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Is Mindfulness The Key To Happiness?

Written by: Edit B Kiss, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


When it comes to mindfulness people think about meditation, being in the present moment. The official description in Wikipedia says: Mindfulness is the practice of purposely bringing one's attention to the present-moment experience without evaluation. But what is happening in your body when you do that? How that solves your issues?

The first step to mindfulness is to clear your mind from negative thoughts that are triggering you and causing your negative emotions. There are simple exercises that can help you do that.

Close your eyes, relax your body, and start focusing on your breathing, listening to your breath. Every time some altering thought appears return to focusing on your breath.

This will allow you to stop the worrying thoughts in your mind and already start to feel more relaxed and peaceful. You practice this part till you can keep the peace and silence of your mind for 5-10 minutes.

The next step is to start observing the sensations in your body and allow them to be there without judgment. The biggest mistake of our mind when we immediately connect our sensations to memory and give a title to it, label it what makes it stronger and more present. We want the pains and negative sensations to disappear. So, you need to allow them first without a label with a neutral observation, then let them go.

As soon as you don’t want to name it or control it, it will lose its strength and the body can heal itself from it. Your mind keeps the pain present.

What if you can go even further and add the following steps into mindful living?

Probably you have heard many times that: If something bothering you control what you can and let go of what is outside of your control.

What are the things you can control?

  1. Your thoughts as we have seen above. You can stop the negative thoughts and you can even cultivate positive thoughts instead when you are more advanced in meditation practices.

  2. Your actions, what is straightforward, right? You think before you act, talk, and cause any effect. So, you prepare to take actions that are bringing positive results for the highest and best of all.

  3. Your emotions. I believe this is what is the most challenging for people. Most people believe that they can only feel their emotions and be the victim of them. They are living on a continual emotional rollercoaster. Allowing them to be dragged by their emotions all around in any kind of situation and through themselves off the track causing huge setbacks in life.

You can be in control of your emotions too.

When you get triggered and feel the emotions, you can decide if you like that feeling or not and if you want to stay in that emotion or not. I believe if that emotion is happiness and joy you want to be in that state.

But what if the emotion is anger, sadness, and hopelessness? The most important is to forgive and shift the emotion to gratitude. Gratitude for the human experience, for the lesson. I know it is very hard sometimes that is why I practice the powerful transcendental meditation with my clients which makes it so much easier to shift into positivity.

That is when you start with focusing on your breath and clear out the thoughts in delta brainwaves, then you feel the sensations in your body and eventually, you dive deeper to the root cause and release it from the unconscious mind through source memory healing what based on forgiveness and cell level healing.

This technique is so easy to learn and master it for all. That is why I also teaching it in my Karma Healing Facilitator Certificate Training so more and more people can experience the benefits of mindful living.

Wouldn’t be wonderful to live without triggers in peace and harmony, while you can focus on your family and business?

Download my eBook to learn more about this wonderful technique.

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Edit B Kiss, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Edit B Kiss is a holistic mentor, success habit coach, 1 best-selling author, Humanitarian Award winner and international speaker. She helps her clients to get healed from running mind, insomnia to gain more focus and fill the void in their hearts by raising their frequency and getting them aligned with their true self so they can stand the storms and live their life joyfully and reinvent themselves to the next level.



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