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How To Grow Rich Through Co-Creation

Written by: Natalie Farrell, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Welcome to the first in a series of twelve articles that I am delighted to be creating as an executive contributor for Brainz. These articles are for changemakers who are looking to find new ways to become more within their field of expertise. It’s going to be a fun ride as we begin to activate you into action and dedicate time to the art of vocal and visibility vulnerability.

Over the next 12 months, we will be exploring how to reclaim your fallen voice so you can:

  • embrace the unconventional approach to life and business

  • activate a deeper trust with your unique skills/abilities/gifts

  • integrate new ways of being into your community

  • be a reverbing voice within your area of expertise

  • learn to make lifestyle changes in the embodied way

  • discover how to use the full tone of your voice

  • add pleasure back into your life

  • hone the skills you need to be an excellent communicator

Ready to make some noise within your area of expertise?

We are embarking together on a timeline extravaganza where we will be slicing through the noise that is holding your voice and the voice of your brand back from being fully reverberant. So, you can fall in love with the art of sharing your story in a vulnerable way. And relight your passion for your purpose.

I said are you READY to make some noise within your area of expertise?

YES! Wonderful because I didn’t want to leave you behind!

Growing rich through co-creation

Right now, a new wave of trailblazing leaders is pioneering the unconventional approach to life and business. This collective of humans shows up within the business world with job titles such as regenerative business coach, transformation coach, opulence coach, femtor, creatrix, and alchemist.

Each of these soul-led business owners is part of a collective voice known as a Soulpreneur. What is a Soulpreneur?

  1. A soul-led business owner who is fully embodied and aligned with their soul purpose.

  2. An advocate for non-linear structures and co-equal leading

  3. A reverberant voice for change

This collective of Soulpreneurs is forming diverse ecosystems that cross-pollinate over varying sectors to co-create and support each other to thrive. Stripping back the conventional ways of running a business to its roots and working together harmoniously to grow rich. We co-share instead of chair meetings. Knowing we are all CEOs, Managers, and Chiefs combining to support, elevate and empower one another with non-attachment principles.

This co-equal approach allows everyone to deepen their experience of a project, collaboration, and pitch held together through pillars of uninhibited foundations. Deep respect. Love and appreciation for the intelligence and vision of their co-equal.

Timelines are set in place, yet the Soulpreneur approach welcomes both non-linear and linear processes to guide their business. Money isn’t the driving force behind the product or offer. Instead, it is the evolution of the consumer that drives the Soulpreneur to build a business with sustainability, transparency, and truth as its leaders.

“Separation is an ugly attitude. It is time we accept the beauty of another human as their beauty – not to compare with the beauty and try to look like it. It is time for us to know that there is enough room and space for us all to open businesses with the same ideas and venture together to work in collaboration. It is time for us together to rise, lift and embrace each other to be whom we were born to be.” Extract taken from Natalie’s book Light The Way

Igniting bright sparks – How can you begin to include sustainability, transparency, and trust within your brand?

A big question! That’s why we will be dissecting this over 12 articles as building the longevity Legacy takes time and patience. The unconventional approach to life and business has no fast fixes instead it offers you the chance to move between fast and slow lanes while maintaining optimum health and building a brand that resonates and emits the full essence of you.

Building the longevity legacy

Whilst I was writing my first book in the middle of the 2020 pandemic, I felt so grateful for the time and opportunity to spark a movement through writing a book. Many other soul-led business owners and solopreneurs took this an opportunity to slice through the silence with the ingenuity and genius of their ideas as well.

At this time my network of connections grew at a transformational rate. Instead of having something to sell. I had something people needed.

Instead of chasing. I focused on my area of expertise. And the opportunities started to come to me.

How to consistently speak your truth at work?

As you slowly begin to cultivate new ways and consistently speak your truth at work people may dismiss and shun them with labels. But with the Soulpreneur non-negotiables behind you, you can dare to GO ALL IN. Instead of procrastinating and chastising yourself because your message isn’t reaching your “perceived ideal” audiences, you continue to speak.

Because you begin to believe that the mastery of what you are saying is loaded with an abundance of wealth. And that this wealth is worth more than its weight in gold. The message you are sharing ripples out with reverberant waves of wisdom.

And one day the right ear will hear your message. This in turn will motivate them to connect with you and spark movements for change. This is how Soulpreneurs build a legacy with longevity.

Where to start

Below are the 8 non-negotiables of a Soulpreneur. Which ones do you already embody? Which one(s) feel very uncomfortable for you? Can you think of any others that you would like to add as you begin to build sustainability, transparency, and trust within your brand?

  1. Give up caring about what other people think

  2. In the desperation stage of victimhood spirals, we decide to take responsibility for our recovery and growth

  3. Make pacts to appreciate the smallest things in life/well-being over workaholic

  4. Take the time, even within our busy hectic schedules, to honor our bodies and deliver our work through the state of being embodied

  5. Trust that the dark times are as valuable as the rich and fertile times

  6. Adopt the GO ALL IN attitude to vocal and visible vulnerability

  7. We talk openly in public about our failures rather than hiding from them

  8. We recognize that our reclamation stories are our greatest asset

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Natalie Farrell, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Natalie Farrell, is a leader in voice activation, intuitive sound healing and linguistic psychology. With an accomplished 20+ year background in singing, voice coaching, presenting and writing her work with Solopreneurs acts as a catalyst for profound transformation guiding them to be fully visible within their field of expertise. In 2021, she published her first book, ‘Light The Way’ a powerful companion for modern-day change makers who are ready to go all-in and approach business and life the unconventional way. Her mission: to release reverberant voices.


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