Tapping Into The Awe Mindset for Success

Written by: Rita Hurry, Executive Contributor

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So what is this, and how can it help you be more productive and successful in life? Well, let’s dive deeper! The Awe Mindset is one of the seven mindsets of Flow. Flow is a scientific evidence-based concept that enables an individual to tap into that unlimited human potential of oneness in who they are and what they are doing, whilst gaining the ability to release negative thought patterns and therefore, gain the experience of being more productive and fulfilled in life both personally and professionally. Awe Mindset triggers the initial zest for life.

All too often, many struggle to keep going, and especially during these times of uncertainty and anxiety, it can be so easy to lose the motivation and momentum in what you are doing and feel disheartened by the routine of life.

This is where adopting the Awe Mindset comes in.

When you adopt the Awe Mindset, you are looking at life as: “Looking through the eyes of a child.”, which means each experience you are going into, you adopt that fresh and new approach as if you have never seen this before, and it’s an entirely new experience.

Now, this might sound crazy, especially when you find yourself doing the same routine over and over again. Still, when you change your perspective on life and experiences, you see the outcome changes. That once mundane outlook suddenly brightens up, and the excitement comes back into play.

Children have a great ability to bring new energy to things they do each and every day. Even if they are playing with the same toys every day, don’t you notice how they look at the toy with a new excitement and continue finding new ways to play with the toy that keeps them focused for a while?

This is the same as adopting the Awe Mindset. By seeing everyday experiences as new, you are allowing your mind to expand and reach out for new possibilities, which you probably may not have noticed before. You are allowing yourself to see the wonder of possibilities and hopes and dreams that can be fulfilled when you take a fresh approach to life.

Each new day is a blessing and just being aware of the existence of your life on earth should fill you up with the energy to start each day with new energy. This energy becomes more vibrant as you begin to adopt the Awe Mindset into your daily life.

Imagine seeing each new day as a fresh start. The old has gone, and the new day is filled with the energy of new exciting experiences that you can focus on and enjoy…how does that feel?Awe Mindset provides the basic energy needed to sustain this level of flow and leaves you feeling back in control and ready for action.

Give it a go and notice how things change around you. I am sure you will find a new appreciation for life and loved ones.

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Rita Hurry, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Rita´s mission is to help individuals in the Creative Arts, Media, Music and Film Industry, believe in their dreams and never give up on making them come true. Making the impossible - I'm Possible. She began Life Coaching in 2003 and has never looked back since. She is a great believer in Personal Development and Mindfulness work, whether it is practically or spiritually. Rita is a Subject Matter Expert in Law of Attraction & Flow Coaching, Mindfulness & Meditation, Business as well as Nirvana Fitness and Energy Healing. She was was awarded Best Law Of Attraction Coach in 2015. She has coached many clients across different professions. For example, CEOs and Entrepreneurs; Casting Agents; Actors; Singers; Musicians; Authors; Artists; DJs; and so many more across the globe and nationwide, including those working in the education industry. She currently is the co-founder of RIME Entertainment and co-hosts and co-produces an online Interview Show called RIME Entertainment Showcase where she and her co-host interview people from all over the globe who have overcome hurdles in life and are now fulfilling and living their dream.



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