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How To Stop Manifesting What You Don’t Want So You Start Aligning With What You Do

Written by: Cynthia Martin, CHt, RMT, Executive Contributor

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It can be more than frustrating when you have followed all the manifesting rules, tried all the rituals, and manifesting methods others are using that bring them results and not you. In fact, for those who have been putting their faith, focus and commitment to manifesting their dreams, and desires to manifest their best life and doing it for years and it still doesn’t happen these dreams start to become a source of deep pain and even anxiety.

It is one of the most common things I have seen with clients, friends and colleagues that they took this massive leap of faith to walk this journey of higher consciousness and creation but the one thing they desire most is taking too long to be realized so they start to doubt, and worse they start to let the belief creep in that there may be something wrong with them.

Why aren’t the manifesting methods working for you?

Most of what has been taught that came out of the movie “The Secret” and The Law of Attraction principal was presented as an incomplete picture which unfortunately ended up being misleading because thoughts alone do not become things. In fact, there are many important Universal Laws in which all creation is governed that go along with the LOA that are essential to know in order to have manifesting work consistently and predictably. I won’t go into detail of the different laws as there have 50 Primary Universal Laws that I am aware of and in other schools of thought there are believed to be 105, however I will list the 12 Universal Laws of the Universe as applied to manifesting that most people are aware of but I will delve into the one not on this list that is the game changes and the true Secret to making your dreams a reality.

The 12 Spiritual Laws of the Universe

  1. Law of Oneness – Everything and everyone is connected in the world we live in

  2. Law of Vibration – Every particle in the Universe is made of energy

  3. Law of Inspired Action – To achieve or accomplish something you must take action

  4. Law of Correspondence – Our outer world is a mirror of our inner world “As above so below, as within so without”

  5. Law of Attraction – Like energy attracts like energy

  6. Law of Cause and Effect – What you send out you receive

  7. Law of Compensation – You receive as good as you give

  8. Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy – The Universe is always changing

  9. Law of Relativity – Every individual is tested by the Universe

  10. Law of Polarity – Everything in the Universe has an opposite

  11. Law of Rhythm – Everything has cycles/patterns and rhythm

  12. Law of Gender (energy) – Masculine (doing) and Feminine (being) Energy exists in all thing which is required for harmonious balance.

There is one Spiritual Law that will help you create what you desire with consistent

The game-changer is the Law of Assumption which is essentially a mental tool that states that you are the creator of your reality, all the power and tools are within you not outside of you and you can create anything you desire by assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled. This law fills the gaps in the Law of Attractions because it doesn’t operate in the principle of attracting things to you because indicates that what you want is outside of you. Wherein the Law of Assumption, which was taught by a great teacher of conscious creation and spiritual thought leader ahead of his time, Neville Goddard, helps us understand that you don’t attract things because the world is not an entity outside of you it is a reflection of you.

With this law still relies on vibration and energy as does the Law of Attraction but and it also requires that we take full responsibility of our reality and the experiences we have in our everyday life as the creators of our realities. However, it takes it a level deeper with the world being a reflection of us which changes the paradigm for me. Instead of trying to draw our desires to us by working with an external force i.e.: Universe, we become the operant power that is shaping the world within us with the power of our imagination, vividly engaging with all our senses to internally experience our wish fulfilled in full color and in the assumption that it has already occurred and no effort is required to make it happen. Living in an internal state of wishes fulfilled removes all the external doing and weighs heavily on faith which is what makes it hard for many people to grasp the concept because they are still stuck on the “seeing is believing” paradigm of thinking and creating.

Ultimately, the key to stop creating what you don’t want to have what you do want always comes back to one core principle that exists in manifesting and that is upgrading your mental operation system. Who you think you are, who you think you’re not and what you believe you do or don’t deserve are all the rules that dictate the reality you live in. So, if you’re going to make a shift or take a quantum leap in your manifesting journey, it comes down to being willing to change your inner world first, utilize the power of your mind and imagination to deepen your faith and belief in the power you have to make your dreams a reality. It’s all within you and about you and if you want to learn more on how to fast-track your results and upgrade your habits, thinking and reality let's connect.

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Cynthia Martin, CHt, RMT, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Cynthia is a Spiritual Awakening & Higher Mind Mastery Coach empowering conscious professionals, entrepreneurs, & emerging visionary leaders in their spiritual journey to become self-actualization and superconscious so they gain mastery of their mind and energy and create their dream reality. She is on a mission to activate greater potentials of conscious leadership for those seeking more than the ordinary in both life and business. By using transformational methods and tangible science-based frameworks that work at the level of the superconscious, she can help you achieve the fastest and easiest path to healing and reprogramming yourself to naturally live at your best in health, happiness, and wealth & success.



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