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Life Energy Coaching ‒ A Fast-Track For Transformation

Written by: Murray Ansell, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


When I meet people for the first time, they often ask me, “what is life energy?” I tell them it’s the energy of a living being, which is an energy soup that represents that being’s patterns of thinking and emoting, resulting from their unconscious beliefs about themself.

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Why is this important? Because our subconscious mind, which includes our habitual, programmed mental and emotional response patterns, is part of the Universal Mind, the supercomputer with which we co-create our experiences. If we can change our subconscious programming, we can improve our experience of life relating to those changes.

There are processes that have been developed to do this, including hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), which are effective for many people at removing unwanted tendencies and even programming in desired ones. However, the extent of their effectiveness will depend upon how much contradictory messaging remains within a person’s mind and the strength of the emotional charges associated with that messaging.

Change your Energy to LOVE your Life

A faster and more holistic, way to change the subconscious drivers of one’s life experiences is through one’s life energy. This is because everything is energy, including one’s thoughts and emotional patterns, and high-frequency energy always transforms or entrains lower-frequency energies. High-frequency energy in this context means the energies of Love, which has many, many aspects, each a different and relatively high frequency.

Lower frequency energies in this context, are those generated from viewing one’s self as a physical being, pre-programmed to survive individually and as a species, in other words our animalistic nature. Those who view life exclusively through their 5 physical senses are living from their animal nature, albeit informed by their upbringing within their family and the socialization mechanisms of society, such as school, religion, the media, business, and interaction with other human beings.

Those who view themselves as their Soul, a spiritual being of Love, open themselves to what some call a 6th sense, one that connects with other loving beings who have volunteered to support them on their life journey. This remembrance of one’s spiritual nature also starts an energetic process of reconciliation, as the physical effects of previously formed neural networks need to be reversed so that the body can be guided from love rather than survivalism and fear.

This process of re-alignment of mind and body typically takes 30 years or more to complete, and will feel like a dark journey as all of a person’s fear-based consciousness has to emerge to be over-written with new awareness about the Self as Love. Happily, now there is a better way…

A Fast Track using Life Energy

The supportive beings of Love mentioned above inhabit many different dimensions, depending on their degree of awareness about Love. For example, our ancestors can provide guidance from anywhere from the 4th to 6th dimensions. Angelic guidance can be received from anywhere among the 7th to 11th dimensions, and the highest perspective of Love-related guidance available to humans comes from the Archangels, who guide us from the 12th dimension.

Since 2003, the Archangels have been collaborating with the founders of Life Energy Coaching to co-create a new energy transformation modality of the same name. Life energy coaching programs include 3 elements:

  1. Channeled information giving the Archangelic perspective on the subject area being transformed;

  2. An over-lighting energy field that transforms back to Divine Love more than 99% of non-loving human behavioral patterns in the subject-area being transformed; and

  3. A connection with the 12th dimension, enabling the Archangels to customize the reader’s alignment process with her/his unique and magnificent life purpose throughout the week following each reading. This is important because all inner resistance and problems are caused by misalignment with one’s life purpose.

Life Energy Coaching and its certified Life Energy Coaches offer a series of these “modular programs” organized into Levels 1, 2 and 3. Each modular program is just 6 weeks in duration.

Level 1’s programs heal the person’s consciousness in the areas of Self Love and Financial Freedom, which re-aligns one’s consciousness relating to money with Love. Both are hugely valuable, as how we feel about our self is reflected back to us in all our relationships, and non-loving consciousness relating to money reduces its inflow.

Level 2’s Know Your Self program reconnects those who use it with their higher frequency spiritual support team in the 7th-12th dimensions, restores the integrity of the person’s spiritual guidance connection channels, and transforms any inaccurate God and Goddess consciousness back to Divine Love. Know Your Purpose removes all subconscious blocks and barriers to being able to receive clear inner guidance about the person’s unique life purpose.

Level 3’s first program is Love Your Business, which ensures that those wanting to use business to expand their purposeful impact are not blocked by non-loving consciousness relating to business. And Enlightened Wealth eradicates all remaining remnants of scarcity consciousness so that its users stay constantly in Divine Flow. Program users embody the knowing that whatever they outflow with loving intention is more than replenished as the Divine supports their willingness to be a human vessel for Love.

Fast and Easy to Use

Life Energy Coaching’s modular programs are also designed to be fast and easy to use. 35 of the 36 modules included in the above programs only require the reading of 2-4 pages of written material each week, which typically takes just 5-7 minutes to complete. This starts the 7 days of Archangelic energy transformation for that week. Then, after 7 days, read the next written module and the cycle continues. And Module 1 of Financial Freedom typically takes only 1 hour or so to complete, because it requires active exploration for, and recognition of, non-loving money consciousness.

If you’re curious to learn more about life energy, I invite you to visit Life Energy Coaching’s website, where there is a wealth of useful information. Or, if you’d like to explore how life energy coaching can help you, book a no obligation strategy session through our Contact page. We would love to help you change your energy and LOVE your life!!!

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Murray Ansell, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Murray Ansell has a diverse business background including Big 4” accounting, investment and commercial banking, and technology licensing. In 2003, Murray noticed a self-sabotaging pattern in his consulting business, which led him to awaken to his spiritual nature and into a Soul-led journey into the world of human energy. Murray was guided from the Archangelic realm, including to form Life Energy Coaching (LEC) and Business Energy Coaching (BEC). All programs and coaching delivered through these business units use a unique quantum field that massively accelerates clients and their businesses into successfully fulfilling their unique and magnificent purpose.



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