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The Key to Claiming the Millionaire Mindset

Written by: Tamra Andress, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Have you been sitting in the penny-pinching pocket for years; not even fully cognizant of your budget? Are you always feeling like life is lived one dollar to the next? Perhaps, feeling hindered by your dream’s growth based on the size of your bank account. Meanwhile, not even in the paycheck to paycheck blessing because the entrepreneurial journey is not ever promised or perfectly timed.

That place has been glamorized as the “starting point” to the grandiose adventure to what’s ahead. Everyone’s “made it” story has this commonplace of “less than” before they did the thing and achieved the goal. We love a good-hearted accelerator story. As an entrepreneur, we, in fact, thrive off of the hope that one day that will be our story.

And yet, I believe we sit stuck in the former place beneath the lie that “this is where we are supposed to start”. So we march proudly on towards the next dollar, often with no clear understanding of how we expect to achieve the “Multiple of 10” concept. What if moguls like If Rachel Hollis and Steve Harvey kept that limiting belief as their truth?

Most “made it” entrepreneurs are attributed to the Enneagram 3 persona (Rachel, Steve and Oprah included) – if they’ve made one dollar, they’ll figure out how to make $10 and likely in today’s inflated society, even $100 isn’t out of reach. However, that next step, is where I believe our problem unfolds as start-up entrepreneurs. We tend to view our direct influence based on our own bank account. Therefore, limiting our beliefs to the potential of our target market. If I can’t afford my service or product, how can I sell it to someone else with the expectation that they can afford it?

So, we stay there. In the comfort zone of only asking what we think they can afford, not what we could be or should be charging for the exchange of our gift. This is your God-given purpose. It’s the thing that you do with ease because you’re intended to impact the world in this manner. Without your unique offer, there is not one other person in the human race capable of giving, sharing, exchanging, doing, writing, coaching, etc. to others just as you would do.

Let’s unpack that further with a bit more tangible example, one that even my 5 and 6-year-old were able to nail on the head, so I’ve got faith you can get on board too. If God literally descended from the heavens and handed you a present wrapped in a majestic all-healing bow – what would you price it as? Could you even place a dollar sign on it? Would you trade it for cash? Or would you pass it off freely to someone else knowing you may never get it back? What is its value?

This is precisely what you are doing each time you serve someone in your specialized field of expertise. You’re passing someone the gift He hand-made for you.

You’re still not fully sold yet, are you?

I see you, and I hear the thoughts running ramped in your mind already…remember…I’ve been in your shoes. So yes, the gift you are passing is just collected information that you’ve picked up along the way. Therefore, you feel like it’s not yours, or perhaps the customer could find the information somewhere else. That’s not totally off base; google is, in fact, a pretty popular source. But your knowledge brokerage is uniquely yours based on your own perspectives and your own modality of sharing.

I’m a business coach for faith-based women entrepreneurs. Are there more people capable of having the exact same job description? Absolutely, but no one can deliver it exactly like me. That’s the gift.

YOU are the gift. YOU are the dollar sign. YOU are the value you exchange.

So, we circle back to our money mindset. The question is not how much should I charge or how much can they afford, instead the question is, how much am I worth? How much do you value the gift you possess?

I believe if you asked that exact question “How much am I worth” to your mom or dad or perhaps your spouse or your children or other loved ones, their answer would likely be “priceless”. And therefore, can you charge $1,000 dollars or even $10,000 for your time, your specialized craft, or your wealth of knowledge?

The answer is yes. And you should.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is a methodology to this concept and a market analysis required, comps needed, etc. But don’t let your business mind overtake your heart or the head-space in this concept. Those things are relevant and necessary, but your wallet is not how you design your millionaire mindset, your alignment with your self-worth is.

Will this break of limiting mindset fast-track you to the top or to your dream destination of “success”? Perhaps. But ultimately, I believe wealth is developed from the inside out. So even if your bank account or your price sheet doesn’t reflect the “made it” status that you’d expect to have achieved by now, if you start within, right here, right now, you’ll move the goal that much closer within reach and you’ll get there with a wealthier heart and head state. God speed.

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Tamra Andress, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Tamra is an entrepreneurial passionista with a heart for illuminating purpose and light within women as their go-to business bestie. She helps launch and grow purposed kingdom businesses alongside her coaching clients with emphasis on the alignment of their mind, body and spirit - with true belief that wealth starts on the inside. She is a certified ordained minister, podcaster, author and international retreat host. A blessed wife and mama of 2 littles. A born and raised beach babe. A lifetime fitness lover and dancer. An organic proponent, with a YOLO side sweet tooth. Living life one God wink to the next.



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