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Nicola Blackstock - The Multi-Award-Winning Queen of Hair and Makeup

Nicola Blackstock, CEO of Nik Makeup Artist, is an Author, lecturer, multi-award-winning makeup-artist, beauty expert, stylist and creative director. Her work has been featured in numerous magazine publications worldwide, and she has a passion for teaching and passing on her skills to others. In 2020 she is launching her new Pro brush line, a book, and accredited makeup courses to help women and men worldwide understand how to use the correct tools for makeup applications. Whether you're a complete novice or a makeup maestro, Nik Makeup Artist has a course and mentorship membership program suited to anyone looking to succeed and excel in the beauty industry.

Nicola Blackstock
Nicola Blackstock

Who is Nicola? Please introduce yourself

- That is a good question, and I can only reason why I can answer it is because I have been on a path to self-discovery these past few years after losing my mother very traumatically. It changed me and my perspective forever.

- I am a mum myself to my adorable son James aged 5, and wife to my new husband Peter (married October 2019 - engaged since 2009!!!). These two keep me going and focused on my goals; they are my driving force.

- I am a caring and loving soul who wants to help others overcome traumatic experiences by explaining how I overcame mines, and offering guidance along the way. My passion is makeup and beauty, and I really like helping others succeed in the Industry and create dynamic solutions to makeup and beauty related problems. We live in a flat in Paisley town center, the place the Paisley pattern was born. The flat is currently on the market and we plan to move to our dream home by the sea imminently.

You graduated from James Watt college in 2012 with an HND in Makeup Artistry. What was it that made you so interested in Makeup? ​

- I've always had a passion for makeup, and even though I was known as the local Tomboy; Growing up, at friends sleepovers, I was always the one doing the makeovers. Strange to think how now, as an adult, I have made such a successful career out of it! I also decided to quit my career as an air hostess when I met my new husband back in 2010 as I knew if I wanted a happy family life, creating a flexible business was the ideal setting for us.

When did you start with this artistry, and do you know why this subject is so exciting to you?

- Makeup is so transformative and being creative, I knew I found my calling the first day of the HND makeup course. I love how woman's self-confidence can be skyrocketed by applying the correct types of makeup for their skin type and age. It really fills me with joy to see their reaction and hear how they felt with the makeup on at their events!!! I love dreaming up a look in my head and implementing a team to see the creative project through. The absolute buzz when the designs end up in magazines all over the world, I sometimes got to stop and remind myself that this came out of my head and now it is all over the news!

Reading on your website, it is clear that you made a career within the industry pretty fast. Why do you think you were so successful?

- I noticed in college very early on that I had a talent for makeup, and also it was clear how competitive the industry was. I am so driven and as I decided to quit a career in the skies to pursue my dreams, I knew I had to succeed and prove all the naysayers wrong! I also found once I focused on my work and not of other people around me, my career hit new heights.

At one point, you decided to become a freelance. How was it compared to being employed?

- I am not going to lie here. It was frightening, hard, terrifying, challenging and exhilarating. All at the same time. You go from having paid holidays and security to be a one-man-band, which can sometimes get lonely, but the trick was to keep pushing and follow my dreams. Slowly but surely, the more successful I became and the less lonely it was. It really all started to fall into place.

It is easy to say that you´ve built a powerful brand of yourself. Could you share your three best tips to our readers?

- Set goals, meditate, take action!

We are thrilled to have you on board here on Brainz Magazine. What can our readers expect from you?

- Honest accounts of what being in the beauty biz is like, all the best makeup and beauty tips from a working professional and how success is not easy, but if you work hard, you will get there, my friend.

What is your big goal? Do you have a dream? Where are you in 10 years from now?

- The BIG goal is to help women and men worldwide by growing my courses and having makeup learning centers globally, supported by an innovative makeup product and brush line.

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