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Create A Path For Success To Follow

Written by: Brenda K. Johnson, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Jim Rohn said, “success is looking for a place to go.” Think about that for a moment? Success is looking for you, for me. We only need to position ourselves to meet. By continuing to work our businesses ‘time and chance’ will open a door for success to walk right into. This is the opportunity for 2022. Jim Rohn went from a farm in Idaho, one year of college, started in direct sales then started speaking telling his story. He died a multi-millionaire. He wasn’t an amazing or even outstanding speaker, he only provided success with a place to go.

As the new year approaches, have you provided a place for success to go? Today is your day! Your turn to start fresh with a new sense of power and excitement. Many times, we can become tired, stressed, and ready to throw the towel in. Do not do it! Start all over again if need be. Just continue to push onward and upward. We need more businesswomen to become successful in 2022. Are you one of them? Is your name going to be on the list of those who jumped to six figures in 2022?

Together we are able to achieve anything that we put our minds to. In too many cases, we often have too many projects going on at one time. I am often guilty of that crime. Having too many doors open at once and the plate too full, as I call it, can cause us to finish nothing. Why? Because overwhelm can sit in and then we just standstill. With too many projects we can end up just standing still. Trying to determine which project to prioritize and which ones not to do at all. Has that ever happened to you? It has happened to me. So, what can we do about it?

First, look at your list of projects and prioritize them. Put the most important ones first and the others give a number. The number can be the importance of the project or the number on the list of one to ten. More than ten is actually unrealistic unless they are over an extended period of time. Slim down the list to the most important ones that are time-sensitive and need completing now.

Secondly, review the list, and perhaps that means cutting out some events or projects. I’ve had to say one of the most powerful words, which is NO! No, I cannot be Vice President of the group. No, I cannot make the event. No, I would like to do it, I just have many other engagements or commitments right now, I am sorry I cannot do it right now. Because, if we do not learn to say NO, we could destroy our own businesses with too much on the plate. I have learned to politely say no.

Thirdly, after they are in order and the elimination process has taken place then reorganize the list. You will find, once you cut some of the extra time eating events and projects then you will have time for the most important items on the list. For example, I had delayed finishing my books for a very long time. Before I knew it, it was years. So, what have I done to overcome that? I decided to join a co-authored book. That may sound like I’m going in the wrong direction and adding in another project. However, I determined with the co-authored book coming out first that position me as a published author for my other books. Then they follow in the footsteps of already being a published author. Opening the door wider for my speaking engagements. Process the decisions that you make while thinking through the order of things and perhaps adding in something that will enhance the entire list. There are always create methods that can speed up our failure to act sooner. Just be careful, not to increase the list by adding in things that are not going in the correct direction towards the end goal. Or that is just another thing to do.

Fourth, you are now positioning yourself for the success that you are seeking. Make sure to stay focused and do not feel guilty that you have eliminated some projects that you used to do filling up all your time. The goal is to ensure success can find you walking, running towards its path. When the pathway is too full, nothing gets through. Sit down and really think through what you are actually trying to accomplish. Becoming a best-selling author, a speaker, a singer, healer or other areas requires clear planning. That’s where a coach comes into your life. Finding the right coach is vital to your direction and success.

Fifth, have you noticed all successful people have coaches? Have you ever seen a winning football or basketball team without a coach? How about an athlete? They all have coaches. Almost all successful people have coaches. Why? Because the coach can see things about you that you do not see. They can make positive recommendations and become the honest broker that many of us need in order to stay the course and not run off the track. I can be that coach for you. After having coached girls and women’s basketball for years and having coached an international college team, I know and understand coaching. I am also, a retired U.S. Army officer that spent the majority of my military career in training. We call it, “train the trainer” in the Army. That means the trainer also receives training. After operating businesses in the USA, Doha, Dubai, Uganda, and Afghanistan I understand business operations. I also created a mentorship program for women and girls’ business owners in Kabul, Afghanistan that helped them in creating a business and understanding how a business operates. As a professional business coach who founded The Powerful Women’s Business Academy, working with women is my gift.

As success looks for you, let’s work together to create the tools needed to expand your business operations in 2022. Now is the time to ready those solid resolutions and goals for the upcoming year. Ready yourself and your business to increase your income to six figures and more. Let’s design a program specifically for you and the direction you want your business to go. Jump on a free 30-Minute Money Magnet Breakthrough call today. Click or copy the link below now!

It’s your turn. Open the doors of your success story by beginning today. Whatever you do, create a path for others to follow. Everyone follows the leader. Be the leader that others will follow. Allow 2022 to be the beginning, middle or continued road on your success journey. Jump on the Money Magnet Breakthrough call today to jump-start 2022!

My mission is to transform lives! The Powerful Women Business Academy, where women fill their toolbox with business-power tools to take their businesses to 6- figures. Using the strength of sisterhood and working together as women we are powerful and strong. That is a coaching tool that I teach the women that I work with.

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Brenda K. Johnson, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

BRENDA K. JOHNSON is a multi-focused retired U.S. Army Officer and businesswoman who has lived and worked internationally in both beautiful and dangerous locations. Brenda grew up in a single-parent home with a business-owning mother. She has volunteered with many veterans and prison reform organizations and currently is a board member for Keystone College in Pennsylvania. Coaching basketball for girls led to establishing a women’s basketball team for a College in Doha, Qatar. Brenda is a writer and motivational speaker.

Brenda K. Johnson is using her years of experience as a military training officer and business owner to write and share her professional heartfelt experiences as a co-author in Intuitive Living. Her chapter entitled “S + S = Success” elevates women leaders, providing them with the tools to achieve their ambitions. As the founder of the Powerful Women Business Academy, Brenda coaches and mentors women empowering women to live their business dreams and contribute to the world by assisting others.

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