Prepare For Challenges - How To Boost Your Self-Confidence

Written by: Henrik Pettersson, Executive Contributor

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At the age of 20, Naomi Parker was photographed in a California factory for war material during World War II, flexing her muscles on the famous poster. "We can do it!". What is behind us and what is in front of us are small things compared to what is inside us. Is the philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson's way of looking at the same thing. If we only become aware of the power within us, we raise up several "snaps". An insight that increases our self-confidence.


It is mainly about feeling independent from external influences. A freedom that at the same time, makes us take responsibility for both our mental and physical well-being.

No one, not even your parents, is responsible for you. Yet so many people cough for excuses, and look for someone else who can help them. Close that kind of door, you yourself are your best servant.

Anxiety & worries

When you think about things that promise much more than what your efforts require, without taking action, it is because you have thought defensive thoughts such as; am I good enough? What should others think if I fail? Do I have the strength, power and time? Are the risks calculated, the traps identified, and the pitfalls? Have I really thought through everything that can go down the drain?

If you think that way, you focus too much on yourself. The ability to start, implement, finish - and start new projects is all about faith. And while we try to avoid failures and unpleasant tasks, we damage - contrary to what we believe, our self-confidence more than we protect it.

What should we do to boost our self-confidence, courage and faith in the future instead?

The answer is in the following steps:

  1. Awareness;

  2. Repetition;

  3. Take action!

First, you should become aware of the issues;

  • Who am I?

  • Why am I here?

  • Where am I going?

Who am I?

Your personal brand, how you can become clear about who you really are and can stand up for. Qualities that describe you as a person, which feels right in your heart and fill you with self-respect and pride - that you are who you are.

Why am I here?

It is mainly about the purpose and your life task. You should never forget your purpose; why you do what you do, how this moves you forward, and the significance for loved ones.

What is your long-term task in life?

Where am I going?

Contrary to most people's beliefs, it is neither your knowledge nor the ideas of those around you that will determine your results. The key, along with goal focus, is your ability to take action.

For the second, it’s about repetition. To listen and learn and become aware of what is most important right now and act according to it. Repetition reminds our subconscious of focus, and is based on routines for repeating what is most important right now. For example, that is done with the morning routine with 10 minutes of reading, the podcast on the way to work, or pre-programmed episodes on YouTube before going to bed.

The third step is about taking action.

It’s always action which separates people!

You Can Do It!”

If we do not understand that we are one hundred percent responsible for ourselves - what we do and do not, we will never find out our true potential. Solution? Embrace the idea of responsibility. Minimize the risk of capitulating to your dreams, and what feels right for you.

No other human will ever fix your life. You are the smith of your own success, with energy and discipline and the routines to carry out daily actions in the direction you have decided is the right one.

“You Can Do It!”

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Henrik Pettersson, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Since 2004, Henrik has been working as a coach, educator and motivational speaker around Europe. Life is about growth. The challenge to growth is to gain boldness to handle our fears and vulnerability. To strengthen your spine - to be able to handle your challenges towards stronger results. Life’s tough at times, and the formula for gaining more boldness, and dig deep into, is: Faith – Energy – Focus. His new book is built on the three pillars above, and is called: program yourself to success. Henrik is frequently hired by large companies like Volvo, H&M, and Avis.



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