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Past Life Regression – Holistic Health Tool

Written by: Karuna Jain, Executive Contributor

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Have you heard about Past Life Regression? Maybe you believe in reincarnation and therefore you believe in past lives or maybe you're unsure about having lived past lives. I hope this article provides insights into your understanding of past lives and how they can be used for holistic healing and increasing self-awareness.

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What is Past Life?

We are making some assumptions when we talk about past lives. One assumption is that there is something called the theory of reincarnation. We take birth over and over again till we have reached a state of perpetual bliss called Enlightenment. In each lifetime we are learning and growing and sharing our knowledge and wisdom with others. The other assumption is there is the law of Karma, you reap what you sow. Your current life is a manifestation of all that you have sown in past lives and this life.

A child comes with certain talents and gifts, behavior patterns, intelligence, personality, and more. You've seen some children are just naturally into music or math or some other abilities. This is coming from what that Soul has mastered in other lifetimes and wants to continue the process of mastering in this lifetime. A soul also comes with emotional/mental baggage, carried over from other lifetimes. Everything that you have not resolved in a lifetime is recorded in your energy field. Your energy field is carried forward from one life to another. You leave your physical body behind but carry your energy body/ past lives with you, incarnation after incarnation.

Say you're experiencing a lot of frustration and anger in this lifetime and you keep burying those emotions within you because you don't know how to resolve them. All these buried emotions will continue to be with you, lifetime after lifetime till you figure out how to resolve them. In some lifetime when you have collected a lot of anger and frustration, it will manifest in your physical body as discomfort or disease. Your body is giving you a wake-up call, giving you a message that it is overloaded. Behind every physical issue, there are mountains of emotional mental, and spiritual baggage coming from many lifetimes. The Past Life Regression technique helps you clear this baggage. It may bring awareness to your patterns, and provide insights into what you need to change in this lifetime to learn from your issues and release them. Past Life Regression is a very powerful technique for holistic healing and spiritual growth.

Why do people want to do Past Live Regression sessions? What are the benefits?

There are several reasons. Stating some of them.

1. Bring your power back.

Every time you feel helpless, feeling like a victim, and leave things unresolved, you have given away your power. When you clear it out from your energy field, you can bring back your power.

2. Spiritual Growth:

Those who are on a spiritual path end want to know that they are multi-dimensional beings, a past life experience is a very powerful tool. You can have knowledge from books and other means, but the knowing happens only when you have a personal experience of your multi-dimensional self.

3 Roles of people in your life:

You want to know why certain people are in your life and what role are they playing. Why did you have these parents, siblings, partners, children, or any other person in your life? Past Life Regression can show you what roles they played in your life in other lifetimes or what is your soul contract with them in this lifetime. It might throw some light on your Karmic journey together.

4 Physical Issues:

You have a physical issue that's chronic or that's been there for a long time and maybe medical hasn't been able to figure out what's going on, what is the root cause. You might want to do a Past Life Regression to see what you can uncover about the issue that you have manifested in your physical, mental, or emotional body.

5. Bring back knowledge:

You want to bring back your learnings and wisdom from other lifetimes and reintegrate it into this lifetime. This is very powerful and can help you know yourself better and react better to current life experiences.

6. Clear Emotional Blockages:

You want to discover some emotional blockages that you have in reaching your goals or understanding why you are having difficulty manifesting in this lifetime. Deep healing happens during a Past Life Regression session. You may be able to clear out some or all of the emotional blockages. At times, you may be provided with some information or clues about these blockages. We have free will and you may not be ready at this moment to let go of limiting beliefs, and attachments to people, places, and some perceptions of your life. You have to do work after the session to resolve these blockages.

Is past life regression a safe process?

Just like with anything else in our lives, we need to find the right person, a trained Past Life Regression therapist to do the session. If you needed surgery you wouldn't go to any doctor. You would find a doctor that you can trust, have a rapport with, and has the right credentials. The same is true for doing a Past Life Regression Session. Find someone you can resonate with, and feel comfortable with. A trained hypnotherapist will create a sacred, protected space to do the session. A trained therapist knows how to navigate you in the past life session from one lifetime to another, from one experience to another. She/he will watch you carefully and use intuition to guide you. I personally at times enter into your past lives to do healing for you just like I would do a healing session for you in this lifetime Just viewing the past life releases energy and that is wonderful but to get a deeper healing and learning, I have been given the ability to enter into your lifetime and perform deep soul cleansing. Past Life Regression is safe when done with a trained therapist.

Does everyone have similar Past Life experiences?

Everyone's experience of past life is unique to their life journey. Sometimes people read up about the past life experiences of others, expecting they will have the same experience. Your soul is extremely wise and may bring you experiences in a unique way that is best suited for you. It is better to go with an open mind and allow things to unfold naturally. Your higher self (the deep wise part of you) knows what is best for you to unravel at this time. You will be shown only what you can handle at this time, never more. There are times when you may not be taken to past lives. You may land up in an In-Between Life when you were not in a physical body. Your higher self may use visual images to show something to you that resonates with you. Based on thousands of Past Life sessions I have done for clients, I haven’t found any 2 people having the same experience. Each client's experience has been different from another person’s experience. It is so amazing.

My Past Life Journey

I have visited hundreds of my Past Lives and In-Between lives so far. This has been one of the best tools for accelerating my spiritual growth. I started with using other therapists and then learned to do it for myself. I have a tool I call ‘Compassion Healing’. In this tool, I can take an issue you are having and drill into multiple lifetimes to clear all that is associated with causing this issue. You don’t have to experience your Past Life, I can do it for you. It can be vows, covenants, or agreements you made in other lifetimes that are no longer supporting you. It can be negative emotions, thoughts, or limited knowledge. It can be other people’s energies you picked up in many lifetimes. It can be cords/ties you have to people, places, and situations. There are so many things I can clear up using the Compassion Healing tool. It is another very powerful way of accessing past lifetimes. Another powerful use for me has been to bring back my knowledge and wisdom from many lifetimes. To strengthen my connection to my divine team, spiritual masters. It is a true blessing to experience Past Lives and In-Between lives. Words really cannot explain the depth of spiritual growth you make using these tools.

I have created several videos explaining many more aspects of past life regression. You can find it on Karuna Healing Center YouTube channel. In some videos, I have posted interviews with people who have gone through past life experiences with me so you can hear about their experiences. I offer free half-hour consultations. Reach me via my website – Karuna Healing Center or send me an email at

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Karuna Jain, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Karuna Jain is a certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, Past Life Regression therapist, and Corporate speaker. She combines science and spirituality in her work. She conducts classes on various topics including teaching Reiki healing. Her clients are global. She is into metaphysics, multi-dimensional realities, consciousness expansion, reincarnation, soul integration, and meditation. She is very passionate about empowering people to take care of their own health. Teaching and sharing knowledge is her major life mission. Her emphasis is on healing the mind and body through Universal Compassion. Her Mission: To assist her clients to reach their goals in a loving, compassionate, non-judgmental environment using the best of eastern and western methods of natural mind-body healing modalities.



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