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On The Synchronic Path – Aligning To The Cosmic Rhythm Of Life

Benjamin Gonzalez is a counselor in self-mastery, whom uses the harmonic module to help visionaries reach higher states of being. Benja started his metaphysical journey in 2020 when he enrolled with the university of metaphysics in Sedona.

Executive Contributor Benjamin Gonzalez

We live deceived by a system of thought that has been operating since the dawn of history, a system steering humanity and Earth towards a timeline of chaos and disharmony.

A man meditationg in galaxt background.

Interestingly, this system is governed by something we rarely question—if ever.

I'm talking about our perception of time.

Surprisingly, during my research, I discovered that our perception of time dictates how we interpret reality and drives our cognitive systems.

In this article, I will discuss how to tune into a natural time perception to reprogram our cognitive systems and experience reality at a higher frequency of being.

The natural order

An idea we seldom consider is that Earth is a living being, with its many autonomous systems enabling what we call life on Earth (imagine us being a giant organism to all the cells in our body).

Just like us, Earth as an organism is part of a larger system evolving in cycles governed by our star, the sun.

The sun, the star nourishing the solar system, sends cosmic information (plasma) to Earth and all other planets. Each planet, capable of sustaining life, interprets this cosmic information in a way that it can then transmit and inform any organism within it, keeping it on a path of evolution with the whole cosmos.

During the process of absorbing plasma from the sun, Earth translates information through its mental layer, which is then radiated to all beings in the biosphere. This mental layer, located in the Van Allen radiation belts, is called the PSI bank; it contains energies we receive as symbols that our cognitive systems interpret and create situations we can understand and experience.

This unfolding of information, which I call the natural order, leads to the evolution of all beings aligned with cosmic cycles.

Our artificial perception of time

We have developed ways of "tracking time" by creating systems like clocks and calendars, which marked the beginning of history. In doing so, we have also created an artificial layer of thought on Earth, called the Technosphere.

The Technosphere is governed by a perception of time that encompasses history. History carries a charge of personal and collective beliefs based on events that have transpired through time—what Carl Jung and other psychologists refer to as the collective unconscious or the collective ego.

Like Earth, we use systems to receive, interpret, and express information, often interpreting this information based on our personal ego—the story of who we think we are—driving us away from the true nature of time, which is the frequency of synchronization.

Beyond the ego

Every experience in reality has a neutral point of being, a point we then use to assign meaning to any situation based on our ego.

When we operate from this ego perspective, our systems of cognition react from an ego standpoint, creating false perceptions that we interpret as problems. Conversely, by moving beyond the ego into being—by being present without judgment—we can identify the present as a meaningful symbolic moment where thoughts and matter align, creating synchronicity.

The path of freedom

The path of the synchronic order, which is to be in alignment with the higher systems moving within the natural rhythm of the universe, is a path of freedom of thought, freedom from the ego which creates personal and collective challenges, aligning us with evolution fueled by purpose.

To embrace the synchronic order, we need to shift away from our false perception of time ruled by irregularity and materialism.

Transitioning from a mindset of "time is money" to "time is art," we start living each moment as a gift, moving with purpose and playing our vital part in this game of life.

Synchronic time perception

This perception of time is facilitated by adopting the 13 moon calendar, aligned with the natural movement of Earth around the moon, and the harmonic module, a system of interpreting time as a flow of energy ruled by 20 symbols and 13 numbers. Together, these create a frequency for each day, fostering harmony with the natural cosmic rhythms.

By aligning with this perception of time, we are not only tuning into a higher frequency of synchronization, but we are also reprogramming our cognitive systems back to a primal sense of being, where our cognitive systems transcend the ego mind and

start to recognize things as they truly are, in perfect harmony of being.

If you’re looking to find more about this, check out my other articles or visit my Instagram @gonebliving for a personalized guide on how to move in alignment with the synchronic order of time.


Benjamin Gonzalez, Counselor In Self-mastery through metaphysics

Benjamin Gonzalez is a counselor in self-mastery, whom uses the harmonic module to help visionaries reach higher states of being. Benja started his metaphysical journey in 2020 when he enrolled with the university of metaphysics in Sedona. He then was called to become a certified life coach with Mindvalley in 2022 as well as a certified breath-work coach to expand his love for helping people and understanding states of being. Benja is now finishing a masters on counselling in metaphysics, with a thesis about reprogramming systems of cognition by changing time perception to reach higher states of evolution and sharing his knowledge of the Mayan kin and the harmonic module. 



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