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Going Live Is Not A Surprise

Ayanna Njeri Welsh is a Transformational Life & Success Coach. As an experienced Human Resource professional, and the transition to Coaching was a natural progression in her career path.

Executive Contributor Ayanna Njeri Welsh

The progression as it relates to one’s confidence in pursuing what you seek, Going Live Is Not A Surprise.

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My evolution in taking the time to understand myself in this life, the transformation of self has progressed to Going Live for the first time on March 26th, 2024, with Q&A Coaching Sessions. The Idea came from a being, as it interested me in how this can be, and then deciding why not, it is an experience that could lead to something that is unseen.

As I progress as a Transformational Life & Success Coach, the Idea is first to push myself to see the truth that lives within and the external world as a source of information as it connects to the expansion of my soul knowledge. This expansion has a lot to do with my life story, which ultimately creates a path that is unique. Can you think of your story as being unique? What do you want to "Go Live", that will surprise not only you but others? Do you see yourself Going Live that could change lives?

We all have something unique within that may be dormant or unseen, take that step in Going Live is progress in opening the mind by stepping outside your comfort zone. As an HR professional connecting with all types of beings within different environments was the main stage in me Going Live. I guess the many flowers that lived within me opened as I took and was given the opportunity to explore more of my potential. Then, as I progressed as a spiritual being, those portals in my mind started to open, and what was dormant definitely came Alive.

Coming Alive by Going Live has another meaning spiritually, when you see what was and what Going Live is within every cell of your being. The mind has several portals or channels that if tapped into, the follicles of your being, and the energy speaking, open you up to all the opportunities that are available. What is available are the talents that live within you beyond your 3D perception. My spirituality expanded to becoming a Transformational Life & Success Coach, then starting my own business, advertising and marketing myself, and now Going Live as it can form an Idea that can Change Your Life.

What is one Idea that you are ready to Go Live? Evaluate where you are now and take the Idea as only what is Possible. Remove the impossible equation from your mind, Immediately. Progress from there and start with small steps to reach that big goal in your mind. This is what Going Live means. Taking that first step, where trusting in the journey is an amazing ride. Imagine opening a door that is filled with all of what you want to accomplish and the Possible Positive things that is a Surprise. The surprise is a great reward for the soul. The soul will surprise you to where Going Live is like looking at your life as slices of pie, your Wheel of Life, and reaching the goals you “thought” could not be.

Going Live Is Not A Surprise, when you open those wires in the mind that are your natural innate aptitudes and skills that live within you. Are you ready to be Surprised?

“FYI. I will be doing more lives

You never know, ready to be surprised

If needed, take that drive, to clear your mind

Decide, decide, the steps you take is going high

Look up, can you see the sky

Your archive is Going Live

Paving Your path is divine

Give yourself a high five

As you take control and change Your hard drive

FYI. I will be doing more lives”


Ayana Njeri Welsh, Transformational Life & Success Coach

Ayanna Njeri Welsh is a Transformational Life & Success Coach. As an experienced Human Resource professional, and the transition to Coaching was a natural progression in her career path. As it pertains to her spiritual purpose in life, her experience in understanding human behavior on many levels, she is able to guide her clients in fulfilling their goals, desires and dreams on a holistic level. Ayanna's spiritual journey has moved her into the field of holistic life coaching, through her abilities in connecting to something much greater, that can take her clients on a journey of powerful spiritual transformation. By going deep within, her clients not only reach what they are seeking to accomplish, but also find meaning and purpose as they continue on their life journey. She has dedicated her life to guiding others become better versions of themselves, which has a ripple effect that transcends time and space. She is the CEO of Starseed Transformational Life Coach, and the goal is for her clients to see that all of what they seek comes from within, first.



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