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Creating Your Content Calendar

Written by: Emma Tessler, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


If you’ve ever faced the end of day dread and realized you haven’t posted yet but need to, you’ve become a victim of the content creation hamster wheel.

It looks something like this:

“I know I need to post today but WHAT do I post about?”

“Oh here are 52 emails I need to respond to, I’ll post later”

“OMG, how is it 6 pm already? There goes ANOTHER day without a post”

The thing about this pattern is that it’s only happening because you don’t have a strategy in place for your content creation process. You’re struggling to come up with content ideas daily and then feeling terrible that you can’t execute them because you haven’t prepared correctly.

Just like with anything else in your business, preparing is setting yourself up for success. We’re about to cover our tried and true Content Creation Roadmap that you can copy + paste into your business so that you never have to wake up with that pit in your stomach around today’s post, again.

Here’s how it’s done:

Your big picture strategy needs to be based on your long term goals. Begin by mapping out what the next three months look like for your brand (if you aren’t clear already). Consider new launches, releases, service offers, etc that could impact your messaging and promotions.


From there, you’re going to create your monthly game plan. Begin with a calendar view in front of you showing the upcoming month as a whole. Next, decide how many times each week you want to post to your brand's social media profiles. Now, you’re going to brain dump a post idea for each of these days' content. We’re talking about a general idea, something like “5 ways to lose 5 lbs” DON’T go into detail on this just yet.


Once you have your entire month mapped out, you’re going to begin by creating each post in detail 1x each week. Start out by picking a content creation day each week maybe this is Monday for you. Now, each Monday you are going to refer to your month’s plan and create each post with graphics, captions, hashtags, etc and get this content scheduled for auto posting in whichever scheduler you like to use (we use + This process should take you no longer than 30 mins per post; so if you are posting 3x each week, this will be 1.5 hours of your time TOTAL to create content for the upcoming week.

The KEY here is to be creating content at least 1 week out so that you are never creating content for the week (or day) of. This will help you feel prepared, excited, and give you back significant time to focus on your other needle movers in your business. Therefore, if Mondays are your content creation day, by Tuesday EOD all of your content will be scheduled out for the following week! How great does this idea feel already?!


To zoom all the way in, on a daily basis, you’re going to log into your accounts to confirm that your posts went live and perform the inbound and outbound engagement. You can learn more about exactly HOW to do this in this Brainz Magazine article I wrote a few months back. This will take 30-60 minutes per day and this engagement will truly make the biggest impact on your account's growth so don’t skip this part!

By putting these simple steps into action, you’ll be able to:

  • Integrate an impactful strategy into your digital marketing

  • See a greater ROI on your marketing

  • Feel confident in your content and excited to post again

  • Relieved to have more time to focus on your needle movers

So, there you have it!

Begin utilizing this content creation calendar this very week to start mapping out your content for next month and get into a flow with your content creation again. If you do implement, DM me on Instagram to let me know how it goes for you!

This is the exact strategy my team and I implement for our social media management clients. At Ninety Five Media we serve to scale brands to help them monetize their social media presence. If you’re looking for support in a done for you fashion, apply to work with us HERE!

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Emma Tessler, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Emma Tessler is the founder and CEO of Ninety Five Media, a new-age Digital Marketing Agency. After discovering digital marketing at a college internship and falling in love with it, Emma put this on the back burner to pursue her major of Interior Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. However, just a few years later, she left this career to form her own Digital Marketing business, Ninety-Five Media. Today, Ninety Five Media works with scaling brands to monetize their online presence on social media platforms using strategic, current marketing strategies ‒ this is their signature Ninety Five Media Method. This Method helps their clients connect with ideal customers, build community, and convert audience members into paying clients. As a former Designer, Emma brings both creativity and strategy to her client's accounts to exponentially scale their online brand awareness.



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