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The 10 Step Process to Achieve Everything You Want

Written by: Tamra Andress, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Have you ever zoomed back on the pathway to achievement? Analyzing how one person reached a perceived place of success in the same area as the seemingly identically qualified candidate.

Tamra Andress, Photo:
Tamra Andress, Photo:

Of course, like any journey of explanation and comprehension, the pathways are many.

We could go the personality route. Where are my fellow enneagram 3’s? We could discover the depths of manifestation and the intricacies of mindset for those who see it and then achieve it.

We could unpack someone’s prayer life to find out where they have leaned into God most and how He has responded in that person’s life. We could go deeper into the root system of the “achievers” life to unveil their motivating factors and generational influences. And of course, one of my personal favorites; deconstructing their habits (An amazing read by Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People).

The list goes on…and their unique understandings all surely have gold nuggets worth saving and applying. However, they still don’t allow for a full digestion of the next steps for the “me” reading and wanting answers for their personal journey to success. The question still remains, “How am I going to get there?” There is that place of satisfactory success, receiving the “I’ve made it” medallion.

I like to tread water lightly here with my clients because there is a huge hindrance to limiting belief that can bubble to the surface and cause analysis paralysis. Hovering over those specific types of investigative experiences of others can cultivate a large burden of comparison.

And I’m an avid believer that our most prized possession is our unique identity within the pursuit. So please, heir on the safe side when practicing a taught concept that “worked” for someone else and also understanding what makes someone successful or not. Because ultimately, everyone’s metric of success is vastly different.

So here we are. We understand the make-up, the mindset and the daily routine that we need to implement to make it happen, but what do we do next?

As entrepreneurs, often, vision isn’t the issue. Often the big dream keeps us motivated enough to move the needle each day. But at some point, in the journey there is a holding point, that persists in keeping us at a glass ceiling. What if figuratively, the door opened to the roof of that celling, a little wise man opened the door that you fervently knocked on and said, “you missed a step” and then closed the door back in your face.

I think THAT is the where, how and what we need to study. If you reverse engineer, every methodology of “achievement” there behind the identity of the person doing the achieving is a 10-step process.

I know what you’re thinking. There’s no way? That would mean that anyone person could follow the same 10 steps to get to the place of the one with the millionaire mindset and proof in the bank account. The simple answer is, YES. The complicated answer, for the one who is about to stop reading because their mind is already trying to come up with a reason why this can’t possibly be true, and they’ve “done it all” and it’s still not working. Bear with me here. You won’t regret it.

Let’s dive deeper.

I’m going to flip the script on the topic here for a second to help create an “aha” moment. Let’s think of it differently based on a series of examples that assuredly can be achieved with a 10-step process.

  • Losing weight

  • Buying a car

  • Building a house

  • Having a baby

  • Running a marathon

  • Becoming a doctor

  • Writing a book

  • Opening a dental practice

  • Creating a marketing plan

Can you agree with me here? Or are you now negating the concept because your beautifully gifted mind is saying “but there are too many variables, too many alternative options, too many paths for this to be concretely true”. Regardless of that truth, it would still boil down to 10-steps.

How we approach those 10-steps will likely always be different. That’s where the thumbprint factor comes into play. Remember, you are uniquely you with purpose. You can do all of these things on your own accord in your own process, but if you skip to step 5, surpassing 3 and 4, at some point, you’ll have to circle back to get it done.

This is the unlocking point.

No matter what you are currently working on in your life, the 10-steps are yours and critical for achievement. They can and likely will be done in your own order based on the season of life or your personal weighted scale of importance or priority, but ALL 10 steps are needed to.

Are you ready for the keys to everything you’ve ever wanted in life?

1. Understand the dream – unpack the vision – Visualize it and BELIEVE it

2. Explore the opportunities – Know the alternatives

3. Devise the action plan – set SMART goals, but start SMALL. (Google started from the garage)

4. Hone-in and develop the skills needed to accomplish the outcome while nourishing your strengths. Be a habitual learner, everything is always changing.

5. Find a mentor, someone to guide you, emulate and help you un-learn what you’ve learned to work against you.

6. Mind, body and soul alignment – If you work from a state of depletion or exhaustion, you won’t make it past 7. Always work in overflow.

7. Build Community around it: accountability, team members, others on the ride with you.

8. Consistency, commitment, consistency = compounding snowball effect

9. Fail Forward. Build horizontally, focus vertically.

10. Review, Evaluate, Reset, Restart

Ok. That’s it. It’s yours for the taking and yours for the making!

Ready, Set, GOAL!

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Tamra Andress, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Tamra is an entrepreneurial passionista with a heart for illuminating purpose and light within women as their go-to business bestie. She helps launch and grow purposed kingdom businesses alongside her coaching clients with emphasis on the alignment of their mind, body and spirit - with true belief that wealth starts on the inside. She is a certified ordained minister, podcaster, author and international retreat host. A blessed wife and mama of 2 littles. A born and raised beach babe. A lifetime fitness lover and dancer. An organic proponent, with a YOLO side sweet tooth. Living life one God wink to the next.



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