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Self-Mastery As The Willingness To Push Oneself Past Perceived Limits

Written by: Narghiza Ergashoval, CPA, EMBA, Executive Contributor

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The continued trend for greater flexibility in an ever-fluid environment designed to support remote work while maintaining the pre-pandemic levels of efficiency places even greater focus on employee self-mastery. For those not familiar, self-mastery is the desire to improve oneself.

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Employees with this desire tend to see limits as challenges to be overcome rather than proving grounds for their own limitations. They see what they are capable of doing and achieving, and they are less likely to be "job description" driven in choosing what they are willing to take on. This willingness to push oneself past perceived limits is what sets masters apart from everyone else and allows businesses to respond to changing market conditions without employees getting "stuck" in the redundant construct of their job description. It’s what allows them to achieve outcomes that can redefine the business while adding value to their career progression. This unending quest for mastery is what ultimately drives organizational innovation and progress.

Self-mastery is also the key to greater autonomy at work. When you're in control of yourself and your portfolio, you're less likely to be derailed by changing demands placed on you by leadership or fluctuations in workload.

Companies that want to encourage employee flexibility and development should think about establishing principles that support long-term employee behaviors that lead to personal and professional growth such as continued self-mastery rather than policies mandating how many hours staff spend working and where.

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Narghiza Ergashoval, CPA, EMBA, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Experienced finance executive with significant achievements in property, mining, resources, chemicals, manufacturing, infrastructure, construction, and engineering. Demonstrated ability to manage sophisticated portfolios and drive targeted performance through business partnerships. Strong negotiator focused on achieving win-win outcomes and expertise in building effective relationships with stakeholders. Personable, articulate, and highly motivated individual with a keen focus on achieving broader business objectives



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