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How Holistic Business Coaching Is Different

Written by: Ruth Hescock, Executive Contributor

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We are hearing the term “holistic business coaching” more and more these days, but what is it exactly? Business coaching in general has become an increasingly popular option for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to improve their skills and grow their companies. However, not all business coaching is created equal. What makes holistic business coaching unique from other forms of coaching, is that it is a more integrated and comprehensive approach. In holistic coaching, we focus on inner transformation in order to create tangible business outcomes.

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Here are some specific ways that holistic business coaching differs from other forms of business coaching:

1. Focus on the Whole Person

Holistic business coaching takes into account not just the business, but the person running the business. This approach recognizes that the two are intertwined and that a business can only be successful if the person running it is healthy, happy, and fulfilled. This often means learning to implement boundaries to create a solid work/life balance.

2. Mind-Body Connection

Have you ever found yourself reciting positive mantras or affirmations only to look at yourself in the mirror and feel doubt or disgust in your body? Holistic business coaching acknowledges the connection between the mind and body, if our mind and body are not in agreement it makes forward movement difficult. Holistic coaching often includes mindfulness, meditation, and movement to help clients reduce stress, improve focus, and increase overall well-being. I personally use a model called Internal Family Systems (IFS) in my approach to holistic coaching. This somatic approach helps clients identify and work through internal conflict that may be holding them back from successfully achieving their goals. IFS is based on the idea that we all have different "parts" within us, each with their own perspectives, emotions, and desires. By working to understand and integrate these parts, clients can begin approaching business decisions from a place of curiosity, clarity, and confidence.

3. Emphasis on Values

Holistic business coaching places a strong emphasis on values. This process can help clients identify core values and use them as a guide for decision-making and goal-setting. It also involves challenging beliefs about values that interfere and may create barriers to success. For example, business owners that value serving others may struggle with charging for their services. Resolving this inner conflict helps clients stay true to themselves and their vision while creating success in their business, even in the face of challenges and setbacks.

4. Collaboration and Partnership

Holistic business coaching is a collaborative process. We partner together, this approach fosters a sense of trust and mutual respect, which can lead to deeper and more meaningful transformation. It is not about telling clients what to do, it’s about guiding clients on their inner journey so they can make business decisions that feel aligned with both their mind and body.

5. Sustainability

Finally, holistic business coaching is focused on long-term, sustainable growth. We work for change from the inside out, working from the mindset that inner change brings successful tangible outcomes. Coaches help clients create strategies and systems that will support their businesses over the long haul, rather than just providing quick fixes or Band-Aid solutions.

In summary, holistic business coaching is a unique approach that takes into account the whole person, the mind-body connection, values, collaboration, and sustainability. If you're looking for a more comprehensive and integrated approach to business coaching, holistic coaching may be just what you need.

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Ruth Hescock, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Ruth Hescock MS, LPC, is an Executive Coach bringing Internal Family Systems (IFS) to the professional world. After years of working in the mental health field and witnessing the effects of toxic work environments on individuals, she founded Inner Insight Consulting LLC. She brings a new approach to leadership coaching integrating IFS, a model that promotes deep inner work to help her clients thrive in leadership positions and own them with aligned confidence whether they are an executive in a corporation or running their own business.


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