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Shaping The Future Of Business Through A Neuroscience Lens – An Interview With Dr Leanne Elich

From the humble beginnings of a childhood game, "Operation," emerged a profound passion for medicine that would define Dr Leanne Elich's future. At the tender age of five, Leanne found her calling, transforming her living room into a makeshift clinic, with friends and family playing the roles of patients. This early fascination with healing and understanding the human body set her on a path to making significant strides in medicine, specifically Radiation Oncology, where she dedicated herself to the noble cause of fighting cancer.


However, Leanne's journey did not stop there. Her relentless pursuit of knowledge and desire to make a broader impact led her to the intersection of neuroscience, psychology and business. Today, Leanne is an esteemed Business Psychology Strategist and Neuroscientist, the visionary founder behind Leanne Elich Consulting. Her advisory firm is a beacon of innovation, championing ethical, human-centred business strategies. At the heart of their mission is the commitment to harnessing the transformative power of neuroscience and psychology, aiming to revolutionise businesses in ways previously unimaginable.


Leanne’s academic and professional credentials are nothing short of extraordinary. With a PhD in Cognitive Neuropsychology and as an alumnus of both Harvard Business School and Harvard Medical School, she brings a unique blend of scientific insight and business acumen to the table. Her role as a certified Master Neuroplastician from the International Institute of Organisational Neuroscience and recognition as one of the Top 20 Women in Business in 2023 further attest to her pioneering work and influence in the field.


However, what truly sets Leanne apart are her dynamic energy, sharp wit, and profound insights into the human psyche and its application in technology and business. Recognised as one of Australasia's most successful Technology Business Executives, she continues to inspire and lead with her groundbreaking approaches to business strategy.


In inviting you to discover more about Dr Leanne Elich, we're not just introducing you to an acclaimed expert; we're opening the door to a revolutionary perspective on business, driven by the depths of human understanding and the cutting-edge of neuroscience. Let's embark on this journey together and explore Leanne’s visionary world.

Image photo of Dr Leanne Elich

Dr Leanne Elich, Business Psychology Strategist

Can you tell us about your business and how it makes a difference for your clients?


I would love to. I am the Founder and CEO of Leanne Elich Consulting, and we are an advisory firm working with individuals, teams and organisations to help them humanise their sales processes using the power of Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence and Psychology. When understanding buyer behaviour, most people miss the key instrument in the psychological orchestra of business. That is the human mind.


The brain operates like an orchestra, and we teach our clients to harmonise their teams and tune them to top performance. We know these techniques are overlooked and have trained countless individuals and teams in this thinking.


One of our techniques is a concept called Nudging, which involves subtly guiding people's behaviours and decisions towards a desired outcome without restricting their freedom of choice.

We design an environment that makes it easier for people to choose what they perceive as the best option for them. The way choices are presented can significantly influence the decisions people make. The outcomes we see are mind-blowing. We see our clients closing eight to nine sales out of ten.

They literally blow their competitors out of the park.


Share a bit about your journey so far. How did you end up where you are today?


Well, my journey has been nothing short of an adventure. From a young age, I was fascinated by the human body, so I knew I wanted to study medicine.


With a dream to enter the medical field, I embarked on a journey that started with a desire to become a forensic pathologist. However, as a chatterbox, I had a natural inclination to connect with people through meaningful conversations, which led me down a different path: Radiation Oncology. There, I found my true calling in supporting those battling terminal cancer. My time at prestigious institutions like the Prince of Wales Hospital and Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre was not just a career but a passion.

But the desire to make a broader impact was irrepressible. Moving beyond clinical practice, I ventured into the realms of commercial medicine and business development. Here, I dedicated myself to bringing groundbreaking technologies to the Asia Pacific region. My role was pivotal in enhancing patient prognosis and extending lives through technical sales, implementation, and training. It was a fulfilling experience, knowing that my efforts, in partnership with my clients, were making a huge difference in countless lives.

My journey didn't stop there. With an enduring interest in psychology and behavioural science, I expanded my expertise into neuroscience and behavioural economics. This rich ecosystem of knowledge became the foundation for my next endeavour: breaking free from the corporate chains to establish Leanne Elich Consulting.

With over 25 years of experience as a Global Business Executive, I founded this consultancy with a mission: to identify the latent genius in others, bring their innovative products and services to the forefront, and change the world one breakthrough at a time. It's not just business; it's a duty of care to help these visionaries achieve their goals and make their solutions accessible to those in need.

At Leanne Elich Consulting, we don’t just consult; we revolutionise. Using the principles of neuroscience and psychology, we craft business architectures that not only attract but magnetise customers to products that will genuinely benefit them. We're not just building businesses; we're building a bigger, brighter future.

Our mission changing business, one brain at a time.


Everyone has something that keeps them going. What motivates you in your work?


I feel that everyone has a unique spark that fuels their journey through life, especially when it comes to their career. For me, it is the thrill of overcoming challenges, the satisfaction of achieving goals and most importantly, the purpose of making a difference in the world. As an expert in my field, I feel an ambitious desire to innovate and create and bring joy to my clients, colleagues and peers. Knowing that what I do contributes to something bigger than yourself is a powerful catalyst for me. This not only fuels my motivation but nurtures my commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, making every moment an occasion to redefine the boundaries of possibility.

Why is psychology so important in business?


Great question! Psychology plays a pivotal role in business because it allows us to dive into the underlying motivations, attitudes and behaviours of individuals, whether it be consumers, employees, or leaders. Understanding psychology enables businesses to design products, services and marketing strategies that resonate with their target audience's emotional and cognitive triggers. Imagine using psychology to design an ad that not only grabs your attention but sticks in your memory and convinces you to buy something. That's the power of understanding human behaviour. It's like knowing the secret sauce that motivates people and using it to everyone's advantage. For instance, by applying concepts from cognitive psychology, companies can capture their consumers’ attention and persuade action, leveraging biases and heuristics to influence decision-making.

Also, let's talk about how crazy fast consumer habits are changing, especially with all the online buzz and social media influence. Psychology helps businesses keep up with these shifts, tapping into trends like how much we care about what our friends think before we buy something. And it's not just about sales; it's also about how individuals can lead better and teams can work smoother. Knowing a thing or two about emotional intelligence or how to manage conflict can make a huge difference. In essence, mixing psychology into business isn't just intriguing; it's crucial for understanding the human element to make smarter choices and thrive in today's market.


You are known for your sales psychology programs. What are some takeaways people would learn from them?


Our Sales Psychology Programs are about tapping into the subconscious minds of your customers to unlock the secrets of exponential sales growth, I know this is a mind-blowing statistic, but a staggering 90% of decision-making is subconscious, driven by deep-seated emotions and feelings. Imagine harnessing this power to ethically influence consumer behaviour and decision-making. This is precisely what we teach.

We gather a phenomenal group of business professionals to explore the psychology of sales. Together, we uncover the hidden triggers that captivate and convert your audience. This is an exclusive opportunity to master the art of persuasion and propel your sales to unprecedented heights.

Our participants learn to identify their unique sales strengths and infuse this magic to attract more customers and understand the systems we put in place to increase our clients’ win rate from 50% to 90% in just eight weeks. We apply the cutting-edge principles of behavioural science, emotion mapping and persuasive communication to emotionally guide your customers from hesitation to a resounding yes and leverage the untapped power of Pricing Psychology to enhance your product's appeal and dramatically improve conversion rates... and we have a lot of fun!


For a bit of fun, what are three things people don't know about you?


Haha…well, firstly, I ruptured my appendix at an Ice Hockey game at Madison Square Gardens in New York. Number 2, I love balloons but am petrified of them popping and lastly, I snuck a cheese sandwich into Emergency and ate it so I couldn’t be taken into theatre…they wanted to remove my gallbladder…I still have it.

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