Perception – Personality and Avoidance

Written by: Sukanya Datta, Executive Contributor

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Perception is a way an individual judges another person based on behavior or personality. There are many factors that influence this. Let us consider the perspective from both beholder and target.

When we look at a person, we look at their personality, attitude, facial expressions and energy vibes they give. This is what a first impression looks like. Sometimes a person’s work routine can also influence the outlook. But something that we see may not always be true. As it is said, “All that glitters is not gold”. When it comes to the target, they are looked at either as an individual or a collective race. Moreover, they are also judged on the basis of their background and ethics. A perception might go wrong and it might create differences at work. This usually depends on the type of situation the beholder and target are in.

Most of the time we judge or are judged through a selective process. These are selective, halo, contrast and stereotype effect. We can link the above concept to individual decision making. The ability to make firm decisions, say no to illegal notions all depend on how we perceive the situation. Certain times, not all information is available and hence we tend to take wrong decisions. Most of the time, factors such as environment, background, other problems make us take decisions. Intuitive decision is another kind. Our sixth sense helps us in judging a circumstance. This occurs if we have dealt with a similar problem or experience in life.

How does it affect daily life?

We often find ourselves in the dilemma of judgment. And it seriously inhibits us from meeting people. People who are introverts and especially INTJ type personalities find themselves in the ocean of thoughts and fear that stops them from networking with people. Sometimes, the agitation of others judging us brings us to a halt with questionable pondering.

“How should I approach them?” “What will they think about me” “How do I break free from this”

This can affect adversely. You might be missing some major events in your life because of the low feeling that goes through your heart and mind.

How to remain optimistic in every matter?

Establishing a gut feeling to overcome these inhibitions is of utmost importance. The ability to understand different views of people and be open-minded to their perspective helps in developing our own mindset. When we lend an ear to someone’s issue, we tend to correlate it with our personal lives. This helps in developing a greater bond that helps us break through our own barriers.

Developing a chart, where you could chalk out your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This is famously known as the SWOT (matrix) analysis. With this, I can 101% guarantee that you will be able to plan your present life and future. As you note down the weakness and strengths, you will soon realize how you can use your energy to overcome the shortcomings will make you see a positive approach towards every aspect of life.

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Sukanya Datta, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Sukanya Datta is an electrical engineer. Along with the tech side, she is also a certified fashion designer. Being a tech lover, she has had a penchant for creativity. Entrepreneurship is a big journey and both tech and fashion have been a boon in her life. From developing monetary strategies and embark on the body positivity mission across the world and bridging the gap between women and fashion.



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