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From Sorrow To Serenity – A Comprehensive Guide To Happiness

Written by: Manas Kumar Mahanandia, Executive Contributor

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There are seven intriguing secrets to happiness, but we've chosen to add a few more to the list so you have no excuses not to learn them.

Happy girl holding bunch of colorful air balloons at the beach

Look out for you. The first one is you.

It is true that seeking out and assisting others makes us happy. But we do ourselves a disservice when we focus on others too much and forget about ourselves.

A timely "no" and a desire to please no one are crucial components in achieving our pleasure.

What do you desire, then? Reflect.

Follow these steps to Master the Art of Happiness with Simple Strategies

Start Over

Has life dealt you a blow? Start over. Life is like a Ferris wheel; we go up and down at different times. Do not remain rooted in your past regrets; rise once more! New friends, love, and opportunities are all waiting for you. Every day and every minute presents a fresh chance to begin.

Instead of punishing oneself for errors, absorb the lessons instead.

We all make mistakes; it's human to make mistakes. Stop! Avoid thinking about the same subject repeatedly. "Finished" is finished. Take advantage of the chance to learn that life has given you by using it. Blaming ourselves just paralyzes us; on the other hand, learning from our mistakes enables us to advance.

Consider All Your Positive Attributes.

We often focus on the positive expressions "I'm unlucky" or "this or that has happened to me again. “Why don't you pause and consider how good you are? Have you ever stood up and thought to yourself, "Can I see, smell, or feel?" for instance?

You will be astonished if you glance around.

You decide to make a change.

Why don't you start making changes to the situation yourself if nothing changes?

What aspects of your daily activities and routine bore you? Find people and activities to do. Go! Don't wait for problems to come knocking at your door.

Try New Activities You've Always Wanted To Try.

Have you always wished you could play an instrument, learn a language, or go rafting? What are you holding off on doing?

We add a significant amount of satisfaction to our lives when we take the actions we have been yearning to take our entire lives.

Enjoy your opportunity; don't waste it.

Peruse the accounts of those who have reinvented themselves.

There are inspiring tales of triumph.

Maintain control of your face.

Do you realize that we may alter our attitude simply by changing the way we look? Why not give it a go?

You can start beginning each morning with a smile; you'll be astonished.

Use your internal dialogue to help you.

Make an effort to communicate effectively with yourself. It uses words like "I can," "Everything will be OK tomorrow," etc.

Your self-talk reveals a lot about how you view and value yourself. Remember that.

Recharge The Batteries And Relax.

Don't let tension fester inside of you. It frequently contains a lot of unfavorable worries and thoughts about the past or the future.

Distract yourself by engaging in an activity, engaging in meditation, or just being aware of your feelings.

You can construct anything you can imagine.

The initial, huge dreams became the first reality. Why not make an effort to realize your dreams?

Simply define what you want, give it some shape, and then look for opportunities to make it happen.

Sleep Soundly.

A pleasant mood has sleep as a terrific ally.

As a bit of advice, ask yourself, "Don't I deserve to sleep?" before going to bed.

Happiness cannot exist without one another.

Take care of others. We undoubtedly feel happy when we are charitable. Exercise kindness.

If you put these suggestions into practice, you'll undoubtedly start to reinvent yourself and feel content. To complete the process, you might even add one more to the list. Remember that attitude is a big part of happiness.

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Manas Kumar Mahanandia, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Manas Kumar is working as an Educator in the Ministry of Education of UAE. He has trained an educated more than 10K of students and professionals across the globe. In addition to his teaching, he is a life coach, entrepreneur, educator, and a blockchain influencer. He recently became a founding member of the World Metaverse Council, where he may share his knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the metaverse community in UAE. In barely two years, he became well-known and regarded as a life coach in Dubai. He has also earned honors and awards from many prestigious notables in the UAE. His Mission is to help businesses build winning teams and educate individuals all around the world.



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