibility of many coaches, entrepreneurs and workshops. In 2015, Richa faced a hostile takeover of her company and lost everything, but just a few months, without any hesitation she started 3 new businesses.

She has written 3 books that have become the main Norwegian textbooks in teaching Indian Dance, and Proven benefits of Meditation, (2019).



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