Is Masturbation Good for You?

Written by: Viloshni Moodley, Executive Contributor

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The ideal way to define masturbation is being your best lover. The action of self-stimulation of one’s genitals to achieve orgasm is termed as masturbation.

Through early childhood development, the discovery of our genitals starts as early as 3 years old to identifying the pleasurable sensation we get from touching our genitals. It is a sad fact that parents stop children from touching themselves, which in turn leaves negative messaging. This impacts the future of masturbation as you grow into your teens, whereby you are programmed to identify it as a shameful, disgusting act regardless of how good it feels. It gets even worse when you are caught masturbating as a teen or young adult. The shame builds on and places a stigma on your self-pleasure.

Some Fun Facts on Masturbation

  • Female masturbation can relieve menstrual cramps;

  • Improves blood flow to the genitals;

  • Male masturbation can help to prevent the development of prostate cancer;

  • After masturbation, levels of the hormone Prolactin are lower and makes us feel satisfied;

  • It keeps our sexual organs in good working order;

  • Effective natural cure for insomnia by the release of tension that leads to a deeper, quicker sleep;

  • Burns calories;

  • Relieves headaches and muscle aches;

  • Can work as a laxative, toning and controlling the lower abdominal muscles;

  • Can produce the hormone estrogen, which makes hair shine and skin smooth;

  • An effective anti-depressant as it releases Dopamine, feel-good neurotransmitters from the brain.

In addition to the health benefits of masturbation, you develop a healthy relationship with your body.

Masturbation is possible if you have a partner. Make sure you take some time for self-pleasure alone, or if you’re comfortable with your partner whilst they are watching, it can build the bond and give them a better understanding of what you enjoy. It can also enhance foreplay.

Ready to bust some myths about Masturbation? It does not contribute to any of the following illness:

  • Blindness

  • Feeblemindedness

  • Madness

  • Physical decrepitude

  • Sexual perversion

  • Reduced sexual function

  • Neurotic disorders

More Myths about People who masturbate:

  • Only people who “can’t get any” masturbate

  • It’s bad to masturbate every day

  • Masturbation is something you grow out of

  • Men need to do it, and women don’t

  • People in relationships don’t masturbate

  • Men have a limited amount of semen

  • It makes you "lose" your virginity or “ruin” it for intercourse

Masturbation is a normal activity that:

  • can de-stress you;

  • allow your fantasies to become the center of your focus;

  • brings you self-confidence and higher self-esteem;

  • explore and appreciate your own body;

  • can be taken as a gift to yourself;

  • you take charge and find your way

Masturbation is a recommended treatment for sexual dysfunction in women who are unable to orgasm. This allows them to explore what pleasures them. Men who suffer from premature ejaculation can practice self-control through masturbation.

The best way to enjoy masturbation is to prepare for it by ensuring you have privacy, and if you are sharing this experience with your partner, that just adds to the erotic experience. Be prepared to engage all of your five senses.

Here I will guide you on how you can indulge your 5 senses:

Hearing - soft romantic music or talk to each other with a very soft voice, share your thoughts, what you are feeling, what you are going to do next or what you want to be done.

Taste - use of flavored lube, edible flavored powder, chocolate-covered strawberries, oysters, or food with different taste sensations.

Smell - lightly scented candles, pheromones that we emit, or use of perfume

Sight - dress sexy, soft light, play dress up, or watch a romantic movie, use of a mirror positioned strategically.

Touch - close your eyes and relax and use silk, lace, or satin sheets or feathers to stroke and beads.

The erogenous zones to touch are:

  • scalp

  • ears

  • mouth (lips)

  • neck

  • hand

  • breast

  • pubic area

  • feet

This is merely a guide. You know your body better and what feels good to you. Go ahead, explore and discover pleasure centers that are perhaps not even listed as an erogenous zone. Use different places and positions to masturbate, all as per your preference and what works to get you to orgasm.

Some warning signs that you may be a compulsive masturbator:

  • One who avoids relationships because of masturbation

  • One who isolates themselves to masturbate

  • One who masturbates in public

  • One who’s livelihood suffers as a result.

  • One who masturbates daily and frequently until no other sexual activity can satisfy them

  • One who is obsessed with touching themselves

  • One who uses masturbation to avoid problems

  • One becomes preoccupied by masturbation.

  • One who lies to their lover about when/how much they do it

  • One who spends an excessive amount of money on porn so they can masturbate alone

If you think you were masturbating too much, then it probably is too much. However, once a day is normal. Don’t isolate yourself from a lover to masturbate. It is a good time to identify if you are doing it to avoid dealing with something or someone. Another indication is if your masturbation is taking up most of your time. There are no physical harmful side effects of masturbation. The only impact can be on relationships and everyday life… so play on!

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Viloshni Moodley, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Viloshni Moodley is an accredited Sexpert practicing as an Online Intimacy Coach. She is the founder and owner of Ultimacy Online, since leaving her over 25 years of management experience within Corporate. Her passion for empowering individuals with positive sex education and breaking the negative conditioning cycle has influenced her change in career path. She believes relationships are the most important factor to overall well being and thus passionate about making a change to ensure people have more fulfilling relationships. Having a happy, healthy relationship provides balance in individuals and couples. Her work specializes in coaching individuals or couples who wish to achieve certain goals in the bedroom and short courses in different areas of sexuality.



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