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Navigating The Change – 3 Keys To A Healthy Midlife And Menopause Journey

Written by: Angela Warburton, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Angela Warburton

Embrace the natural transition of midlife and menopause as a profound shift in energy and hormones—a commitment to longevity. This article explores the metamorphosis that prompts a reevaluation of internal and external worlds. Learn how menopause, often deemed a challenging phase, is a potent time for transition and renewal, signaling a rebirth known as The Second Spring in Eastern Medicine. Understand the toll of chronic stress on the body, especially the liver system, and its impact on hormone processing. Discover three key strategies to facilitate liver function and support your body through menopause, emphasizing mindful nutrition, stress reduction, and rest and recovery. Small daily actions aligned with your values and well-being pave the way for a healthy, aligned, and powerful third stage of life—your second spring. Let menopause be your portal to step into the fullness of the Radiant Woman you were born to be.

Matured woman lying in the autumn grass smiling

Embracing change: A shift in energy and hormones

Midlife and menopause usher in a natural transition—a healthy shift in energy and hormones—marking our body's commitment to longevity. We stop losing blood and resources every month, and repurpose that life force and energy for other things, namely, living longer.

This metamorphosis prompts a reevaluation of our internal and external worlds, often accompanied by chronic stress if we don’t reevaluate where we are putting our attention and energy and strive to maintain the pace of our former lives.

Your second spring: Menopause, a time of transition and renewal

Menopause is a potent time, a transition that doesn't have to be painful.

Every symptom and emotion is your body's way of signalling what's working and what needs attention. Embrace this transition by shedding what no longer serves you and stepping into your most aligned life.

Your wisdom and experience are your compass, guiding you to stop caring about others' opinions and fully embrace the woman you are meant to be. We call this stage of life The Second Spring in Eastern Medicine, signalling a time of rebirth and renewal.

The toll of chronic stress: Listen to your body

Pushing through stress and neglecting our needs to prioritize others can result in internal stagnation. This internal traffic jam materializes as feelings of irritation, anger, and frustration—a call for attention from our bodies. In Eastern medicine, the liver system assumes a pivotal role, embodying both an organ and our energetic boundaries. It communicates through frustration and anger, in addition to influencing hormone processing. A healthy liver is paramount for a smooth transition through menopause.

Nourishing your liver: A key step

Maintaining a healthy liver is the cornerstone of navigating the challenges of menopause and beyond. The Liver helps your body detox from toxins, and get rid of excess hormones and, in Eastern Medicine philosophy, is responsible for the smooth flow of emotions and Qi (life force energy) circulation in the body.

Here are 3 key strategies to facilitate liver function and support your body through the transition of menopause:

1. Mindful nutrition:

  • Consume fewer toxins and processed foods, limiting alcohol intake.

  • Prioritize green foods, essential for detoxification and healthy hormonal balance.

2. Stress reduction:

  • Opt for smaller, more frequent meals to aid digestion.

  • Avoid late-night eating to support liver function.

  • Incorporate restful activities into your day to reduce overall stress.

  • And most importantly, remember to laugh! Laughter shifts your body from a stressed state to a calm, restful state immediately. So find the people, shows, and moments that make you laugh every day.

3. Rest and recovery:

  • Ensure you get sufficient nightly sleep and include restful activities in your daily and weekly routine.

  • Engage in activities such as gardening, reading, restorative yoga or simply being to remind your body what rest feels like. Simple activities without an agenda, where you can simply be are essential, particularly during midlife. Start with 15 minutes a day and then slowly expand to longer periods. It will feel uncomfortable at first, but commit to it, and over time, you will notice a difference.


Small daily actions for lasting changes

In navigating menopause, embracing small daily actions aligned with what’s most important to you and what feels good is essential.

Daily stress reduction and simplification of your life where you can, shifting your diet, decreasing the toxic load, and remembering to rest and enjoy your life can yield significant long-term benefits.

These subtle shifts pave the way for a healthy, more aligned, and powerful third stage of life. Menopause, though uncomfortable, need not be painful—let this powerful transition shed what no longer serves you and step into the wisdom and fullness of the woman you are meant to be.

This is your second spring, and menopause is your portal. It’s time to step into the fullness of the Radiant Woman you were born to be.

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Angela Warburton Brainz Magazine

Angela Warburton, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Angela, a seasoned holistic women's midlife expert, brings over 25 years of experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine. As a skilled speaker, writer, leader, and teacher, Angela is passionate about transforming women's experiences of midlife and menopause.

Her unique skill set, including Eastern Medicine, Transformational Coaching, Modern Health Sciences, Women's Leadership, Applied Mindfulness, and Sacred Womb Work, guides women to deepen their self-understanding during this transformative phase.

She seamlessly blends the science of modern health practices with the soulful touch of holistic approaches, creating an integration that is seamless and effective.

With a mission to simplify the process, Angela strives for ease and inclusivity, helping women achieve long-term transformational change while feeling healthy, seen, and nourished in the process. Holistic and customized care, infused with deep compassion, humour, and joy, Angela's work becomes a true pleasure for her clients.

Ready to redefine your menopause experience? Angela is your dedicated companion on the path to a vibrant and radiant life.



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